Chismes: Juárez Trafficker, U.S. Cop or Both?

Jun 6th, 2009 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News, Organized Crime
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Cd. Juárez – A cartel figure taken out in a swank El Paso neighborhood late last month was working with U.S. law enforcement, Mexican law enforcement sources I spoke with today in Juárez say.

Jose Daniel Gonzalez Galeana is still somewhat of a mysterious figure but something in his case just smells dirty. The 37-year-old man was gunned down outside the home of an Adriana Solis on Pony Trail Drive in El Paso on May 15. The house sits in the same neighborhood as that of El Paso Police Chief Gregory Allen. A pricey place too, listed at $364,000 in tax records. The average El Paso home goes for $113K.

Gonzalez's murder sent a shudder through U.S. law enforcement because he was the first high level cartel target taken out on the U.S. side of the border. Juárez has had some 2,000 murders since early 2008. El Paso, six in the same time period. But Gonzalez was clearly not some lowly gunman. It was a Friday night, just after 10 p.m., when neighbors heard at least three gunshots ring out. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to records from the El Paso Police Department.

Later, police said Gonzalez was working with the Juárez Cartel, under Vicente Carrillo Fuentes. But in what capacity? Was he a trafficker? Gonzalez did own his own rig, that's a possibility. But that was a pretty nice house he was gunned down in front of. And it must have been a place he frequented; this hit was well planned. Is it possible he was a money launderer? Or a highly priced hitman for hire?

And I would very much like to know in what capacity he was working with the U.S. Feds.

"We were told he was working with the gringos, pero de verdad, I can't say any more than that," said my source within the Mexican Attorney General's Office.

I'm going to be in Juárez a few days working on this and a few other chismes. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wasn’t a high level hit bound to happen on the U.S. side?

    Did you see this from the AP? I guess there was a big shootout in Acapulco:

    “The soldiers did not know the police were inside when the shootout began, and the colonel said their claims would be investigated. “We found them like this, handcuffed, and they say they were kidnapped. So, if they were kidnapped, as they say, then we rescued them,” the colonel said, pointing to the four men.”

    Sounds like the colonel suspects the four cops staged their kidnapping after the shooting started?

  2. 18 dead confirmed, (dos guachos) , five arrested, and lots of harware seized, heavy stuff.

  3. Edgar Valdez’s turf down there.
    Drift, I threw out a “The Usual Suspects” quote the other day, and you missed it, man you’re slipping dude.

  4. they say EL MAYOR was in the house in acapulco when the military arrived, but since he hires only peple with balls (not like chapo’s) that’s why he got away.

  5. is it friday already?

  6. Ha!

  7. got you!

  8. I flip you, flip you for real.

  9. fook your father in the shower and have a snack

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  11. O.K. Michel I guess you haven’t been doing enough digging if you are getting your information from a juarez source, There has been several murders that have occurred in El Chuco but the gov’t doesn’t want people to know. They don’t want El Chuco to be another Juarez. Take one guess where these people get kidnapped from? The familia won’t report it because they are afraid.

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