The Vigilante You Know is Better Than the Vigilante You Don’t

Mar 24th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration, Politics
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The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is no more. The Arizona Daily Star’s got the scoop on the story here. But there’s another armed group floating around down on the border (I mean, besides the Sinaloans). Federal agents have received complaints from hunters in Southern Arizona of being accosted by armed white men in camouflage who told the hunters they are with the Department of Homeland Security, sources say. They weren’t affiliated with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, but law enforcement doesn’t know yet who is driving this group, what their members are like, and what their motives are.

After the hunter incident last month, sources say the U.S. Border Patrol confronted the group: “They interviewed them, they denied everything, of course,” my source says. “But yeah, those bastards are out there now.” The incident was reported in Arizona’s Pima County, down towards Sierrita Mountain Road off Ajo Way.

This makes me wonder what’s been happening with the vigilante groups along the Mexican border lately. And the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps sudden disbanding also makes me curious.

Last week, Mercer sent out an email inviting … whomever …. to come down to the border “locked and loaded,” ready to stop every single person they encountered.

“We will forcefully engage, detain, and defend our lives and country from the criminals who trample over our culture and laws,” were her exact words.

This week, she tells the Arizona Daily Star: “People are ready to come lock and loaded and that’s not what we are all about. It only takes one bad apple to destroy everything we’ve done for the last eight years.”

Basically, Mercer incited a riot, encouraging people to bring rifles, hunt illegal migrants down and confront drug traffickers. Then, when the responses raged in, 350 according to the paper, she says she didn’t want people to get the wrong idea?

Is it a contradictory statement or did some … special … volunteers inform them they were coming down and the Minuteman people want no part of it?

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps changed over the years, growing steadily less clumsy, then more aggressive, culminating in a double murder a year ago by one of its supporters.

A few years ago, the group had just evolved from a local trio of Cochise County natives to a national call to arms by its then-leader, Chris Simcox.

They were funny more than scary then, senior citizens with lawn chairs and sun parasols. One older woman carried an even older .44 revolver in her shaking hands. She used to sit on Border Road south of Bisbee Junction, watching across the barb wire border into the swaying green grasses on the Mexico side. Made a really good lemonade, too, if I recall.

Then there were the idiots. One night, and I’m going back a few years here, maybe 2005; the group had set up along a highway in southern Arizona, near the town of Palominas. About ten miles up from that encampment, is a winding road abutting Coronado National Monument, Black Canyon Road. Must have been about 10 p.m., and I was driving up because I’d heard there was a group of them setting up a “surveillance” camp on the hill. The trip was a bust so I came back down and lo and behold, a group of them had set their pickup trucks along the road exit back onto the highway. I slammed on my brakes, nearly crashing into them.

Those poor bastards, they were on the lookout for cars filled with Mexican nationals heading north. They weren’t expecting someone coming up behind them.

I was more than a little pissed; mostly because they were blocking the road. Climbed out of my truck to challenge them, one guy was standing just inside his driver side door, facing in, not turning around to talk to me.

“What’re you doing?”

“Where’d you come from?! Who are you?” one of the men yelled in the dark.

“Well who are you and why are you blocking the road?” (it helps to have reporter credentials for these things).

“We’re just watching the road, minding our own business.”

I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes stupid gets a good grip on me.

“Yeah, what you got in your hands?” He kept his hands hidden in the cab of the truck.”I don’t have anything,” he says.

“Aw, you got something.” I knew what it was of course. The poor dumb bastard had freaked out when a truck came up unexpectedly in the dark. He was probably a Mid-Westerner using his vacation time to support the Minutemen. So he did what anyone might have done, he pulled a gun on me then tucked it away. I could see it now, sitting on the floorboard of his Ford Ranger. He wasn’t going to shoot anybody, just scared. Which, I guess, is the last person you want holding a gun.

The Minuteman leaders were furious, saying I was stalking their volunteers and trying to incite a shooting. Sure I was. Because nothing would be more satisfying than getting shot in the dark by a restrictionist whackjob. Right.

Fast forward a few years, the media lost interest; and the game changed.

Now I started seeing men wearing camouflage, cruising up and down Highway 286 and Arivaca Road. These weren’t senior citizens anymore. These were young guys in their twenties and thirties, acting like big-game hunters for all the world to see. The agreement with law enforcement was that they’d stay on the main roads, not interfere with the U.S. Border Patrol and keep weapons down to the necessary self-defense minimum, handguns only, no rifles or shotguns.

Fast forward to 2009, and now we had Minuteman Project supporters accused of going out and pulling home invasions and shooting nine-year-old kids, acting like the Sinaloan ripoff crews they claimed to revile.

Mercer said she received 350 emails from people wanting to do exactly what she had asked them to do: bring more powerful guns down to the border and hunt people along the line.

Suddenly, she backed off.


Who’s coming down to the border this weekend?

And who is this second group, accosting American citizens and Mexican nationals, alike?

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  1. I met her out at the gun show at the Pima County Fairgrounds 2 months ago.Big crazy blonde with a couple stooge types pedaling a simplistic solution for a complicated problem.They loved my Obama button! I explained how my partner and i are forced to compete in our Artisan furniture/modernist constructive object market with a right wing born again Christanist that employees 6 illegal masons.They bid on jobs we’ve done the design work on and do a bad knockoff for half price.When we need extra guys we hire our South Side buddies (all races)and pay everyone 20 bucks an hour.i told her we needed a national identity card to keep us americans working and I thought she was going to tazer me!..A real nutcase


  2. those bastards aren’t gonna stop their little stupid game ’till they get really hurt now that Chapo has the “Talibanes” in Nogales, those assholes make Macho Prieto look like an altar boy.


  3. Well, in all honesty, if the US Government would actually do their jobs & stop the illegal activity on the Border, then citizens wouldn’t have to take vigilante actions in their own hands. As I’ve stated on here before, the US does not want to competely stop the drug trade coming out of Mexico. #1: It employees many people at many levels. Law enforcement, politicians, businesses, etc Therefore it’s detrimental to the US economy. #2. The US, for reason #1, doesn’t want to piss off the “so-called” Mexican government, which most are already on the Cartel’s payroll. And if the drug trade is completely stopped, then a lot of eyebrows would be raised because drugs would still be coming into the US @ the hands of the CIA. The Cartel’s actions coverup the CIA’s.

    I mean, the Federal governement can find Sadam Hussein (and Osama bin Laden even though they “claim” they have no idea where he is), but they can’t find these Mexican drug lords? Please……


  4. But let me make this clear, I’m not a supporter of the Minutemen. They are more a problem than an asset to US security. But I do support securing our borders & not letting ANYONE in illegally. Illegal aliens are stealing from all American taxpayers. Hell, the blacks don’t even like illegal Mexicans because the illegal Mexican’s are cutting into their free welfare they feel they are so entitled to. And I say “stealing” because 3/4 of illegals don’t pay taxes, but get free healthcare, SSI, & several other taxpayer funded dollars from other organizations that are just as crooked as the “Illegals”.

    Personally, I think the Minutemen went to the Border, just to confiscate any drugs they could find, to sell for their own benefit….


  5. were behind u 100% bastard-gota stop them beaners in thier trax


  6. yeah stop the beaners…because them earning 7 dollars an hour is killing our economy!!! jajajaja


  7. Their earnings isn’t waht is killing our economy. It’s simple math “rolf”. The US Government is taking in less (tax dollars that illegal aliens don’t pay) and is paying out more (for illegal aliens to get the same benefits for those of us who can be traced back 5 generations in America AND still get put on the back buner behind the “Illegals” that don’t belong here). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that in 10 years, the United States will not be in the Top 3 countries with most power on this planet at the rate the US Government is going. And the problem started well before Barak Obama, whom I refuse to address as “President”. The Bilderberg Group will be the downfall of the United States.

    Google this group. Look at their members. Wow!!!!!


  8. And I refer to the CRIMINALS as “Wetbacks” or “Illegals”. It hits home with them better. Or better yet, call a Mexican a “sand fook” or “Pakistani”, man that makes them mad!!!!


  9. […] The Vigilante You Know is Better Than the Vigilante You Don’t – Border Reporter – News… […]

  10. Bilderberg group? Great now we got a bunch of conspiracy theory nut jobs posting.


  11. None of it’s conspiracy. It’s solid. Unless you’re a democrat, then we know.

    BTW, it’s rumored that Pablo Escobar was invited to join the Group, but turned it down due ti DEA heat.


  12. El bastard is throwin the truth. I’m down with what he says essays….


  13. Los Estados Unidos no está haciendo nada que nos impida cruzar la frontera. Podemos ir a Wal Mart, en cualquier momento que desee, sobre todo el domingo. Tomamos sus impuestos cuando queramos. Enviamos nuestras estupefacientes en su país cuando lo desee. México es el más poderoso en el nacional de Estados Unidos, no los Estados Unidos.


  14. “BTW, it’s rumored that Pablo Escobar was invited to join the Group, but turned it down due ti DEA heat.”

    Please tell you are fooking joking with that statement.


  15. Aboslutely not. It wasn’t until the Medellin Cartel took claim for the airline bombing of Avianca Flight 203 that the rest of the world knew of Pablo’s brass leadership in the Medellin Cartel. Know your history…


  16. ok i dont even know how to address bastard’s intellectual justification demonizing human beings, after all, European Americans ended up here as a result of the economic, racial and religious policies of their time…people are just like animals seeking shelter and food wherever conditions are better…but then human beings can be assholes too. we choose to attack when we feel justified. i’m gonna pray for you, you bastard. i hope you dont end up like those ‘illegals” willing to die walking across the desert and living unacknowledged in a society that leeches off of you. and they do pay taxes but they cant get the services…i guess it must be time to kick them out again…the natives should have burned down the mayflower


  17. “Aboslutely not.”

    And that’s why you are an idiot.


  18. dam dem beaners


  19. It’s hilarious to me that all the people who are screaming about the “illegals getting welfare and free health-care and SSI, & several other taxpayer funded dollars from other organizations” are people who are already getting all these benefits or have never even had to go through the wringer that is ACCHS or DES or SSA….. I’m white, like chalk-white and speak perfect English and to try and get a nickel out of those people is like trying to pull your own teeth. That a non-educated, non-English speaker can waltz right in and get a big ol’ check is a fallacy that only one who has never attempted to can believe. They get paid NOT to give you money.


  20. el bastardo exactamente es lo que eres hijo de tu wangisima madre


  21. bastardo exactamente es lo que eres hijo de tu wanga maiz go throw your bs somewhere else clown


  22. My wife said the minute she heard this on the Phoenix news, “Things are going to go Bad down there, real Bad.”


  23. Bastard, you are a fooken idiot. Every person, no matter who they are, deserves a better life. To post these commnistic comments to offend people, is lame as hell. I don’t agree with a lot of what I read sometimes, so I just ignore it. But you rub me the wrong way.

    @ move, for once I got your back, that dude is an idiot.


  24. It’s one thing to promote border security, another to insite violence. When a person calls armed whackjobs to patrol our borders to supposedly protect them, is really only promoting hate. I am always worried about the people that have so much time on their hands that they have to travel to the U.S. Mexico border to protect the rest of us. Seems like if you are going to leave the trailer park, you might want to do something to make your own life better. I wish people would spend more time weeding out their own back yards, and spend less time in their neihbors back yard. That’s why this country sucks anymore. Snitch on your friend, spy on the people next door. What kind of culture are we promoting?


  25. the “Minute Maids” I think

    diff sub: anyone know anything on “Don Pepe, rey de la heroina” who was paraded in front of cameras today?


  26. Must be a lot of democrats on this website. Or should I say, “Pelosi’s”. I have to agree with that Bastard. He does make very good points. Immigrants do receive a lot of SS benefits. And it was announced this morning that Social Security’s tank has run dry, 6 years before it was supposed to. The government is paying out more than it’s taking in. And this always happens when Democraps are in charge.

    Block the Border. Protect our Country, & the LEGAL citizens that make it.

    You know, there isn’t any difference entering the US illegally than anyone of us breaking into our neighbor’s home. It’s all breaking & entering. Would any of you want someone breaking in your house?


  27. There a lot of new comers to this site that talk like communists. My grandparents were imigrants, searching for a better life. After where I have been, being a “do gooder” isn’t part of my day to day program. I mind my own damn business and take care of my family. The whole spy on the people next door thing is bullshit. On the other hand, violate my space, then I will kill you.

    This country was built on the backs of our imigrants. I have met too many hard working “wetbacks”. It is wrong to stereo type people.

    Our government created the narcotics problem in Mexico. Now it has turned into a battle. But the drug war feeds itself on both sides of the border.

    But all of you welfare mongers out there that are so worried about governemnt programs, get a life. Free entrprise is the way tob go. Use some sense and go make your own money.


  28. Sr. rabbit,

    Gracias por compartir sus experiencias y su punto de vista. Existe gente que roba oxygeno y desafortunadamente entran a este medio de informacion (tambien mando un saludo al Sr. michael). Le mando un saludo desde la sierra alta de Sonora donde cuidamos al patron.


  29. Democtas? Politics suck! How about just being real. Sure as hell ain’t no democrat. All the same lame shit as far as I am conserned. Try minding you own.


  30. Amigo, le deseo bien en las montañas de Sonora. Pueden tratar bien a las montañas. Estoy de acuerdo con usted, en algunas de estas personas necesitan a la mente de su propio negocio. Tenga cuidado de su auto.


  31. Bastard you are full of shit. It is never about democrats and welfare and illegal aliens. Its all about racism. Go post on the extremist sites and yuk it up with your gop buddies


  32. We live in a society of babies when we can not disagree without resorting to insulting rants.


  33. Am a missing somthing here can somone please post those so called benifits or checks “Illegals” get because this is news to me.”Illegals” dont get welfare if anything their american born children might get somthing but not them.”Illegals” cant go to college.”Illegals” cant get a driver license or an ID dont have a socual security number and the majority that I know off pay taxes threw the goverment issued SS number unless they get payed cash.. they still get money withheld from their checks.Not to mention they pay sales taxes.I mean if we want to add to the burden of our failing economy why not take those extra Illegal dollars away by deporting them all…right??? Bastard dont fall victim to your media sources or what your boy jed and jethro tell you Illegals pose no direct threat to you or you family and until you are personally involved with them you will have no idea as to what “illegals” are all about..What has this world come too or this country even.. where a man can not come from another country to better his situation or that of his family..Look the Italian,Irish,and Poilish comunity all faced the same problems with other so called Americans claiming they didnt belong here..We dealt with it and moved this country to a higher level than it has ever seen..Until retard Bush got in office and fooked all the progress off.Amnesty for all that wish to come to this country and obey the laws!!!..That is my opinion.I am not a Democrat but it dont take one to see the damage that Cheney and Bush have inflicted on our economy Obama isnt helping either but at least he sees the bigger picture when it comes to amnesty and the potential revenew that it can generate..All the opposers are sub conciesly prejudice of these so called “illegals” because they are falsly informed on the subject and choose to judge them because they dont look like White America.

    I have recently made the choice to only fornicate with caucasion women in order to do my part in destroying the white race in this country.I will spread my seed all across this beautiful country and make sure the white race pays for my children with their tax payer dollars..The black and the brown we will soon run your town!!!

    J/K.. white chicks are dirty as hell but nice to throw dollars at at the strip club…The last statement was for you causasion theoriest that think the man is out to screw you just to rock your boat a little not my intentions but thanks to Mr.Regan (republican) my parents have been citizens of this country since the late 80s and I am a proud American citizen since I was born to “illegal” parents and soon many of the new comers will have the same opportubity.

    Proud Real American.


  34. GEORGE JUNG SAID: “Immigrants do receive a lot of SS benefits.”

    George Jung what type of immigrants are you referring to? Ilegal or legal?

    First of all ilegal migrants don’t qualify for SS benefits because they don’t have valid social security numbers you dimwit…

    Seriously you racist hill billies need to get educated before you come on here and display your stupidity publicly….

    And if I was you I’d take advantage that a democrat is in office and go to school…


  35. For reals, where do these people get these stats the “illegals” get welfare and SS benefits? I know many illegals (family members) that don’t get shit. You can’t even get into college without a social security number now these days, nevermind a u.s. driver license. The system is built to keep illegals in proverty and with no education, why the fook not let them get into college, what the fook is that about? People trying to educate and contribute to the country, and they say “no” cause your a wetback illegal, jajaja thats funny to me. THen, people wonder why we resort to selling a little “mota” and “coca”. Most illegals, I know have fake SS numbers, pay into the SS but do not get the benefits. And lets not even talk about sales tax. To say illegals are a drain in the economy is ignorant of the facts in hand. Califronia is the 5th largest economy in the world, and shit damn theres a lot of mexican and illegals there. Why, will niether party tough the issue democrat or republican? Because its a fooken losing issue, you might make the populace happy, but you’ll break the supply of cheap labor force that O’O america needs. I want to see some “legal” americans out in the fields and then start talking about getting rid of illegals.


  36. You see that’s why I wanted McCain to win. Obama doesn’t have to get anything passed in terms of immigration reform to look good, he would just place the the blame on the republicans and still look good with out doing much of anything but make a speech to sympathies with immigrants. McCain was more or less for immigration reform and the las time there was an amnesty was with Reagan, kind of need an inside man to deal with your own party and what better than the President.

    You guys know what a gigantic blow job spanish media gives to the Democratic party, there is no way any of them can look bad in there eyes.

    Of course now Republicans are getting a lot of support now from the “close the border crowd”, even though that’s impossible too many legal goods and people move to and from the border daily to completly close it off.


  37. I have seen some real low life comments today. Damn. This isn’t the place for you haters. This country was built on the backs of imigrants. They do deserve a better life, too.

    @ Yeyo & rofl

    You are real. I don’t know where some of these haters get the bullshit they spill. Be glad we understand the truth. Stay real fellas.


  38. goddamn politics and racial comments here today!!! let me bring us back to the drug trafficking world!!


  39. I think these guys think that because they hate blacks they they assume illegals get some tipe of help from the goverment so they choose to hate illegals as well..These damm tea partiers want to take this country and turn it back into 1950s but they fail to realize that 1950s wasnt such a good time for the Blacks ,Mexicans,Homos,Jews and all other minorities.It this self concieved notion that sub conciously flows threw them that America is about the old white ways.But news flash to all you honkys out there this is the melting pot of the world and “All men are created equal” acording to the declaration of independence.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    As far as income tax payments go, sources vary in their accounts, but a range of studies find that immigrants pay between $90 billion and $140 billion in Federal, State, and local taxes,As the 109th Congress continues to debate legislation that will affect the lives of immigrants, it is important for us to remember that we are a nation of immigrants.Because the truth is, today’s immigrants, as they have for generation after generation, work the longest hours at the hardest jobs for the lowest pay, jobs that are just about impossible to fill.Allowing immigrants to have licenses actually improves homeland security by allowing our government to track who is in our borders.


  40. bastardo said: “because 3/4 of illegals don’t pay taxes, but get free healthcare,”

    You want to know y they get free healthcare because you racist dumbfooks refused to allow illegal migrants to buy their own health plans even without any taxpayer assistance….. because you’re too worried that they eventually were going to find a way to get free subsidies….


  41. It is not new or unusual for the “Real Americans”, meaning those immigrants who came to America a little bit longer ago, to fear the outsiders, the pretenders, the newcomers.A few points I would like to mention, the first being that all immigrants pay taxes, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, every tax when they make a purchase. Our Nation depends on immigrants’ labor, and I hope we can create an immigration system as dependable as they are. America’s strength is not our diversity; it is our ability to unite around common principles even when we come from different backgrounds.
    The American culture is going into a psychological depression over nothing that really matters the point being that the United States is historically a nation of immigrants.


  42. I think Boston George was a little off. Illegal Mexican’s don’t qualify for Social Security benefits, but they do receive Supplemental Security Income, which is a division of the Social Security Administration. And this is a solid fact. Illegal Mexican’s that kick up dust or get their backs a little wet so they can come to the US to have their kids & get free healthcare enter SSI office’s across the Country daily to sign up to receive the SSI benefits, since they squeezed the little taco out in the US. This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Just read the ENTIRE Constitution to know that.


  43. “The American culture is going into a psychological depression over nothing that really matters the point being that the United States is historically a nation of immigrants.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Just invite the rest of the World into the US. Hell, the Feds are letting it happen right before us. And when this country is broke due to taking care of other country’s people, don’t none of ya’ll start crying. Because that is exactly what is about to happen.

    If you’ve noticed, other nations are already standing up to the US. Its only a matter of time.


  44. what did the founding father’s have in mind?? keep blacks in slavery, and america only white. thats what they had in mind…tough luck bitches times change, and you guys’ bitching and crying won’t stop the fact that by 2040 America’s majority will now be a minority.


  45. america is for real americans
    all the world should bow down to the white christians we gots to put them in thier place
    before they take over and turn this place into china
    there wouldnt be nothing worth living for with out true americans


  46. YeYo, Rabbit, Move, Drift…..Common guys, don’t respond to someone that is doing nothing but wasting your good energy. Laugh and move on. We all know there is racists in all cultures. We all know that its source is usually ignorance. Its ugly and its evil and its smells real bad. That is why I walk way around it.
    Leave it in the dark and ignore it and it dies. Put it in the light and it grows. I suspect this poor soul will die not understanding what it is like to have true friends from other cultures. I feel real bad that he is not bright enough to realize this. We need to turn his light out by not responding to his comments. That is how racism dies.


  47. i think you guys need to focus on dope.I’ts what you know and what people read the comments for is your real world experiences.Politics and the like lets face it doesn’t seem to be your best subject..


  48. By 2040, America will be Americo.

    Or Amexico.


  49. You are basically right T_R_C but about thirty years ago I decided not to walk away when there is an opportunity to respond. I will zip it right now. I’m a big guy and I quit taking shit from racists. Some times it just feells good to remind them how ignorant their crap is. Bueno, Michel said calmados….


  50. Right the Founding Fathers. I want to have a illegitimate children with a bunch of slave girls too. Hell I want be like Ben Franklin and participate in orgies in with French people and catch syphilis. Or let my family members rape the slave girls like Thomas Jefferson did.

    What the fook do I care what the Founding Fathers wanted. What they wanted doesn’t suit me because I probably wouldn’t be considered as human as other white men according to the Foundin Fathers.


  51. @Move
    These people idolize their founding fathers thats why I quoted them to show them what their heroes wanted out of them.Its a way to show them how stupid they look.Belive me I feel you on the french orgies but not the


  52. Matamoros Jail Break anybody got any info on that?? Or el rey de la Heroina that move a whopping 200 kilos a month or somthing and operated independently..Big ups to Mexico for realing in a real big fish this o man I am so depressed I never thought they would catch him….ha ha


  53. Drift: Crazy Video. That’s the type of video’s I come to this site to see. fooking Crazy.

    Illegals contribute millions of dollars to our economy every year. They buy cars, food, clothes gas etc which creates jobs. If all illegals were bagged up and thrown back to mexico, unemployment would be even worse than it is now. Small Businesses would go out of business, manufacturing companies would cut jobs etc. I think illegals have woven themselves into our society so deep that if they left serious ramifications would follow. They not only fill a need in our economy, but a (in some cases) a void. Some work minimum wage jobs and they work damn hard knowing working for minimum wage is way better than what they have back in Mexico. They work hard…holding mulitple jobs, working 80 hours a week just to send half back to mexico. Americans exploit this. Its not in a negative way either. I don’t feel illegals making minimum wage, or close to it, feel exploited. They are greatful to be here making money, making their lives and the lives of their family back home better. The owners get lower labor costs than they normally would, increasting their profits. No matter what side you stand on illegal immigration, they have become crucial part of our economy/society.


  54. Yeah I know what you were doing Yeyo, but that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” from Thoma Jefferson meant something different to him than what it means to you. Because all men were definitely not treated equal in his time.

    Besides when someone brings up the founding fathers like Bastardo did, I have to bring up their faults to smack idiots that still believe Gerge Washington can not tell I lie off their high horse.


  55. I am amazed that people use the founding fathers to promote racism. No matter what they say, it’s all hatred. I grew up around the border my whole life. I have a ton of mexican friends. Judging any man just cuz he’s Mexican. Really lame.


  56. Of course Jefferson’s words take on a different meaning today. It is good to see that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.” Today we mean all people. Back then “all men” meant all white male property owners. It did not include Natives, Indentured Servants, Slaves, Women or Children.


  57. I know a couple of undocumented workers who pay taxes with their fake, borrowed, rented, stolen SS, pay their bills, rent, car note, etc and not receive a single benefit from govt. Those are the ones that got it good. I’m self employed and trying to salvage failing family business, I don’t have shit, in case of sickness I might lose half my assets. On the contrary, govt taxes me for money earned abroad which I already paid taxes for. This year business is so bad I can barely break even. Illegal bashers please do research and find out what race the biggest tax cheats and fraudsters in American history were?


  58. An email I received today, Actually just the stuff in caps is what I recieved, the rest is my response. Someone please correct me if I am wrong on any of this.


    > >> 1 – A JOB, Yes for minimum wage or less, working for employers who pay late, and sometimes never pay at all. Working conditions are absolutely terrible, for example here, if you want to work in a repack, you need to be there at 10:00 am, you may not work until 8:00 pm or not at all depending on how much work there is. If you are not there by 10 am you will not work. You are not paid for this time, only when the actual work begins. Undocumented employees may put in 80 or 90 hours in a week at a pay rate of $6.00 an hour, their check will never be more than $400.00 regardless of how many hours they work. If they complain, they are not given more work and they are done. Employers in many cases withhold state, federal, taxes along with SS. This money is then pocketed by the employer.

    > >> 2 – A DRIVERS LICENSE, California is the only state that every considered this to the best of my knowledge and it drew national attention. It was voted down

    > >> 3 – SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, I can assure you that illegal’s can not receive a Social security card, please do a little research on this if you do not agree.

    > >> 4 – WELFARE, I can’t confirm or deny this, from what I have heard it is possible in limited cases under specific circumstances but I have not confirmed.

    > >> 5 – FOOD STAMPS, again I can’t confirm or deny this, from what I have heard it is possible in limited cases under specific circumstances but I have not confirmed.

    > >> 6 – CREDIT CARDS, yeah right! Try getting even a prepaid credit card without a social, not a chance! Where do people get this?

    >> 7 – SUBSIDIZED RENT OR A LOAN TO BUY A HOUSE, really under what specific program would that be?

    >> 8 – FREE EDUCATION, I think that’s called public school, there is no grants or student loans for illegals.

    > >> 9 – FREE HEALTH CARE, Really? Where? Look forward to seeing the research on that one.

    > >> 10- A LOBBYIST IN WASHINGTON, PETA has a ton, I would hope A human being regardless of origin or legal status, would rank higher on your list of priorities than an animal.

    > >> LANGUAGE, Learn to speak a second language, you will be surprised how much this can help you in life, and thanks to all the non English documents, you have a great place to start learning.

    > >> YOU DON’T GET ENOUGH RESPECT, Seems to me that people are ok with some people showing pride in they’re place of birth, does the right to be proud of your roots go away when you protest something?

    Above and beyond all of the benefits listed above, when someone crosses the border illegally they routinely are shot at, chased, raped, forced to carry loads of drugs against they’re will, walk until they have blisters the size of you fist, and die from all manner of things.

    I am saddened by this email more then I am angry. I ask you, if you were in the same situation, what would you do?


  59. @ nadien, I know quite a few paisanos that have gotten home loans by really thirsty mortgage brokers, I agree with u though its pretty sad


  60. I think these folks know what they are getting themselves into when they try to cross the border…they know its hard and may be asked to do certain things they normally wouldn’t do. It just goes to show it’s worth it to millions of immigrants as its a better means to a life than what mexico offers.


  61. Nadien, you need to do more research.

    Illegals have been breaking into the United States for the past decade to get free healthcare. Everyone knows that! Illegals that work for funiture manufacturers in Mississippi make an average of $10.05 an hour. You need to do your research there too. They receive government housing & Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration whether they pay taxes or FICA.

    Illegals that break into the United States are the scum of the earth…..


  62. And Rabbit, no one is judging them because they are Mexicans. They’re being judged for breaking into the United States. Is it ok for people to break into your house & steal your money?


  63. Sacc – Americo or Amexico? Ha ha! Man that is so funny, but it’s so true!!


  64. Within 12-16 years, a Mexican who was NOT born in this Country will be President. Then all hell breaks loose.

    Someone dipship like Nancy “El Hooker” Pelosi will change the law where you no longer have to be an American citizen to be President. Hell, Obama isn’t even American.


  65. If illegals did this ,they might just have brought the wrath on themselves,
    APACHE — The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is releasing little information in the shooting death of a 58-year-old man in a rural area 35 miles north of Douglas near Apache.

    According to the Sheriff’s Office public information officer Carol Capas, deputies are investigating the shooting death of Robert Krentz, who died of gunshot wounds Saturday. She had no additional information available Sunday, but said more will be made known in coming days.

    U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in a news release, decried the killing of a Cochise County cattle rancher, calling it a horrible tragedy that deserves a swift and strong response.

    “The cold-blooded killing of an Arizona rancher is a sad and sobering reminder of the threats to public safety that exist in our border communities,” Giffords said. “It has not yet been determined who committed this atrocity or why, but I know that federal and local authorities are mobilizing every possible resource to locate and apprehend the assailant.”

    Capas would not confirm or deny that illegal immigrants were involved in the shooting.

    “If, as suspected, this tragedy was connected to smugglers or drug cartels, the federal government must respond appropriately,” said Giffords, whose 8th Congressional District includes 114 miles of international border. “All options should be on the table, including sending more Border Patrol agents to the area and deploying the National Guard.”

    Krentz was part of a ranching family that stretches back more than a century to Arizona’s territorial days. He has served as president of the Cochise-Graham Cattelgrowers Association and, one year ago today, the Krentz Ranch and family were inducted into the Arizona Farming and Ranching Hall of Fame.

    “My heartfelt condolences go out to the Krentz family and friends as they deal with this senseless and brutal act,” said Giffords. “I can’t begin to imagine losing a loved one in such a tragic way. Rob Krentz was a pillar of the Cochise County ranching community. He will be greatly missed.”


  66. All you keyboard kommandos go ahead and make your jokes. We’re already down there killing illegals and cartel members. We are just as well armed and better trained than any of these gangster scum.
    Listen, times are changing. If you are a leftist living in the US this is your last warning. We will kill you if you keep pushing. This is only the beginning.
    Proud “Domestic Terrorist” inciting violence against invaders and traitors.


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