‘We Have to Trust Our Law Enforcement’ (???!!!)

Apr 24th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration, Politics
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Oh, come on. Like she wasn't gonna sign it. Of course she was going to sign it. Her re-election depended on it. I'll go you one further: And the woman knows the bill's going to get tossed in the trash for its illegal measures. The Phoenix Republicans love her; the Democrats will call the bill's subsequent destruction a victory. She'll get re-elected and the border will continue churning over billions of illicit dollars, unhindered until the next crisis. For now, Gov. Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 into law this afternoon, creating one of the most draconian environments against non-white residents I've ever seen. I'm assuming the challenges citing the Fourth Amendment are going to be introduced in federal court by Monday, if they haven't already. I hope so, anyway. At this point in the game, the only situation that is going to keep this law from being exercised by the cops is going to be a federal injunction. This is where I see the lawsuits playing out: One of the conditions for Senate Bill 1070 is that race must not be the only factor in a cop's determination to ask an individual for his papers. However, and this is where the lawyers will work it:  they can couple race with something as simple as "driving in a corridor known for human smuggling", to establish reasonable suspicion to pull you over. Try defining a corridor in Arizona that isn't used for human smuggling. Interstate 10? I-85 from Sonoyta to Phoenix? I-19 from Nogales to Tucson? I-80 from Douglas to the 10? Gov. Brewer's response to the new police powers?
"We have to trust our law enforcement,'' Brewer said. "Police officers are going to be respectful. They know what their jobs are, they've taken an oath. And racial profiling is illegal."
Of course they are. I've said it before and I'll say it again: This is the choice police departments now face – be sued for racial profiling or be sued for not enforcing immigration law. Good luck with that. This poor state is facing a $2.6 billion deficit in 2011; last month, the legislature voted $1.1 billion in cuts, including closing most of the state parks, eliminating a childrens' health program that leaves 47,000 low-income children without coverage, slicing into public schools by as much as $780 per student in some districts, and even, oh delicious irony, cutting into law enforcement. Arizona may lead the nation in identity theft but the Department of Public Safety's ID Theft Task Force was one of the law enforcement units eliminated in the budget last month. I hope you kept a stash of cash tucked away somewhere for the Attorney General's office, Governor. My guess is a legal bill is going to come due very, very soon.

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  1. What the fook is a axtexican? Probably has to do with steers and queeers, right? How’s this for a race card, lick my white ass!!! Damn, I think I just became a racist. Shit!!!

    johnny Reply:

    hey rabbit totally agree with u like always were on the same page hope to hear from u very soon

  2. Don’t think Texas will. Our cost for jails and prisons are way to high already and we have jobs here anyway. We need people willing to work. The radio stations are laughing and slamming Arizona over this here. New Mexico, maybe.

  3. http://www.palominas.com/gallery14.htm
    family with el duke mother fookers after this we all had shots and lines


    It doesnt take affect for 90 days they have time to get out of dodge…This legislator that made this law was held at gun point by a mexican immigrant, his son which was a cop was shot and killed by an immigrant..Porque la gente se aferra a algo que no es de ellos. For example I undesrtand when they come to this country to WORK,but then they wanna get pregnant and have 2-3 kids and act like they automaticaly have it made then when immigration comes to get them they wanna hide behind their kids and they want to use their kids as an excuse but that takes me back to the first point. They came to this country to work, Right?? Not to have kids and when its time for them to go back they don’t want to,.they can easily take their kids with them but they choose not to because they feel like they have the right to stay, they knew that immigration was comming one day to find them,or their working visa was over,so para que se aferran a algo que no es de ellos. my thing is this, people are getting allll pissed off and honestly I knew it was gonna happen and its was only a matter a time. Just because we are latino and theres alot of us here doesnt mean we are not the excluded minority,all minorities had there’s turn now its the latinos suck it up and take it…
    Look I was raised in a crime infested neighborhood I looked up to drug dealers and gang bangers then I became one my parents did there best to raise me but I became a product of my enviorment..I thank god because I overcame all that because most of my friends are dead or in jail..All of us know that a high percentage of children raised in poor familys have no other choice but to turn to crime.NOT ALL..But do we really need our people to continuie the cycle by continuing to introduce more and more low income familys..It was nice while it lasted but lets get real we that are here legally should educate ourselves and put ourselfs in positions of power so we have more of a say so in things that affect our comunity..

    I know this reaks of hipocracy but somtimes reality out weighs evrything else.

  5. OOOOkay. Salmon and broccolli for dinner tonight…very yummy. And with absolutely no federal assistance. Coyotes y cactus? Posible manana. On my dime.

  6. it’s typical of humans to want to say ya basta! i consumed as much of earth’s resources as possible. now we are going to run out and there is none left for you to consume….so you cannot come into my country. this is the philosophy of the United States. it’s like that movie 2012 where they tried to shut the doors on everybody scrambling onto the ships to save themselves from the storms….as long as my family is fine, or me…that’s all that matters. fook everybody else. dog eat dog. thats what the us gets for living at the expense of others. why do you think the world is pissed at the good ole usa? we take copper, zinc, uranium, water, oil, coal from under the feet of the poor around the world so we can have our luxuries…we live in an illusion, a temporary illusion. fook it im just writing for myself. nobody else gets it.

  7. John Wayne dies, nation mourns!

    Lefty Reply:

    How can John Wayne die?

  8. …shit, i don’t even know what to say about all this shit, some are hating on the brown Mexicans and some others on the white gabachos…i’m out of here for a while.

    Bella Reply:

    Don’t go! Don’t take anything they write seriously! I certainly don’t.

    ilegal Reply:


  9. @ Isabella: As a film buff as well, I do have to take issue with your statement, … “Subtitles suck ass.”

    We were once in a nice, clean, restaurant in Rosario Tesopaco with a ton of local families and the TV was on MTV II, which at that time was the brand-new Spanish language version of the American/English one. The Latino Pop-Music Video Industry was just gearing up so they didn’t have enough programming to fill up the time, so they used sub-titled staples like “Beavis and Butthead” in the gaps. The one we happened to watch there at full volume was one where Beavis says he likes going up into the crowd at the front of a rock concert so he can rub up against pretty girls ( subtitle:“Ay Caramba!”) and then Butthead says he likes it when the guy behind him rubs up against him (subtitle No Se!”). Made us laugh so hard we had to put our heads on the table, and when the locals asked what was so funny, our only response was to say you had to be an “Gringo” to understand….

    Bella Reply:

    That was hilarious! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying a little!

  10. the 3 of us need to talk then.

    rabbit Reply:

    Hit me up.

    johnny Reply:

    hey hit me up waiting to hear from u man.

    Rabbit Reply:

    I am in Florida, as soon as I get home I will hit you up.

    johnny Reply:

    alright cool

  11. Well, the conversation STARTED out well here then, really degenerated into a lot of uncivil filth. Just about everyone , from every side, resorted to racist and filthy comments here. I read on hoping it would get back to some measure of decency but that seems to be too much to expect. So, I’ll move on to some other blog and hope you people don’t behave this way when you walk out your doors.

    yanawana Reply:

    what did you think, that we are a bunch of buddhists and are compassionate and ever forgiving. shit. my ass. what are you supposed to do when you are getting attacked. turn the other cheek. for what

  12. This might help the AZ law enforcers identify who is *illegal* or not – in the spirit of Spartacus.

    yanawana Reply:

    i feel sorry for you. you bastard.

  13. i ditto that rabb so many fooks on here talking and dont know shit about anything

  14. For america to be truley righteous all people should submit to random drug tests.
    To get any job. drivers lic, cel phone , services, medical , school, I bet they drug test in Heaven too.
    No one will get raptured with drugs in thier system / we need total control to be cleansed of sin!!! so we can be truelly free. and no beaners need apply

    Jack Reply:

    This is satire, right?

  15. For what it’s worth, some posters here are drinking too much beer, wine, or tequila.
    Anyone here have a better explanation as to why such juvenile nastiness keeps creeping in?

    rabbit Reply:

    Because some of these commie idiots won’t be happy til the cops can walk in their house any time they please. Some horrible people live in America, that’s why other parts of the world hate the rest of us.

    Jack Reply:

    And so, rabbit, what have you been drinking lately?

    Your reply to my comment makes no sense, whatsoever.

    Rabbit Reply:

    I was only letting you know that some of the comments are from people that don’t mind the erosian of what’s left of our rights.

  16. aparte de ke el aparente 70 % no son nativos de arizona, es facil olvidar ke hay un gran porcentaje de “reales ciudadanos” ke no kieren votar, llamense naturalizados, inmigrantes legales o simplemente de ascendencia extranjera, mexicana si asi lo kieren ver. Ke tiene ke ver esto? ke la verdadera “verdad” (valga la redundancia) no esta a flote. la historia la escribe siempre el hombre blanco. “filas mas cortas en ER” por favor, con 8.5 millones de gentes, siendo menos de .5 millones indocumentados, no veo como un lugar en la fila sea como para vitorearlo a toda voz. los doctores no son estupidos y tienen prioridades. es solo una migaja de de toodo lo ke se pretende comer la gobernadora. se atragantara y vomitara a kien este junto con ella.. by the way, I do belive illegal immigration is a problem, but you dont have to treat (all of) them like criminals. . .

  17. Yup dat wabbit needs to be drug tested and locked up.
    Put the fear of the lord in his spinless little behind.

    Rabbit Reply:

    This spineless Wabbit would love to meet you any time to discuss it in person. Let me know when you are ready.

    Rabbit Reply:

    Who ever you are, I have read your self-serving comments several times. What a cowardly badge kissing lame you are. I know you use several names here. I wish you would just tell me where to come and meet you, I would travel accross the world for that conversation. I have more balls and spine than you and your whole family. So continue to fill the gossip crowd with your innuendo and false accusations. In the end, look in the mirror for a long time to see who you really are, absolutely no one.

  18. Well, this issue is clouded. I think that the real issue is how this law affects the rest of our 4th ammendment rights. Anyone could have seen the imigration issue coming for miles. The feds should have done something about it long ago. But Arizona’s wild west mentality goes too far. Two wrongs never make a right. This law won’t stand in the end. At least not the way it is written right now.

  19. I don’t know, buddy. I don’t think this law will make it. The let me see your papers mentality affects too many citiczens, too. We will see. I think Jan Brewer ended her political carreer. We will just have see how it plays out.

  20. captnmerica …..captalibani

    Chris Reply:

    I guarantee he is associated with law enforcement some how.

  21. […] says we just have to “trust [Arizona] law enforcement” not to interpret “undocumented-looking” as “Hispanic looking.” Yeah, […]

  22. http://www.banksy.co.uk/shop/images/shop%20large/stopandsearch.jpg

  23. Arizona is home to highway checkpoints run by the US Border Patrol. Everyone hates them, even the BP. They are a waste of time and only exist as PR for the BP brass. EVERYONE is checked. EVERYONE SUBMITS. Why? Because of fear. Failure to comply means you are a suspect and they will tear apart your car. Yes it sucks. It will be this way as long as you let the Bas**ards get away with it!

  24. No. The only document you have to show is a drivers license. Don’t have one? You already broke the law and now we will ask for more ID. Real simple people. Not rocket science.

  25. One of the things that makes you so stupid is, how much do you think that it will cost t arrest, house , feed and cloth these so called ilegal immigrants? This is what I don’t understand about what you say.

  26. Great, we are getting advice from someone who lives in Florida that works for an attorney’s office concerning a law that was written for Arizona based on an existing Federal Law. What next, the people of Miami renounce the protesting of Cuban human rights issues and work to end the trade embargo while Fidel Castro tells them his idea of Socialism will make their lives better? While I enjoy watching the two EXTREME sides of this debate go at it, there isn’t much that can be said unless you are living this life on a daily basis. I am not going to tell Floridians of Cuban descent that they need to let bygones be bygones and stop worrying about Castro and Cuba because I do not know the pain they have felt and the hell they have lived through under his rule. At the same time If you don’t live on the southern border don’t tell me how illegal immigration is affecting my life and my paycheck. You do not know what circumstances caused this bill to be written and passed into law. The bottom line is 60% of the Arizona populace supports this law and that includes Hispanic. African, Asian, Anglo and all other LEGAL residents of my state. Calling someone a redneck or spic isn’t going to do anything to help. If you don’t agree with the law and live in Arizona contact your congressional representative. If you live elsewhere and don’t agree with this law, just be thankful that you don’t have to pay for the costs associated with being a border state.

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