Papeles, Por Favor

Apr 14th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration, Politics
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I'd hate to be a cop in Arizona about now. The Arizona state Senate just passed a bill that requires cops, under threat of lawsuit, to enforce federal immigration laws. I blame the Feds; particularly Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano. The bill makes it a misdemeanor to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona. It requires cops to check immigration status if they develop a reasonable suspicion that a person is in the country illegally. The bill, Senate Bill 1070, passed 35-21 in the Arizona House of Representatives last night. Among other factors, it requires cops to enforce federal immigration laws if they believe a person is in the country illegally. They're not supposed to use race to develop reasonable suspicion but how could they avoid using the color of a man's skin as a preliminary determinant? Police departments can also be sued if they don't comply with the new enforcement powers. Of course, they can also be sued for racial profiling if they can't prove that race wasn't the only factor in pulling up to check the papers of a man. And they can be sued if citizens think they're not enforcing immigration laws. Arrest warrants no longer apply, either. If a cop thinks a person committed a crime worth being deported over, they won't need to obtain a warrant. You may disagree, but in my opinion, the new rules, expected to be approved by Gov. Jan Brewer, create two classes of human being in Arizona and God help you if a cop thinks you might fit into the second class. I also don't dismiss the new rules as mere racism. In fact, I put the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the U.S. government. I've been writing about the issues that have turned Arizona into the North American concourse it has become since 2003. Again and again and again, federal ineptitude and corruption have taken over the issue. You have U.S. Border Patrol officials who capitalize on increased enforcement budgets to line their own pockets. They have taken per diem kickbacks from flooding sections of Arizona with new agents needing places to live (Douglas, Ariz.). They have sold technology contracts worth millions to companies run by their own daughters (Naco, Ariz. and  El Paso). They spend money needlessly on armored personnel carriers (Tucson). They have engaged in phenomenal projects like the virtual tower mess that they then paid millions of dollars into for years only to pull back at the end and scrap the entire program (Southern Arizona). U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for years, allowed local cops like the Phoenix Police Department to manage their own affairs at a time when the city was being inundated by hundreds of home invasions, narco-executions and kidnappings every year. The Feds waste their time and resources chasing drug mules through central Arizona while Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada's familymembers attend schools in Phoenix. A regional drug trafficker for the Juárez Cartel, Adán Salazar Zamorano, recently purchased a home in north Tucson, about ten miles from me, in fact. They neglected the entire southeast corner of Arizona at the border with New Mexico and Chihuahua since 2006. That neglect culminated in the murder of a good man, a rancher in the area, last month, Robert Krentz. Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano has held the administrator position for more than a year now. As former governor, Napolitano knew of the failings of federal law enforcement in Arizona. I can't begin to count the number of times I interviewed her on the matter of the lack of federal involvement. As governor, she also vetoed bills like this one numerous times, saying the border was a federal issue. Well, Janet; now what? Now you're a Fed. You leave 388 miles of lateral border between Tucson and Yuma Sectors bereft of new ideas and new technologies, applying the same enforcement standards as your predecessor, standards that failed then and failed now. The only difference is that at the time you were the governor and could dismiss bills like 1070 as racism, politicking and douchebaggery. You knew where this headed, especially when you accepted the new appointment, leaving the Republican, Brewer, in charge of Arizona. Esta gente no tiene vergüenza.

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  1. I agree! If they know he enters the US often & hangs out around Juarez, then surely they know where tofind him.

  2. ohhh….that’s dirty!

  3. New Arizona Bill. I have a feeling that Texas will be next to pass a bill like this.

    An Arizona bill that would impose some of the toughest immigration laws in the country is generating a storm of controversy nationwide as it tracks toward the governor’s desk.

    The Arizona Senate voted Monday to approve the final version of the bill, which was voted up on a party-line vote by the state House last Tuesday. If it’s signed by Gov. Jan Brewer, it would give police in the state broad new powers to arrest and charge people suspected of being in the country illegally.

    The legislation has attracted widespread attention, with some accusing the state of sanctioning a racial profiling program that flies in the face of residents’ civil rights.

    Most recently, the head of the nation’s largest archdiocese said the bill would encourage “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.”

    Cardinal Roger Mahony, who heads the Los Angeles archdiocese, made the comments in his blog Sunday, a day before the Arizona Legislature passed the bill.

    Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., also led a press conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to denounce the proposal and call on the federal government to put pressure on Arizona officials not to enforce it.

    “The president needs to say on immigration laws, the Constitution is clear we preempt all state laws,” he said.

    The bill contains several provisions. Among them, it would create a new state misdemeanor crime for failing to carry alien registration documents; allow officers to arrest immigrants unable to show documents proving their legal residence; allow people to sue if they feel a government agency has adopted a policy that hinders immigration enforcement; prohibit people from blocking traffic when they seek or offer day labor services on street corners; and make it illegal for people to knowingly transport illegal immigrants.

    But in the absence of a federal immigration overhaul, some are coming down in support of the proposal.

    Republican Sen. John McCain, who is in a tight race against primary challenger J.D. Hayworth in Arizona, has come out in favor of the bill, despite co-authoring a bill four years ago with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy that was derided by some as amnesty.

    Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce, who is sponsoring the measure, dismissed claims that the bill would lead to arbitrary profiling and said the bill is needed to help Arizona deal with rampant crime. He cited the recent killing of local rancher Robert Krentz by a suspected illegal immigrant.

    “When do we stand up for Americans and America? Enough is enough,” he told Fox News on Tuesday. “Arizona has become ground zero. We’re number two in the world in kidnapping. … We’re not taking it anymore. We’re going to enforce our laws, with compassion.”

    McCain, though, has drawn ridicule for backing the proposed legislation.

    “It was a surprise to see him swing that far,” Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., said Tuesday, accusing the Republican senator of pandering.

    Gutierrez suggested Tuesday the administration threaten to withhold funding to Arizona if the state tries to carry out the law.

  4. A new video hit the Internet recently, in it we can see a man with his face covered and his hands tied behind his back.

    The man claims to be David Rivera Alvarez, codenamed “Z43″…
    He claims to be Second in Command of the “Plaza” in Tenosique, Tabasco.
    “Z43” then goes on to claim responsibility for some atrocities that have happened in Tampico.

    “No, no, aguantame, aguantame, se esta cargando.” is the opening line to this video.

    As the video starts, we are hit with this screen, the text on the back seems interesting but unreadable.. It appears to be some sort of list..

    Numbered, and the only thing I could think of was a playlist.. But I’m not sure about that.. Some of the things I could make out where, Tik Tok RMD, 02 Ad Roman, William, 03 Ritmo, 04 Saltando.. I don’t know if this could mean anything to anyone, but just thought I would name them.

    In the screen that follows, we can see that there are 6 segments of videos.. None of the segments are shorter than 20 minutes.. Which means he was interrogated for more than 2 hours.

    Not taking into consideration that the image shows there are 2 pages, meaning that there could have been more videos, probably even his execution…

    OK, now let’s get on to the actual video. In the next segment, I will show the dialogue of the video and try to translate for you guys.

    What’s your name..

    David Rivera Alvarez

    Who do you work with..

    With the Zetas

    What’s your code name?


    What is your rank…

    Second in Command of the “Plaza” in Tenosique, Tabasco.

    Who is your boss..

    Comandante” Charpane (don’t know if this is exactly how it’s meant to be spelled)

    Where are you coming from?

    From Villahermosa

    What where the orders your boss gave you.

    To act as backup for the “Zetas” in Veracruz.

    How long since you got here to Tampico?.

    15 days ago

    What where you here for?

    Start some heat up in the “Plaza” of the Cartel Del Golfo. (Basically this means to start conflict in the area)

    Who is your immediate Superior..

    The “Comandante Guera Liliana, or Alias La Puma.

    *Note* In the video, the Z says “La Comandante”.. Stating his superior is a female.. I had not heard of this character before.. Apparently the Zetas in tampico who killed all those people, where actually being supervised, or should I say, ORDERED, by a woman that goes by the name of “Guera Liliana” or Alias “La Puma” .. OK, let’s continue

    Who was the one that planed all the attacks on Tampico?

    Guera Liliana La Puma

    What did you do in Tampico…


    Grenades where thrown in the nightclub in Tampico, grenades where also thrown at the soldier posts..

    (before Z43 finishes his line, the captor interrupts him with a question)

    What was the name of the place, the nightclub you are talking about.. What is it called..


    What is the name of the night club you attacked..

    (Z43 acts as if he is having such a hard time remembering the name.. Suggesting a couple of things. Either this had already been rehearsed, or he was afraid he was going to get shot the moment he said “Mirage”. He took a couple of seconds before he tried to say.. Mo.. Moriage.. Trying to make it seem like he couldn’t pronounce it. Again, the same question is asked and the Z is finally able to push out a response that sounded something like “Moriage”.. His voice cracking up, I could almost swear it sounded like he was Crying.. Now with me stating that perhaps it was rehearsed, does not mean that it’s fake.. But the Captors could have recorded him more than one time, perhaps not happy with the way the video came out?)

    What else did you do..

    They killed some people in a white Jetta, thinking they where “Grameros” (basically means people who sell drugs on the streets), they also threw grenades at the “Feria” and killed innocent people too. They also killed an officer.. They killed a taxi driver too. Attacked the military checkpoint here in moradillo, sir.

    Who attacked the people in the “Feria”

    Carlos, El Mono, El Buho y El Guapo.

    Who planned those attacks..

    La Comandante Guera Liliana

    Who attacked the nightclub (before the captor finishes talking, the Z interrupts him and clearly pronounces “Mirage?”)Mirage.

    The Mirage? (It’s funny how he had no trouble pronouncing this word this second time around.)

    Yes, who attacked it… Who participated in the event..

    Carlos, El Buo, El Mono y el (I can’t make what he says here) con la guera y yo hiva en el taxi.

    Quien ataco el puente moraldillo.

    Approximately 20 trucks who rested at the command of La Guera Liliana.

    Why did you plan on attacking the military base?
    Because before she had already wanted to attack it, the municipal court but no, they had a confrontation with the soldiers and no, she wasn’t happy. So she went and threw grenades at the soldiers and also to heat up the situation in the “Plaza of the CDG.”

    Who killed the “Grameros””Z43”
    El Guapo, El Buo y El Mono

    What else did you plan on doing

    Killing the Taxi Driver Alcones (Lookouts, people who keep an eye on things and report anything unusual) To kill the other Grameros..

    What else did you plan..

    The plan was to take over the Plaza so that we could attack from within.

    Attack from within?

    Yes, correct.

    Who was going to stay in control of this operative?

    La Comandante Guera Liliana

    And you.. what was your job in this operative..

    I was in charge of some groups they send from Villahermosa, of the Comandante Charpane..(at this point you can hear his voice just crack up, the man with his eyes covered is just waiting to feel the bullet.. I guess as he feels that the interview approaches to an end, he starts to fear for his life even more..)

    How many elements did you have..


    (louder)How many?!


    How many elements where there in Tampico, of the group that belonged to La Comandante Guera..

    Approximately 30

    30 elements?


    After a few seconds, the video goes black..

    OK, let’s recap a bit.. In the video, this man takes credit, or well he doesn’t take credit.. But he basically says that his band of brothers where the ones responsible for the Mirage Massacre Incident that was covered on April 7, by Buggs. The captors never reveal their identity, but who else can they be, if not the Military, or the CDG.. Or maybe even a collaboration.

    Sadly.. Or not.. You decide, this person was found right outside Televisa in Tampico, executed. He had been shot, single shot to the head..

    When you hear the Zeta talking calmly on the video.. Or fearlessly, a lot of people might think that it’s faked.. Don’t.. The person knows what is going to happen.. But why do they talk then? Because the cartels can be very ruthless.. I know this for a fact, they give you 2 options… you either pick a quick and painless death.. Or you die a ruthless, slow death..
    Example.. Decapitation..
    The captives atleast didn’t make him suffer.. The man had a single shot to the head, and you couldn’t see signs of torture when he talks on the video..

    I try to feel compassion for this person, and I find it hard.. But I do.. Deep down I feel sympathy and sorrow for this man.. Because although he killed alot of innocent people, children and women.. If I didn’t feel bad for him, then I would be going against all my moral standards.. No matter how hard things get, and how bad some people may be… I will never be an animal like them.. If a man loses his compassion, then what humanity is left in him?

  5. Comales, Tamaulipas – Well the people kept telling the government that the city of Camargo and Comales was being held hostage by the Zetas and later the Gulf cartel. Nobody seem to listen, even the politicians kept saying everything was under control. Well that was not true, someone needs to investigate some of these politicians, as they seem to be on the side of the cartels. They seem to be living in denial, and are more interested about the next election, instead of protecting their constituents.

    In fact the whole town was not only infested with narcos from the Zetas but eventually also the Gulf cartel who arrived to use Comales and Camargo as a battle field. Finally with the help of internet social networks and blogs, such as Bordeland Beat, someone with some common sense decided to bring in some military reinforcement. I say some because even the military underestimated the valid claims of the people.

    The people knew the narcos were still in the area and hiding out. So the military rolled in, but they just did not bring enough troops, because they needed a bigger presence as the Zetas had made the Comales region the center of their operations. In fact one of their main leaders was directing operations against the Gulf cartel right in the middle of the heart of Tamaulipas; Camargo.

    It did not take long for the military to bump in to the Zetas and the outcome was not pretty. The military fell in the lair of the Zetas and rubbed shoulders with their ruler, or at least for a brief moment.

    Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, aka the “Z-40”, and second in command of the criminal organization the Zetas, escaped in a confrontation with the military at the Rancho Los Martinez, in the village the Comales.

    Treviño Morales was present at the ranch when the confrontation happened against the soldiers of the Seventh Military Zone, however, he managed to flee in the middle of the battle between about 200 sicarios against 40 soldiers.

    Treviño Morales is second in command within the organization of the Zetas and is only below to Heriberto Lazcano or “Z-3,” “El Verdugo,” “El Lazca,” or “Licenciado” leader of the criminal organization.

    “At the ranch the military faced more than 200 gunmen in a group of about 45 trucks led by Miguel Angel Trevino, alias the “Z-40″ and who is considered second only to Heriberto Lazcano,” a military source confirmed.

    “Given the inferior number of military in comparison to the criminal group, Treviño managed to escape protected by several of his bodyguards,” said the offical military source.


    It had all started on Tuesday when the military, all 40 of them, were conducting roadblocks in the town of Doctor Coss, Nuevo León. During the checkpoint the military detected a convoy of six narco type SUV’s driving away. You all know the kind right? If not, you need to get busy reading more about cartels here at Borderland Beat.

    The military started a pursuit of the SUV’s that culminated at the Rancho Los Martinez in the village of Comales where they were greeted by gunfire from the ever popular grenade launchers. I am sure when the narcos pulled out the bazookas out of their armored SUV’s, the soldiers were saying, “damn, we should have brought ours.”

    The death toll of the confrontation was two gunmen and two soldiers killed along with three other soldiers wounded. I have to give credit where is due because the military casualty rate could have been a lot higher. The military was outnumbered, in personnel and equipment, and I bet you one hundred dollars, they were also out trained.

    The fallen soldiers were captured on the spot by the scarios and later executed. Their bodies were found later last Wednesday on the state road 161 of the Monterrey-Reynosa Highway, in General Bravo. A sad reminder that these confrontations with the drug cartels are serious and brutal. No room for mistakes.

    After the confrontation the military began a search of the area where they found a training camp and warehouse used as headquarters of operations belonging to the Zetas. Holy shit, good thing the sicarios were tipped off by some official authority, otherwise it would have been carnage all over again.

    Inside the warehouse they found armored vehicles, communication equipment, an arsenal of weapons and the bodies of two executed men, allegedly members of the Gulf Cartel, who the Zetas are fighting for control over the territory in that area. If I was in charge, I would hand out shovels to the soldiers and start digging for more bodies. Just saying!

    In the place they located a total of 19 trucks of different makes such as BMW and GMC Yukon and several of them were marked with the letter Z. Reportedly all stolen, but I can assure you they were not stolen from the people of Comales, because they can’t afford vehicles as these.

    A black Suburban had “Z-40” written on it, which is the code for Treviño Morales. These guys are known to leave their mark on everything, their cars, banners and even dead bodies. I am sure the soldiers could not wait long enough to get the hell out of there.

    A military report indicated that two military bases formed part of the convoy of four trucks with 40 elements of the military that chased the sicarios to the ranch where the confrontation ensued. Hope somebody had their pen out and was taking notes.

    “They were met with heavy artillery and were outnumbered. The soldiers showed great courage to face them, unfortunately, the leader of the sicarios managed to escaped,” said one military commander.

  6. I hope the zetas get whiped out they are the ones that bought about this gore contest amongst cartels and extorting and killing innocent people. Seems like the walls are closing in on them

  7. High ranking zeta killed i give it a matter of time before lazca or z40 are captured

    An anonymous call to the authorities, warned of an executed man. Upon arrival, authorities found a deceased corpse of a man, who showed the “Cartels” favorite trademarks; tied hands, tape and signs of torture. Body was found on the intersection of Porfirio Diaz and Leandro de la Garza.

    At first, “Policia Estatal de Caminos” had a hard time trying to find the body, or so they say. The deceased body of a man wearing an open white button shirt, blue jeans and boots, was found in an abandoned house.

    Upon questioning from our honorable policemen, neighbors reported that the house had been abandoned for atleast 4 months, but upon further investigation and due to the fact that fresh food and toys where found, they came to the conclusion that the house was in use.

    After further investigations, the body of the man that was believed to be in his 30s, was said to belong to that of “El Rafa”, a high ranking Zeta Capo who ran the Plaza in Marin, NL. At the time of discovery, the man had been dead for no longer than 5 hours.

    Officers also found a “NarcoMensaje” (I’m sorry, I think that putting Narco infront of everything is pretty stupid, but hey, I’ll break my routine, and go with the flow this time!!) that read “Esto les pasa por Zs, y por andar con la raza, asi les va a pasar a todos. Atte. Fusion de Carteles, along with a happy face.

    Ok, now let’s analyze the facts.. “Zeta” murdered.. Nothing new, right? Wrong..

    “El Rafa” was not just any “Zeta”, according to sources, “El Rafa” was a very close friend to “Lazcano” current leader of The Zetas. The man was tortured.. Huge bruises where found in his abdomen, along with his face taped.. Now what can this mean? Ok, let’s paint the worst case scenario here.. The house he was found in.. Odds are that it was not a CDG hideout..

    They left his dead corpse in his own house.. Now if the house was being used, chances are it was his own house.. Now within the last weeks, Nuevo Leon has been a battlefield, so it would be understandable that this man, “Jefe” de la Plaza, would be in hideout.. Don’t you think? Ok, going back to the worst case scenario, what if his family was present.. Wouldn’t you break? I think if this man had vital information about “Los Zetas”, the CDG just got educated on it.

    Only time will tell if this murder was of any importance to this war..

  8. Also nachos son and cousin gets killed by pepino who works for beltan-levya then pepino and his wife and father get killed and burnt. Then Hector levyas wife and kids get kidnapped. You think this is all concected in some way?

  9. A commando armed with high power AK-47 rifles kidnapped a woman and two children in Alameda, Hermosillo, Sonora. Unofficial reports identify the victims as the wife and daughters of cartel kingpin Hector Beltran Leyva. The kidnapping of the 45 year old woman occurred around 12:15 p.m. Thursday, in front of the house marked #11 on Sol street, located 300 meters from the State Police headquarters. Witnesses state at least 8 kidnappers descended from two vehicles, a white sedan and a gold Malibu; both vehicles carry the same characteristics of vehicles used in the recent execution of an ex-police turned lawyer Antonio Contreras Dominguez. Preliminary invistigations have established the victim, identified only as Rebeca, arrived at the home in a 2009 black Toyota Tundra. Traveling with the woman were her two minor children, an Engineer and contractor who were remodeling the above mentioned residence. Hector Beltran Leyva is the brother of the fallen BLO kingpin, Arturo “Boss of Bosses” Beltran Leyva. Since the shootout death of his brother in December 2009, Hector has been involved in a bloody standoff with Edgar “The Barbie” Valdez Villarreal for the leadership rights of his brother’s cartel.

    YeYo Reply:

    More than likeley just one of his lovers..Atleast we know he isnt a fudge packer like his brother..

  10. Those who have fought against a proper border wall have only themselves to blame if they don’t like this bill.

  11. @jrmafia:
    Please provide links..

  12. Government attorney in L.A. is convicted of taking bribes from illegal immigrants,0,5805216.story

  13. Salvation Army/ El Paso… hot bed for the exploitation of women from Mexico.


  15. Good post yawannanannna!!! lol

    yanawana Reply:

    beltran leyva vs. barbie? y los zetas? y el cdg?

  16. 100 again????..It fell from the sky..

  17. On March 23rd, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano visited Mexico City to discuss efforts to battle the increasing violence and power of Mexico’s drug cartels. The meeting with their Mexican counterparts focused mainly on accelerating military and civilian aid to Mexico and Central America.

    It was recognized that Mexico’s southern border through which weapons and drugs flow north is of equal importance to the border with the U.S

    Up until 2007 only about 1% of cocaine shipments traveled overland through Central America. The DEA now estimates that up to 75% of the cocaine flowing north to the United States and an increasing domestic market in Mexico passes thru Central America.

    It is believed that the majority of all the heavy weaponry in use by Mexican drug cartels such as fully automatic AK 47 assault rifles, machine guns, RPG launchers and hand grenades are imported through Mexico’s southern border from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

    This is a legacy of the vicious civil wars fought in Central America from the 1960’s to the early 1990’s

  18. a u.s. citizen got picked up too….monterrey querido


  20. I think you are starting to understand my point that a free and unintimidated press corp can be a watchdog against government corruption. But what you refuse to believe is that it is the entrenched institutionalized corruption in Mexico that has allowed the narcos to kill all those reporters with nearly complete impunity. The rule of law does not exist when this is how Mexican cops get hired and assigned duty locations:

    “GUILLERMO GONZALEZ CALDERONI: [through translator] You have to do what everyone else does in order to survive, so it’s a common practice for police commanders to utilize their position to get money. But they don’t take money only for themselves. Quite often they must pay their superiors to get appointed. They also pay to get a job in a certain geographical territory.

    For a border region, people will pay a lot of money. The border is the funnel. Tons and tons of drugs will have to go through, and the traffickers will want to pay to make sure that they go through. So for a border appointment you could get charged $1 million. And then you would have to pay $200,000 or $300,000 per month to your bosses in Mexico City in order to remain in that position.

    So what did the police officer need to do in those border areas after he bought the position? He would definitely have to work in drug trafficking in order to make back the money he paid to get there and also to cover the monthly expenses. I know for the American audience it’s very difficult to believe that it works like this, but in Mexico this is how things work. ”

    For some reason I doubt that cops in the U.S. get their assignment this way. But I’m probably just biased, right? Do you think enforcing the law and applying justice fairly is the primary concern for Mexican cops and federales? Bringing up individual cases of U.S. corruption does not compare to the systematic corruption in Mexico. And yes, you are defending the Mexican government when you say the political corruption is at the same level. “Different” “Less sophisicated”???? What is that politically correct bullshit? Everything is equal – nothing is better or worse – just different. If you want to say the U.S. is just as, or more corrupt than another country, try using another example, like Canada or Finland or something.

    Even though I think you are a fooking asshole with an agenda, I can agree with some of your opinions about the corruption in the U.S. related to lobbyists. But you are such a stubborn turd that you can’t even admit that 60 Mexican journalist murdered since 2000 is a bad thing. Oh, the gov’t just lost “territory” to the narcos. Great insight on that one.

    You are right that I don’t know some of the names you mentioned, but no, I’m not going to do the research. You think that it is a bright spot for freedom of the press in Mexico when journalists DON’T get assassinated for publishing stories of government corruption. Seriously? Well, I guess they can’t kill ALL the journalists….

    Tantos Reply:

    Move, you will win this one. I obviously don’t have the free time that you do. American consumerism and U.S. government corruption are to blame for the police corruption and violence in Mexico. That’s also why (obviously) that U.S. consumerism has fueled the Canadian Military to escort truckloads of BC Bud to the U.S. Border to be safely smuggled into the U.S. by the Canadian Mounted Police. Oh……….. but that is fantasyland. My bad, Move, you almost had me convinced.

    You know, NBA playoffs are in full swing, the baseball season has started, and there is a lot to life besides this website. You can have the last word. Go ahead. Even if if it flies in the face of logic and reason, go ahead. I’m done.

    Move Reply:

    The last word? In my first words I made you look like a moron. I just kept going to frustrate you. Seeing as how busting out two paragraphs is hard work for you. Now I know why you are pro Union. You don’t have the skill set to get payed a decent living without one.

    Ok then as long as you don’t cry like a bitch next time someone else brings up dirty cops I’m good. Have fun watching grown men play with balls.

  21. Haha what an a55#0Le, he actually thinks he’s white because his parents wanted him to be born in the US, how about deporting your whole family you ignorant $!@#$!@%. Its people like you that saddens me the most, wannabes that actually have the power to make a difference(VOTE in case you’re too stupid to understand) but they’re too much of an “American Citizen” to care for their own community and family.
    Really? “deport a Mexican today”? what a douche! Have you thought of the economic impact? Who knows what could happen if all those homes were abandoned… oh, wait we know what could happen. Have you thought of local economy? Car dealerships? Restaurants?
    Why would someone’s baby get free college? What the fook is the matter with you? Education should be free to anybody regardless of skin color or origin. I spend $13,000.00 just on tuition because I am not a US citizen, but I don’t mind people getting free education in any country.
    People from four states have spoken to Russell Pearce for advisory on how to start their own version of 1070 senate bill. Can you imagine what will happen to El Paso if Texas happened happened to be one of them and actually did something similar? Have you seen all those Mexicans spending US dollars in El Paso Malls and businesses of any kind? Can you picture your home town without all that cash flow? Well, now imagine the whole state.

  22. What is all the hipe about the Arizona immigration law, check out Missouri’s immigration law. They did the same thing several years ago and no one has got upset about it.

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