Updated: What Did the AZ Politicos Know?

May 3rd, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Politics
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Did the Republican governor of Arizona knowingly use a murder that had nothing to do with random Mexican border violence at all to propagate the passage of a state law criminalizing illegal immigration? Did her Democrat opponent, the Arizona Attorney General, also allow that bad information to fester? Perhaps. Follow me for a moment; and please keep in mind that the governor is about to face off against her own attorney general for the governor's seat. And the A.G. is ahead in the polls.

The Arizona Daily Star in Tucson smoked a great story this morning; saying the killing of a Southern Arizona rancher was not random and that Cochise County Sheriff's deputies are looking for an individual in the U.S., not in Mexico. (Long sidenote: The paper's story has since been changed; this morning the headline stated the suspect was an American. The Cochise County Sheriff's Department says that's wrong; nationality is unknown. Now, The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources, says the suspect is a Mexican national. Important to remember that it's not the reporter's fault. The paper pulled that one then fixed it. It's rare but it happens.)

If you'll recall, last week the sheriff's department put out a burglary alert about Alejandro Chavez-Vasquez, a 36-year-old Agua Prieta resident. This seemed curious because it was the first time I or anyone could recall the sheriff's department putting out a "person of interest" alert for a series of burglaries in a town of 250 people. Chavez is suspected of pulling burglaries in the area where Krentz's ranch lies. And perhaps he is suspected of more, that hasn't yet been revealed.

Robert Krentz was murdered March 27, on his ranch in southeastern Arizona. His death prompted much of the latest rancor surrounding the issue of how to control the Arizona border. Gov. Jan Brewer used the murder as the sounding board to call for an increase of federal border security. Though she never tied Krentz's murder to Arizona's new law criminalizing illegal immigration directly, her signing the bill came weeks after the murder and she certainly never negated the murder's presence hanging over the political climate of the controversial bill. Last month, she approved the spending of $10 million in discretionary stimulus funding to border area law enforcement agencies and called for National Guard training missions on the border. Before Krentz's killing, Brewer's administration paid little to no public attention to the border.

The question now becomes whether Arizona state officials knew the sheriff's deputies were looking for someone in the U.S., someone who had a motive to kill Krentz. But if these government officials knew and presented enough evidence to convince the newspaper that it was true, then it is safe to assume state officials also knew. And if state officials knew Krentz's murder had nothing to do with illegal immigration, at least in the sense of rabid burreros randomly killing Americans, then Brewer also had to have known. And so did her Attorney General. Who is also running for governor.

Which leads me right back to the question I usually reserve for Mexican government officials and Feds: What are you hiding, cuz this don't smell right at all.

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    ilegal Reply:

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  2. A hundred “mules” carrying fifty pounds a piece would supply Cochise, Pima, and part of Maricopa county with dope for one night. While this a possible exaggeration, the fact remains, this country consumes an astounding of illicit drugs daily.

    I’ve driven a Semi for nearly 30 years, born and raised in Bisbee, and no where I’ve ever been I couldn’t spot the other Truck that was “haulin”. I can’t really explain it, they just don’t “sit”, or maybe “lie” right is a better word, and most times the Driver has no idea what he’s under.

    The Cops know the same thing I do, and the drugs get to Fresno and Boise and Seattle just the same.

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    rabbit Reply:

    Carlos tehran is a good guy. Using his name doesn’t do you any good. I am starting to get a laugh at you more and more. So keep changing your name. But remeber, I only have one name, and I don’t need to hide from you. Lol!

  4. That’s cuz you is an idiot.

    ilegal Reply:

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    Rabbit Reply:

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    You aint like me, you is a

  5. Oh, I know, every high power organisation that is against this law is stupid. And every ilegal immigrant that is out there is on welfare, right? Or maybe the migrant workers are hard workers and spend their money in the economy of Arizona. And maybe the ball players appreciate that. Maybe the migrant workers make more money than you. Damn them Mexicans!

  6. Where did you cut and paste this from? From some racist website?

  7. Study Says Granting Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants Would Boost Economy
    Jonathan Riley — Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 4:00 AM

    A new study has found that legalizing the status of the 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States would boost the economy, creating jobs and increasing wages for native-born workers, according to a story in the Chronicle. The study, which was released January 7, was conducted by UCLA associate professor Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda and was primarily based on data following the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. The report concluded that legalizing undocumented immigrants could increase the gross domestic product by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years.

    According to the Financial Times, another study by the Kauffman Foundation in 2008 found similar results: For every 100,000 immigrants, 510 of them start businesses each month, while native-born citizens start 280. The Kauffman Foundation is a Kansas City, Missouri-based nonprofit that focuses on advancing entrepreneurship and improving education.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srYi5eUZ1xI

  9. God I love Texas!

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    ilegal Reply:

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  11. kina funny, well written

  12. Tu sabes when someone I don’t even know says shit I don’t like (especially on the Internet) I can close my ojos and don’t read. jejejeje

    Pero some pendejos like getting all loco over anonymouse commentarios.

    Dart Vato Reply:

    I love it carnal, so correcto Oscar! The mantra of the left when the right complains about peladencias on TV and all that mierda on MSNBC and the rest of the liberal crap…..asi nos dicen los gueyes, “just turn the channel you dont have to look” Pinches elitiists queren el kaki and they want to comer it too!

  13. Some of us gringos aren’t so bad.

  14. Hey michel, whever keeps steeling other peoples name, they are pretty lame. The rest of us argue enough without some bone head throwing a wrench in things.

  15. WTF?

  16. “Cochise County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for an individual in the U.S., not in Mexico. (Long sidenote: The paper’s story has since been changed; this morning the headline stated the suspect was an American. The Cochise County Sheriff’s Department says that’s wrong; nationality is unknown. Now, The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources, says the suspect is a Mexican national”

    If Larry Dever would just adopt the Mexican Law Enforcement standard for murder investigations, this would go alot faster. You know, drag in the local gangbanger, torture him until he does a videotaped confession, then close the case. And if any reporters start sniffing around, you kill them too and destroy the crime scene. Problem solved.

  17. The problem with your conspiracy theory is that the Arizona legislation had introduced, debated and passed SB1070 BEFORE that rancher was killed. The legislature presumably represents the people of Arizona, who repeatedly support SB1070 in every poll.

    Tru to work those facts into your theory.

  18. Robert Krentz was invlolved with smuggling drugs himself like many other ranchers i know along the southern border of arizona. the ranchers get paid to allow burreros cross throught heir property. they get paid around 4-6$ a pound that passes.

    Michel Reply:

    How do you know this is true?
    Contact me at my email if you wish: marizco@borderreporter.com

    Tantos Reply:

    Pepe, you sound very sure of yourself. So on the day before he was murdered, why did Krentz escort Border Patrol Agents to an area where they could see the mules on his property? And they got arrested and their mota seized.

    So Krentz has been getting paid in the past, but these particular mulas were cheap and tried to shortchange Krentz this time? So all the times he called the cops or Border Patrol it was only because he got screwed out of his cut? Is that your conspiracy theory?

    Put your tinfoil hat back on, Pepe. I know it’s hard for dirtbags to realize, but not EVERYONE is dirty or corrupt.

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