God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Jun 11th, 2009 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Politics
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Is Caborca, Sonora, changing hands? If so, the latest would-be owners want everybody out, the narcos, the cops and the mayors from every town in the Pinacate Desert. And the new guys are backed by Macho Prieto himself, Mayo Zambada's security chief.

What happened here last week was a sheer massacre, the carnage going far beyond what now passes for normal along the Mexican border. (Be warned: Gross).

The incident started with a mass kidnapping of four people in Plutarco Elias Calles, late Wednesday night. What happened next was pure Macho M.O., down to the matching cars, reminiscent of the Bazucaso de Obregón in early '05. On Thursday afternoon, a convoy of five Yukons stopped outside the state police substation, gunmen attacking the building with machine guns fired from the sunroofs. Nothing more than intimidation; only two hundred rounds and no serious injuries. The coup de grace came Friday when a Yukon blew past a federal checkpoint, headed north. The Policia Federal Preventiva chased the Yukon and found it abandoned on the side of road heading north to Sonoyta and the U.S. border. Inside the SUV, police found the bodies of eleven men, nine had been burned and chopped to pieces, the heads, arms and legs removed.

A state police source in the area speculates the killers intended to pile the bodies in a heap and shroud them with a pair of homemade banners directed not only to the Beltrán Leyva cell under Nini Beltrán but to Nacho Paéz with the Sinaloans.dsc01856

The first reads: "Haha: What a Bunch of Assholes

This is for you, Nini Beltrán, Chapon de la Rocha, Rodrigo Paéz, Felix, El Paletero , Leonel Paez, Pedro Paez and your boss Nacho Paez ...

"Your dealers, your gunmen, your snitches, your money launderers, your ranch workers, your drug mules ... Quit now or the same is going to happen to you. Ha Ha! ... "

Someone used a saw to slice the arms and legs and heads from nine of the eleven bodies. (photos courtesy, Sonora State Police.)

The cut-up is savage, a logical progression from the beheadings of last year. It's to be expected; someone had to escalate to a new level, like a contest between whackjobs to see who can top whom. We went from video-recorded tiros de gracia in 2006 to Youtube beheadings in 2007 to ... this.

What's curious are the names on the banners, or rather, the names not on the banners. They mention everyone in charge in Caborca, everyone working for either Nini Beltrán or Nacho Paéz.



Ramón "Negro" Sabori doesn't appear anywhere in this and by all counts, he's the small newcomer that's rapidly stepped up.



"A second banner reads: Vola de culones la crey and ule putos y esto es nomas la cabezita y les falta la parte de atras culones vergas hijos de su puta madre. Les valio madres pendejos no quicieron arreglarse conmigo ahora les pertenecsia es sasabe, altar, pitiquito, caborca y y griega y ahora les pertenece al nuevo grupo y los pollos y polleros ya no le sigan pagando es aviso este mensaje es para  nini beltran chapo de la rocha."

dsc01828bWhat's a little surprising is that Sabori, who's controlled the Altar-Sasabe route for several years now, was mostly into migrant smuggling. He seems to be on the cusp of an aggressive expansion tour.

¿Ya 'stuvo, no?

Pero no. Now we patiently await the éncore.



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  1. A horrifying event…way too close to Rocky Point…..will most likely have a devastating effect on the resort economy…pity the people who invested in those beautiful oceanfront condos and homes….and all the local
    vendors on the beach, restaurants, shops, and others who depend on the tourist industry. I doubt if I will ever feel safe enough to visit anyplace in Mexico again.

  2. Cartel del gulfo/zetas are to blame?

  3. tHaTS SoMe KRaZy shiT……

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  5. mike, checa juarez, parece que enfierraron a un hijo de nacho paez, (es el chisme, no oficial aun)

  6. So WHO the HELL works for WHO NOW? this whole thing is all jacked up, nothing but new alliances and fall outs everywhere!

  7. No drift, it gets even better.
    Checa este chisme:

    hey, Daniel Adrian Paez Gutierrez es el nombre del supuesto hijo de nacho paez, lo mataron junto con otros tres pero el sigue en la morgue, a los otros ya los reclamaron.

  8. Hey, hey, hey keep it in English fella’s.

  9. Pinches gringos:
    Daniel Adrian Paez Gutierrez is supposedly the name of Nacho Paez’s son; they killed him along with three others. But he’s still in the morgue; they picked up the other three.

  10. Ilegal, do they give these guys the chop before they die, or is this how they die, or they chop them up after they are dead?

  11. they killed them first, the chopping comes later, in the battle for tamaulipas in 06-07, los zetas (the originals) used to kill people by beheading them alive.

  12. hey michael, so, if the messages on the banners were directed to nini, who works for el barbas, and nacho, who works for chapo, does that means that el mayo is trying to eat the whole cake? or el macho prieto has decided to create his own company? (which i doubt, he’s an enforcer, not a narco, unless he has a new boss)

  13. So how can someone do this and just go home and have dinner or sleep??? No lo puedo comprender, I just can’t.

  14. Que pinche desmadre…… Mayo is probably going against both of them and I think he believes chapo is causing too much heat 4 everyone

  15. El Peoples have come to a place where its fight fire with fire or vanish.

  16. Check it out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYvCc3u5YK8

  17. Do you think these dudes are the ones that cut off the Pig Heads in Nogales? You think they were just practicing??

  18. Yeah, thanks for that LOL. Whenever I see myself on television I do two things; cringe, and remember why I’m a print reporter.

  19. This came in a little while ago. Looks like the Páez family is slowly being wiped out. Someone, La Linea I’m told, killed Nacho Páez’s son, Daniel Adrián Páez Gutiérrez, yesterday in Juárez.

  20. Animals! Just dangerous animals of prey!

  21. the paez quintero family its not associated with beltran leyva, its asociated with chapo de la rocha and nini beltran its not cousin of arturo, his name is manuel beltran quintero el “8” cousin of rafa and miguel caro quintero, the paez figthing with cousin luis sanchez paez, jabalines, saboris and salazar zamorano family

  22. the saboris killed joel meza cazares and alfredo garcia araiza “el tamalito” en peñasco the man who right hand of rodrigo paez quintero nephew of emilio quintero payan . the paez clan its a independient group with chapo de la rocha and nini beltran, but they are friendly of chapoguzman and the beltran leyvas is a neutral group

  23. fuuuuk thats sum crazy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  24. Apparently there’s been some gun battles en el desierto entre Sonoyta and Sasabe? And 2 police trucks have been stolen? Anyone heard of this? Supposedly Los Numeros control this plaza, but its hard to keep up with current events.

  25. You are all misinformed! I am cousins with Daniel Adrian Paez Gutierrez. He is NOT a son of Nacho Paez. My family is not assosiated or affiliated with any drug cartel. Obviously not all the Paez are are drug dealers.We are from Chihuahua not Sonora or Sinaloa. La Linea made a mistake that God will take care of. His body was the First to be claimed at the Morgue! My cousin was a Boy who was bright and intelligent who had morals and values. Not like these pigs! La memoria de mi primo no puede ser manchada de esta manera! For those of you who are Not bilingual…LOOK IT UP!!!!

  26. How do you guys know so much about the intricacies of trafficking families/alliances/rivals in Mexico? Just from growing up there and reading about it in papers your whole life (kind of like some people can differentiate between LCN/Italian Mafia families/members in the states? All this stuff is very interesting to me, would make a great book if someone could document the life running a plaza/being a gatekeeper as it is currently.

  27. two more dead in Caborca.

  28. who is jabali working for?

  29. some crazy shit… the paez i heard work with mayo zambada and chapo guzman… mayo is a padrino to one of the younger paez..

  30. There are already books out


  32. This happened often in Mexico,but a lot of times the corpses are not found
    This is Mexico a truly hell to live…

  33. Magdiel: Which do you refer to?

  34. el pesame con todo respeto para miguel paez o jorge m de sus amigos de ap aqui se le aprecia lo sentimos mucho

  35. […] taken out in nearby Sasabe. Sanchez had aligned himself with Ramón “Negro” Sabori and in early June, this crew had wiped out many of the Paéz clan in town. If you recall, that led to the pile of […]

  36. pues miren a ese que dice que mexico es un infierno para vivir no estoy deacuerdo yo vivo en guadalajara y si supieran que tranquilito vivo, y si estoy deacuerdo de que en otros estados esta dura las cosa como lo que paso en burrus o un lugar parecido en su nombre cerca de wasave, yo no apoyo ni condeno el narcotrafico tan solo quisiera que volbieran esos dias en donde se respetaban a las familias y mujeres (no metidas directamente) pero hoy en dia por falta de organizacion o de una figura autoritaria es decir un jefe de todos los jefes reclutan a cada ojete de mierda que por 5000 pesos hacen puras pendejadas, no es posible ver que ataquen al pueblo en general en reuniones masivas eso nos diferenciava de colombia y de los putos lokos de oriente ojala se calme este pedo y que se maten pero entre ellos y no gente inocente

  37. PEace For All, for the love of god
    rest inpeace this angels
    stop the criminal act, the blood is eternity.

  38. what if all this a plan?
    to distract all the police force, make them believe that they trapped the bad guy when in reality they didnt and they have in hands something big, and this is just a cover up?
    is it possible?
    who knows.
    but this is a horrific event, although if they are responsible, dying this way was too nice for them, they deserved to pay for all the massacres they have done to many innocent lifes. who have nothing to do with their dirty jobs.

  39. How do they do this and then go home and “sleep”, “eat” etc….cocaine my friend cocaine

  40. Lou Dobbs…. please kiss my brown ass. We don’t have to do shit in english. If you don’t understand it’s because you are not intelligent enough to know two languages. And remember every time you say things like San Francisco or Los Angeles you are using my native language. You should bow down and thank me or stop using my native language immediately. You are way out of your league. Go play somewhere else or you will have your lunch stolen. Pinche Judio!

    Chad Reply:

    Look how much your country has acheived compared to us dumbass Americas you imbicile. Your countrymen kill each other, at least we kill Arabs.

  41. LaTuyaBuey

    you’re a freaking idiot. If you think that because someone doesn’t know Spanish it means they are not intelligent then you’re an idiot and a dumbass. It seems you know both, and look it didn’t do anything for your intelligence.

    English on the other hand, is the worlds most popular language spoken in all corners of the globe, instead of in some shit-hole country in the backwoods.

    then you have the nerve to be racist with your Jew comment?

    get your head out of your ass stupid

  42. We don’t have to talk shit about country’s now, the united states …..if u really think about it is really in deep shit….. i mean really deep, shit up to their necks lol….. I dont care about what that other guy said but ur not any better than him…..

  43. Hey Amigo,I got a couple spare tickets to Naples Fl. You a get free sightseeing trip in a private Gulfstream jet
    and as an added bonus instead of getting your head chopped off you get free, yes free skydiving lessons so you think about it on the way down !

    Ciao UPOS

  44. the man who did this is already dead he was shot at culiacan,sinaloa his name was luis paez aka luisillo

  45. omg this is horrific. i could make out the pics when i was in google search. so i clicked on it 2 c them close up, cause it looked odd. i thought there is no way this could b real. wow is all i have 2 say. it is a very sad day when ppl get worse treatment than cattle. this makes me very sad. i am in the usa n i had no clue stuff was this bad out there. i know that u hear that things r bad there, but this is far worse then the media here plays it out 2b. it really worries me.

  46. lla no maten a gente inosente el que paga es el que las deve los terseros no tienen la culpa dise el compita “EL M1”

  47. llo creo lo mismo ke no es justo ke la jente innocente se muera x la culpa de otros

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