El Mayito: The Half Billion Dollar Kingpin + ¿Sigue La Reina?

Feb 19th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Organized Crime, Politics
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THE BORDER REPORT Vicente Zambada Niebla's extradition went off without a hitch through Brownsville-Matamoros, yesterday, surprising some of us that the son of El Mayo, Ismael Zambada Garcia would be tossed to the Americans so easily. But it's his charges that interest me. El Mayito is wanted in the United States in two separate federal court cases, one in Illinois, where he was sent yesterday; and the second in Washington D.C. That case is sealed but in short, it is the beginning of the case against the present-day Sinaloa Federation, Operation Trifecta. An old copy of the indictment in my files points to Niebla as a lieutenant for his father's smuggling enterprise; trafficking more than a ton of cocaine into New York and New Jersey in '01 and '02; 2.4 tons of cocaine into Chicago and 45 (!!) pounds to California. The Illinois case pegs him on two counts of trafficking "five or more kilograms" of cocaine on two separate occasions. Don't let the small numbers here fool ya'. American drug laws don't differentiate between five keys and five tons when it comes to possession with intent to distribute charges. Then there's the final charge in the Illinois indictment: a forfeiture allegation of half a billion dollars "representing the estimated proceeds of defendant Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla's narcotics distribution organization." I wonder if they really expect him to surrender that amount of money. When the Trifecta investigation first emerged, El Mayito was implicated in at least 15 murders in Mexico, including that of Alfredo de la Torre Marquez, Tijuana's police chief in February 2000. It is significant that up until Trifecta, everyone had presumed the  Arellano Felix family had ordered the chief's killing. The Trifecta operation started with the Macel tunaboat off the Pacific Coast, nine tons of cocaine in December 2001. It was the first time a connection had been established between the Norte del Valle Cartel in Colombia, controlled by Juan Diego Espinoza and his wife, the Sinaloan, Sandra Avila Beltrán. Both of them were arrested in late 2007. I wonder at times, if the birds aren't singing in prison. From what I understand, speaking to a colleague in Mexico City, the PGR is opposing Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fighting her extradition to the U.S., a sealed case in Miami. Let's wait and see.

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  1. ahhhhhhhhh…..Sandra Avila Beltran……….. 🙂

  2. chicago? uummm…makes sense….hahaha….

  3. I grew up in Chicago and I can seriously say that I never saw any cocaine anywhere..lol..With the exception of every toilet stall in every salon de baile and bar there was no coke what so ever..This man is not guilty..ha ha..Nadie sabe pa quien trabaja no cabe duda..Glad I make an honest living now and dont have to worry about bullshit..Man no bullshit but Chicago is the most violent city in the USA a hole lot of drug violence going on in the streets of the CHI but since most of it is black on black or brown on brown even the local media dont care..I did a UUW at age 16 which was reduced from attempted and did 2yrs then got back on the streets and found what I thought was my calling made alot of money but was never very frugal with my money so I dont have shit to show not to mention I ended up in jail for another 4yrs..Kids just say no SERIOUSLY!!

  4. Agreed Drift, love me some “Queen of the Pacific”.

  5. Just say NO! I agree, Yeyo.

  6. Wait a minute, I thought I was the only one that saw Sandra’s true beauty (lol). Something tells me you might better sleep with one eye open though!

  7. Two words Marisol Torres!!!! Sandra is hot in a cosmetic surgery type a way but Marisol’s ass is out of this world.

  8. Na Ye Yo, I got to take Sandra out of those two. Marisol could keep you warm in the mountains though.

  9. La Policía Federal presentó a José Vázquez Villagrana o Villagrán, alias El Jabalí, presunto operador del cártel de Sinaloa que lidera Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

  10. El Jabalí es compadre de Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, El Mochomo, hermano del extinto narcotraficante Arturo Beltrán Leyva El Barbas, con quienes operó hasta el año pasado, cuando decidió separarse de la organización criminal.

  11. http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/ElFinanciero/Portal/cfpages/contentmgr.cfm?docId=246746&docTipo=1&orderby=docid&sortby=ASC

  12. a este wey al jabali le pusieron el dedo fue una doña de santa ana se llama gilda osuna…ace un par de años le mataron a su hijo el ozy osuna y le echo la bronca al jabali pero pues este wey andava en este negocio….la doña desde ahi les dijo ke les iva a poner el dedo….desafortunadamente para esta señora y su familia mucha familia del jabali y sus aliados (saboris y salazar) estan libres y trabajabdo por akella region…kien sabe como les valla a ir a ella y su familia despues de ke le icieron esto al jabali

  13. Whats up with Jabali dry snitching everybody talking about he got payed 18% from Chapo and he only worked for his compadre once but stoped cause he wasnt paying him enough..Then he goes on record saying that chapo runs all the zona norte of the country..That Jabali dude looks tuff as hell but damm he didnt have go on record like that I mean I am pretty sure the feds in mexico already know this but media attention adds wood to the fire..It might also be bullshit comming from the media but if its true thats some bitch shit.JMO

  14. well yeyo this dude (jabali) is lying….that he was making 350000 a month is a dam lie….. to the state police he would give them 60000 monthly to the local cops 20000 monthly to the people of the PGR 80000 to the military a shit load more thats only 160000 on brives…they say he had around 200 people working as killers or sicarios or some other roles which the pay varies from 300 dollars to 1000 dollars a week..so i think the 350000 a month was only to cover everybodys pay and if you think about it he said some pretty general shit on the interview and actually some good stuff about chapo like to erradicate kidnapings and all that stuff….the messed up thing is that he gave his cousins name which is one of the owners of la plaza on that region…..ill say one thing tough..am not justifying that dude(jabali) but he kept somekind of peace and didnt let outsider mess around with his native town (santa ana sonora) and a lot of people from there are happy that he got caught but they havent realize that the zetas are going to take over and they wont give a shit about anybody

  15. I figured somthing was up 350 grand is alot of money but its not enough to operate at the level he was at.

  16. Heres some good videos..

  17. No cocain in Chicago? Please, lets be serious.

  18. He was being sarcastic. Come on, I hope you didn’t take him seriously.

  19. Vicente zambada was down since the start….
    cant believe how they betrayed him…. envious, jealousy of course, cus he had what he wanted…..
    and those other fat ugly broke pieces of sh** did not….. sum have paid for it sum have not
    its ok el Chapo, Gonzalo el macho prieto and his 600 men , M1, M2, M6, Mayo Zambada, Chino antrax, los antrax, los mayitos and all others are still out making money and doing what they love best… making calderons fight go against him…. especially cus out of 60,000 cartel members captured though out mexico only half of them go to jail/prison. and out of all those men, 900+ are from el chapo/ mayos sophisticated organization WWWOOOOWWW!!!! incredible haha influence is still there people!!!!!! peeaaccceeeee to all viewers n readers!!!!!!

  20. Ke mataron al hijo del jt?..de la sengunda no se salvo el kompa

  21. no muero..le dieron 5 balasos pero aun sique con vida.

  22. Un supuesto hijo de Javier Torres Félix sobrevivió a un nuevo atentado en su contra, pero un acompañante suyo murió cuando recibía atención médica en una clínica particular, mientras que una mujer ajena a la balacera también resultó lesionada, en la colonia Las Quintas.
    Los informes proporcionados por las fuerzas de seguridad establecen que el lesionado fue identificado como Joel Torres Jiménez, de 21 años, mientras que la persona que lo acompañaba y que murió minutos después fue identificada como Antonio Estrada Angulo, de 22 años, con residencia en la colonia Guadalupe Victoria.
    La mujer lesionada dijo llamarse Alejandra Valenzuela Verdugo, de 19 años, con domicilio en la colonia Las Quintas.

    Los informes de las autoridades policiales establecen que el ataque se registró a las 21:00 horas sobre el bulevar Sinaloa, en la referida colonia.

    Torres Jiménez y Estrada Angulo viajaban a bordo de una camioneta Mercedes Benz color blanco, de modelo reciente, cuando de pronto fueron alcanzados por varias unidades que se les emparejaron, y desde las cuales varios sicarios abrieron fuego, hiriendo a ambos jóvenes, mientras que varias balas hicieron blanco en Valenzuela Verdugo, quien caminaba por el bulevar Sinaloa.

    El conductor de la unidad perdió el control del volante, se subió al camellón en donde se estrelló con una palmera, quedando encendida la camioneta.

    Los gatilleros huyeron del lugar a toda velocidad.

    Minutos después arribaron paramédicos de la Cruz Roja, quienes les brindaron los primeros auxilios y los trasladaron a una clínica particular bajo un fuerte dispositivo de seguridad policiaco-militar.

    Valenzuela Verdugo fue llevada a la base de la Cruz Roja a bordo de una unidad particular, y después trasladada a la misma clínica particular.

    Estrada Ángulo falleció cuando recibía atención médica en la sala de urgencias de ese centro clínico.
    En abril de 2008, Torres Jiménez resultó herido en un atentado a balazos junto con otras dos personas, en un billar de la colonia Emiliano Zapata.

  23. […] … NIEBLAS (III) Poesia de Luis Cernuda. Hogar. Huecos (Parte Tres) Comentarios Recientes …El Mayito: The Half Billion Dollar Kingpin + ¿Sigue La Reina …Vicente Zambada Niebla's extradition went off without a hitch through Brownsville … Jesus Vicente […]

  24. Rabbit, I you refering to my comment about cocaine in Chicago? If you are thanks. I was in a rush that day.

  25. Mayito’s level?




  26. This guy comments on Chapo’s efficency.


  27. Zambada-Niebla is going to be crucified for being his father’s son. No one in the U.S. knows, or cares to research any viable details about the drug cartels in Mexico. Between Juarez, Beltran-Leyva and Sinaloa, it’s basically all the same. Granted, the Sinaloa cartel is not even fully responsible for what’s going on in ciudad Juarez. But I suppose it’s much easier for the Mexican government to blame it on the drug cartels, instead of the resources (like jobs that can sustain a family, education, opportunities) that the government itself fails to provide their people. Everything that’s completely irrelevant to his case and the charges he’s been charged with will be tainted with the violence in Juarez and along the border, the fact that he’s El Mayo Zambada’s son, and let’s not forget “all” the eveidence that the government will provide. If the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago is refering to testimony from the Margarito and Pedro twins and their drug dealers, then it’s not enough and it’s unfair. I’m sure if I were ever in their position I would say whatever the U.S. government wants me to say, seriously, I would say anything, anything at all to save my own ass. Zambada-Niebla is going to have an unfair trial in Chicago and that’s an unfortunate fact. The worst part is that we’re all just going to sit back and watch. This isn’t the justice system I believe in. I would never go for the heart simply because I could get the head, the heart being Vincete Zambada-Niebla and the head being his father. They are going to punish him in order to punish his father.

    “The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him.” Ezekiel 18:20

    On that note, if anyone should see their day in court, it should be whatever the hell is left of the Beltran-Leyva cartel and Los Zetas.

  28. Let me tell you upfront, when most of the Mexican Cartel Members and Colombian members get extradited to the USA, they all sing like a bird and how they got indicted was previous members that got caught, started singing like birds. The Flores Brothers Pedro and Gilberto set him up to come there. El Mayito didnt even know they got caught up. Also, they were under immense pressure to connect with the Arturo Beltran Leyva organization. But El Mayito dad’s was threatening that they better not., do they decided to cooperate and be protected. Its sad because they cats in Colombia and Mexico are Dons, but when these Fed’s get a hold to them, they’re humble and cooperate so easily. Plus, they dont have access to bribe the Fed’s and cant get access to their $$$ for a professional lawyer, so they get washed. Here’s El Mayito mailing address:
    JESUS VICENTE ZAMBADA-NELBLA 22875-424 35-White-M UNKNOWN #312-322-0567
    MCC CHICAGO – “El Vicentillo”
    CHICAGO, IL  60605

    There case is based on his main partners THE FLORES Brothers cooperating, so with that, you cant win a case like that, but ONLY prolong it as long as you can, because they are going to get on the stand against you. So all he can do is fight it and DONT TAKE A DEAL over 20 yrs. Also, the D.C. case is from someone getting their product from the FLORES brothers that got caught and cooperated against them. So, see the Fed’s dont even work for their salary because they rely on others slipping up and cooperating and starting a domino effect. El Mayito, is a victim of his dad’s legacy in the business. But as you know, it doesnt stop. When one falls and 100 more pop up. Plus, the Fed’s are behind the doors reeping all the benefits of the seizures of properties, cars, cash, etc….. Thats REAL TALK. I communicate with majority of them to school them up on this system and how to get some getback instead of getting washed up.


    Rabbit Reply:

    You are exactly right. This is exactly how things went down with my fed case. Those prosecutors and agents have it easy. The feds hit you on a fed beef by word of mouth and non drug documentary evidence. Most of these guys are weak and don’t fight. Everyone is in the game for for the glory. When the glory is gone, only thing left is cooperation. But a lot of the cooperation is comiing from the mouth of a guy trying to save his own ass. A lot of lies! Good advise, though.


  30. What is it like to live in a federal maximum security? No updates on Zambada Niebla since February 2010. No news of death from his family; last time the death came from his cousin Jesus Zambada Reyes. That young lad couldn’t cope everything that was happening in his life since his arrest, while Zambada Niebla copes through these years. Is he going to live in prison for years, not life? Everyone makes silly mistakes.

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