Here We Go De Nuevo

Mar 22nd, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration
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THE BORDER REPORT A group of  restrictionists who last year saw one of their supporters arrested for the murder of a Mexican-American family in Southern Arizona, plans a return to this border armed with guns and rhetoric., a conservative Web site in Arizona, reports that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, plans to come down to the border armed with rifles this time and will "forcefully engage, detain, and defend our lives and country from the criminals who trample over our culture and laws.” Led by Chris Simcox, an L.A. transplant to the Arizona border a decade ago, the group has attracted vast interest from the world media; mostly, I'm convinced, because reporters wanted to see them shoot an illegal migrant. Faced with criticism and skepticism, the Minuteman Project scaled back its initial operations in 2005, saying they were only going to observe and report illegal border activity to the U.S. Border Patrol and that volunteers would only be allowed to carry handguns. When that endeavor failed to attract much attention, the group, now divided amongst itself, turned to raising funds by claiming to erect Israeli-military-style fencing to stop the smugglers. All I ever saw was a barbed wire fence that went up near the Ladd Ranch around Naco, Ariz. Then there were problems with the money; as a non-profit organization, the group seemed to have claimed and spent most of its reported cash but former group members quit the group anyway, saying they were uncomfortable with how money questions were handled. Then there was the incident with Shawna Forde, a former Minuteman supporter who had appeared alongside group leaders (who then distanced themselves from her), now sitting in prison awaiting trial on a double murder for a home invasion she was accused of pulling last summer. With two of her cohorts, Forde is accused of rushing a home in Arivaca, trying to steal a suspected drug trafficker's money. They are accused of murdering Raul Flores, his nine-year-old daughter, Brisenia, and an attempted murder on Brisenia's mother. Sometime before that, Simcox had said he would run against Sen. John McCain; then pulled out of the race and is now backing J.D. Hayworth. Carmen Mercer, one of Simcox's supporters, tells "This March we return to the border locked, loaded and ready to stop each and every individual we encounter along the frontier that is now more dangerous than the frontier of Afghanistan.” Well, it's spring time on the border; the weather is gorgeous, wildflowers blooming, soft breezes and cool desert air. Get ready for a fresh influx of reporters, talking heads, RVS, American flags, lawn chairs and talk. Lots of talk. I hope, for their sake, the Minuteman volunteers don't encounter a group of Sinaloan desperados. We will see. And Chris, you'll remember what happened the last time I ran into your Minuteman volunteers when they tried to stop me demanding identification. It wasn't pleasant for them then and it's going to be even less pleasant this time. Keep them boys alert, Chris. The border's changed.
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  1. These people are total scum. Terrible!!!

  2. I hope you will take me with you next time you run into these clowns. I will travel accross the world for that confrontation.

  3. They (minute men, border defense, or whatever they call themselves now) are a prime example of what happens to people who grow up in trailer parks with too much lead in the paint. Stupid people are more dangerous then criminals, and these guys are finest example of that stupidity. If they had any cultural education, or any educaion at all for that matter they would learn that the lines in regards to border problems are not clearly drawn, BY ANY MEANS! I have spent hours explaining to friends, that Americans are not all this way, just the ones whos family tree doesn’t have any branches. I am with rabbit on going along for a ride.

  4. Its a shame how they try to use “illegals” to try to generate media attention..I might have mentioned this before but I live in a some what rural area in the midwest now and raise quarter horses and gamefowl (gallos) as a hobby.When daisyfighting became illegal in all fifty states alot of rural Americans who share the same traditions as us the Mexicans put the blame on “illegals” attending or creating illegal daisyfights because everytime there was a raid on one it would be full of “illegals” suposedly and this would generate negative media attention.To me this has always been a bullshit excuse to justify the fact that they didnt want illegals here to begin with.We share the same love for the gallos and equine sports as some of our redneck counter parts but we would never tell them to get the fook out of Mexico because we are not that ignorant and stupid.Not to mention the Animal rights terrorist intentionally target hispanics in order to generate publicity for their ignorant agenda because they know that the word “illegal” guarentees them 100,000 dollars worth of free publicity wich leads to more donations from misguided yupee majority.So if you donate to the HSUS you are contributing to the harrasment and emotional distress that our people suffer when they get arrested for somthing that is our cultural right.

    Moral of the story is that alot of these people that oppose imigration reform fall victim to the dirty media that manipulates your typical American viewer.That leads them to get all radical and resort to stupid acts over things that really dont affect them at all. I get dirty looks all the time when I go to the local wal-mart and I always think its because they think I am an illegal.Some of these people out here are nut jobs.It is illegal for any other group other than law enforcement to act as if they are law enforcement regardless of the crime being comited in my opinion now I aint criminal justice major or anything but that is how I see it.I dont know if you guys are aware of this but a marcha took place on sunday at our nations capital.Although I am not a huge fan of President Obama I am happy to say that he support immigration reform and was in many marchas in chicago when he was a senator.He was not able to attend this one in Washington DC but he did send a video message to those at the rally here is a quote from his message.

    “Four years ago as a senator, I joined many of you at a march like this one in my home state of Illinois. And today we remember someone who stood with you–not just on days like this, but for his entire career. This march would make Ted Kennedy proud. And I know that his spirit is with us as we continue his life’s work to bring about real comprehensive immigration reform for our country.”

  5. Hey, ya’ll need to checkout this cool website. It’s called Border Invasion Pics.

  6. idiots, they don’t know that the most lethal adversary is the one who is already in.

  7. “And Chris, you’ll remember what happened the last time I ran into your Minuteman volunteers when they tried to stop me demanding identification. It wasn’t pleasant for them then and it’s going to be even less pleasant this time. Keep them boys alert, Chris”

    So what happened? Who pulled a gun on who? Compa dime.

  8. @Rabbit
    They are supposed to be at the King’s Ranch at Three Points west of Tucson according to one of their articles.

    Oye Michel. Oi un rumor que Simcox y Mercer duermen en la misma cama.

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  10. Guess that means the tea party’s over, eh?

  11. Prompt delivery:

  12. Next story needs to be a detailed event of what happened when the minutemen tried to stop you.

  13. i say we all plan on going with michel when he goes down there…..who’s with me?………..we’ll call borderreporter bloggers picnic of the year….i’ll take las dos x y las pacifico……

  14. If you’re a cyclist and heading to points South, the safest way from Bisbee is to go to Naco and have few taco’s and then follow the fence West ’til you get to the San Pedro river and then turn and follow it upstream to Cananea rather than go down to Hwy 2 and then over. While following the Wall from Naco,Son, I happened to catch up to a buddy who was having a conversation with a very cute Border Patrol agent over a part that was still the seven-strand barbed-wire fence:

    Buddy: Hi, how are you doing today? Weather’s great, huh?

    Foxy BPA: What the hell are you doing over there? Aren’t you scared?

    Buddy: Naw.., All the lunatics with guns are over there on that side of the fence.

    She didn’t know what to think.

  15. I’m ready for the anual Border report picnic at kings ranch. Come on Michel, lets do this.

  16. @ Rex,
    Can you take a road bike along the San Pedro to Cananea?

    @ Rabbit,
    The Kings are a wonderful family living along State Route 286 for nearly a hundred years but it’s their property, they can invite whom they want. Maybe we can picnic a little ways down the road in Arivaca. I’ll bring the skirt steaks, the chiles and the grill.

  17. El Bas…. look on that website under the pics for July 2009, look at #5, he looks like an american that has been being looked for.

  18. I’m so there. Just say when. I would love to do that. I will bring beans, tortillas and a lot of cool bevrage.

  19. i’ll bring the call girls!

  20. I sure hope we can really do this. I would love it.

  21. “i’ll bring the call girls!”

    Now you know Vincent is going to get in on this!!!! LOL.

  22. December 20, 2009 The Killing of Don Arturo–Betrayal at the Top?
    Marcos Arturo Beltran Leyva, “jefe de jefe” of the Beltran Leyva cartel was betrayed by his chief lieutenant–Edgar Villareal Valdez, “el Barbie” who was head of the cartel’s enforcement/security division according to testimony from Beltran Leyva’s chef and others arrested at the condo last Wednesday and investigators from Mexican security.

    Read Ricardo Ravelo’s piece this morning en espanol at Proceso.–Ravelo is one of Mexico’s best informed organized crime reporters.

    About 3PM last Wednesday in Apt 201 of a residential tower in the upscale Lomas de Selva neighborhood of Cuernavaca, the chef was preparing dinner for his boss, Senor Arturo Beltran Leyva who was in the living room with five of his lieutenants, including his chief of security and enforcement, Edgard Valdez Villareal–el Barbie.

    The chef, who was arrested following the military raid on his boss, told agents that Senor Arturo was getting reports of “strange movements” out in the street, but the cartel chief dismissed them, saying his men would take care of it and returned to his meeting with Valdez and his entourage.

    The six men were preparing for a business meeting with Don Arturo’s expected dinner guests: Gen. Leopoldo Diaz Perez, commander of Zona Militar 24 (state of Morelos), along with two other Mexican army officers–a captain and a major.

    Outside the apartment Mexican marines were crawling all over the perimeter. They dad been quietly evacuating the nearby buildings and apartments since noon. At 5pm they struck–200 strong– from the ground and by air.

    At around 9PM, alone with no bodyguards remaining, Arturo ‘La Muerte’ Beltran opened the front door of his condo and met a fusilade of armor-piercing 5.59 rounds to the chest, abdomen and head. He collapsed dead in the doorway. Whereupon the marines and other military personnel did “a number” on Don Arturo as seen here and in the photo below which shows what appears to be a postmortem bayonet or large knife wound to the left side of the chest.

    (These and other pictures taken at the scene have become an Abu Ghraib-moment for the Calderon administration and the military. Interior Secretary Fernando Gomez Mont had to call a press conference to say that “the Mexican government fulfills its duty to stop criminal organizations and their leaders, but without personal abuse or scandalous and frivolous attitudes” and that an investigation was under “to find the person or persons responsible for capturing these images and disseminating them. “–((emphasis added)) He assured reporters that the federal agents who participated in the operation were not responsible.

    Then who is the guy in this picture wearing the balaclava and BDUs?)

    By this time Beltran Leyva security jefe El Barbie Valdez was long since gone, disappearing “somehow” before the marines came rappelling down the side of the building and hasn’t been seen since. Gen. Diaz and his men were stopped on the way to their meeting with Don Arturo and were immediately disarmed, arrested and blindfolded before being driven off to some unnamed detention facility

    With the release of this information, Valdes has almost zero chance of heading the cartel–and may be just a dead man walking. He is either hidden somewhere by Mexican security–military or PGR, or has returned into the arms of Chapo Guzman and the Sinaloa cartel. Or, considering the acknowledgement by Mexican officials that US intelligence was key to the operation on Wednesday that ended with Arturo Beltran’s death, el Barbie may have found refuge with the gringos. If not, Valdez better have some very convincing bullshit to throw the next time he meets one of the surviving Beltran brothers.

    This news today suggests that the leadership of the BL cartel will fall to Arturo’s brother Hector who is the org’s financial chief. And unless Arturo’s killing resulted from some fraternal intrigues, brother Carlos will be at Hector’s side.

    The only clear-cut big winner out of the spectacular bloodbath in Cuernavaca–at least in the near term– appears to be Shorty Guzman.

  23. notice it says barbie sold out don aturo

  24. i’m not trying to be a dick jrmafia but you posted a lot of garbage… a lot of that is old news…. i don’t think michel or anyone else appreciates your spamming so quit it amár…stick to relevant info…. la barbie is a dead man walking….

  25. hasta que al fin aceptan lo que son los gringox…

  26. Done biatch’s….

  27. LMAO!!!!!!

  28. I’ll wait until Mikey takes a vacation to post the. Escort sites…

  29. @ JrMaFia

    There was alot of stuff there, I have to say I agree to a certain extent with D nephew, little by little is better than a 3 month report. Some sources credited some not, and dates?
    Whats the date on:
    CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned the Zetas are already calling in reinforcements. We’re told 700 Zetas from around Mexico are joining the 500 already brought to the area last week.

    @ D nephew
    See sometimes I am not so bad, I actually agee with you!!

  30. @ Marcus

    Next story needs to be a detailed event of what happened when the minutemen tried to stop you.

    I wanna hear that too!

  31. @ Michel: No way could you make it from Naco down the “Chicken Road” (as they call it) on a road-bike unless you were Eddy Merckx. An unloaded cross-bike could probably make it to Cananea in one day (it’s close to 90k), but since I’ve always done it on a fully-loaded mtn-bike we always allot two days to get there. There’s beer and stuff all along the way, but the real caveat is just before you get to Cananea and you hit the “Houses of Ill-Repute”. Temptation after two whole days on the trail is well,… Temptation. Cananea is just 10k away, but…..

  32. Somebodys weaties get pissed on .If you were up todate on your news you know the MM was dissolved.Just got back from the eastern border and the only thing there was a shit load of Beeps,DEA,and FBI.CUFFING them and stuffing THEM.

  33. good riddance


  35. @ vinotinto,
    Good find. Thanks for posting that.

  36. Damn, they ruined my picnic plans! Bastards!

  37. Classic bait and switch, Shout “fire”, and whisper “nevermind”. We no doubt will still see a new influx of idoits acting independantly. @ Canejo, this doesn’t ruin a picnic, it just means we would have to eat a little less carne asada and care for a few more wonderfully frosty cervezas! And be able to dicuss more worthwhile events. Sad to think that now days you couldn’t have a picnic down by the river at the viente-uno or on the hill above Rancho Bellatoso.

  38. Things have changed a lot. It’s sad. Maybe we can still picnic someday. Was looking forward to the show down with those idiots, oh well.

  39. yeah rabbit true that


    same old story


  42. We should all go down to arispe and have a picknick with 2000 and friends
    That would be a hoot.

  43. Frontier is always something sensible. Reporters often shows events occurring in other parts of the world. Congratulations for the article, it is very well connected!

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