The News Media and its Low-Hanging Fruits

Jun 20th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration
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The restrictionists from Phoenix are at it again, this time threatening to set up snipers in ski-masks along Interstate 8 south of Phoenix to stop "the invasion." Sure you will. You ain't gonna do shit; I know it, cops know it, readers know it and you know it. The media started announcing the fiasco last week and continued propagating the nonsense this week. Keep in mind, nobody actually did anything, just wrote an e-mail. Does that give the media any pause? Hell no. J.T. Ready, a former Minuteman Project supporter, the recipient of not one but two court-martials before he was tossed out of the Marine Corps,  merely wrote an e-mail, announcing he wants to place teams of men along Interstate 8 and take out drug smugglers as they make their way up into Phoenix. This is the kind of rhetoric that I find frustrating with journalism in general; the kind of mindless shrieking that makes its way into the newspapers, television stations and news Web sites and evolves a non-issue into something tangible that then merits more attention. Why? Because it's been covered in the past. It's a perfect public relations gig. There is no cost involved, a man must simply lobby off an outrageous email, make sure some journalists read it, then sit back and let the news mediums send it out virally. Instant credibility; it's been reported in the news, it must be true. In the age of the Internet, it's even easier than before. Do a Google search for this "Minuteman Project on steroids," garbage and you'll see a great example of how a simple e-mail can earn as many individual news stories as a tangible, tactile event. Like Chris Simcox before him, J.T. Ready is not a public figure who merits media attention - he's a guy with a keyboard and an opinion. Yet because the news media have given him his wanted attention, he now merits further news coverage. In 2002, when Simcox launched his first militia activity, three "vigilantes" showed up - and 12 reporters were there to greet them, a ratio of three reporters to every one nut. When I first reported on the activities of the Minuteman Project in 2005, as many reporters showed up for the group's first meeting as actual volunteers. Yet, the national media's attention on the low hanging fruits launched the group into the spotlight - and drove up donations. That right there is the key to announcements like J.T. Ready's. The Arizona Republic has a fine story this morning on the political rhetoric surrounding the Arizona border and how it doesn't reflect the reality of the border. Yet, here is the same newspaper reporting on this e-mail, propagating the same level of fictions as the politicians it seeks to criticize. Here is the Phoenix New Times, again with the same email. They take it a step further, calling for the FBI to investigate. Over an e-mail. J.T. Ready isn't going to do a goddamned thing but write more e-mails and continue screaming impotently into the ethersphere of the Internet. The news media covering the U.S.-Mexico border needs to move away from covering the things people say and focus on the things people do. And we wonder why there's no serious discussions on addressing the border. Pathetic.

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  2. Michel,

    I understand your consternation with irresponsible reporting and nut job vigilantes. But make no mistake about it, the United States IS being invaded. By illegal entrants of all ilks, including terrorists, sexual predators, gang members, serial criminals and drug smugglers. There are still some regular campesinos who are honorable in most respects other than breaking American laws. If those campesinos are still the majority, that majority has diminished significantly in recent years, and will continue to do so. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, I used to hike or picnic in border areas (within 10 miles of the Mexico/US border) and beyond, with my wife and children, on a regular basis. Nowadays, those border areas are VERY risky for such activity, and areas beyond (35-60 miles north of the border) now have signs posted by BLM (and possibly other federal entities) warning the AMERICAN public not to camp, hike, picnic or recreate without taking specific precautions, due to armed drug and alien smugglers being a regular presence in that area. THAT, my friend, is an UNSECURE BORDER. I am sure some will challenge this reality, or put their own spin on it, but what I say is true. All Americans should demand that our government rectify this situation immediately. The terrorists who exploit our borders care NOT what your ancestral culture is. They only care that you are in America and they can inflict their carnage in great numbers, wherever you are and with whomever you are with. This invasion is real and must be stopped, or we will all be sorry. Mark my word.

    aztexan Reply:

    get ready my friend. you speak truth -therefore you are a Racist! This site has evolved to be “open Borders” . Shameful no doubt but not the least bit unexpected. You will soon be kicked off the site by micheal and a slew of comments challenging you are to come by yeyo, rabbit, illegal, move and the recently crowned princess . Dont you know that the border is safe and mexicans come here to work. you, my friend are just not enlighhtened to the progressive ways of you seem polite and well spoken and fair minded… too bad. my comments should help you stay on the site a little longer though.

    Rabbit Reply:

    Maybe not a racist, but a damn fool.

    guevavi Reply:

    Hey everybody, Rabbit is back, with his usual intelligent debating skills.

    Rabbit Reply:

    Not hardly. Don’t not even trying to argue. Not in the mood. But you are an ignorant son of a bitch.

    guevavi Reply:

    Name calling again?? My my. When one lacks the intelligence to debate responsibly, or has not a leg to stand on, one resorts to insults. How predictable. “Don’t not even trying to argue”? Have another shot of mescal, amigo mio.

    justice Reply:

    Be mindful that your dealing with some criminal elements on this blog.
    Several law o biding readers have had hateful msgs sent to them.
    But I don’t believe that its the intended purpose of the mediator.

    Rabbit Reply:


  3. Feliz Dia De Los Padres to all the Narcos de Mexico.

  4. feliz dia del padre a todos los americanos drogadictos en estados unidos, que son bastantitos…

  5. nice article by the way, snipers in ski masks, too much action movies.

  6. I expect some usual flak, but I have confidence that Michel is open minded and respects my opinion, even if it differs from his. I have differed with Michel some in the past, as well as others. Some have attacked me and have been disrespectful…almost sophomoric at times, but although Michel may not always share my views, I think he has an educated and well-thought-out viewpoint, and he leaves himself open for other opinions. I try not to attack anybody, but simply give my own experienced and respectful opinions.

  7. Im sure native americans used to hike and hunt in peace same as you in the same area at one time or onother,
    dont complain, progress has a price.

    guevavi Reply:

    The Native Americans you speak of, Pancho, would have been Apaches and Sobaipuri..and later, Pimas and Papagoes…who were NOT at peace with each other, and fought viscously with each other.
    And I reserve the right to complain…this lack of border security could hardly be called progress by any sane individual.
    I am sure your ancestors were just as brutal to what peace MAY have existed in SE AZ with the Native Americans as mine were. More to the point, all have been brutal at some time in history.

    Tantos Reply:

    The Apaches used to hike and hunt in peace before the U.S. Cavalry arrived. Sometimes they peacefully hunted, raped, kidnapped, brutalized, enslaved, and murdered the Tohono O’odham people (Papagos). The T.O.’s later got some vengence by tracking fleeing Apaches for the cavalry.

    good story…they gunmen have been taunting the police over the radio

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  10. culiacan va arder……..levantaron al hijo del mochomo……al santiel…………acuerdensen ke dije ke este año iba a sobrar un sombrero el de la ultima torre de cosala………pos por esta mamada se le va llegar la hora…… el mayo lo va a salvar la orden va venir de por encima de el …. osea el azul del cielo ……….. pobre pendejo del manuel no sabe en ke pedo se metio el y a toda su familia…………

    ilegal Reply:

    esque el mata amarrados esta enfermo de poder, a lo mejor se creyo eso de que aquellos ya no traen power.

    ilegal Reply:

    lo levantaron el sabado, que no?

    culichi Reply:

    ese baboso del m1 se lo va a cargar la verga, pobre weyy no va a alcansar a depedirse del jt

    amigo Reply:

    is their a news link to what your saying ??

  11. The border is safer, no doubt about it. A few years back, I’d meet an average of 80 crossers a week during valley hikes in Rio Rico 14 miles north of the border. Most were in small family groups; some were teenagers crossing over simply because they could.

    During the last year, I’ve met a total of 6, including 2 that were headed back to Mexico.

    I laugh at all the hysterical screaming about how unsafe the border area is. I live in one of the safest, lowest crime counties in the US. Currently, it has a lower crime rate than the Connecticut county I emigrated from 13 years back. I rarely lock my doors.

    Guevavi’s fear about driving or hiking near the border differs from my experience. I recently drove friends from back East on the scenic border road from Rio Rico to Arivaca. True, we met more Border Patrol patrols than usual, but encountered no cross-border illegal trafficking. I often drive out the Duquense Road and up and over the Patagonia Mountains to the village of Patagonia. Again, no problems, other than raising clouds of dust.

    I also continue to explore the border region of neighboring Sonora – alone. I visit the small towns, some of which – like Saric – are less than 10 miles south of the border. Never once had a moment of anxiety; the villages are as laid back and friendly as ever.

    What’s really going on is crass, political exploitation to scare the public, which begats scams like this one: a bill to provide $150,000,000 to fly unarmed drones all along the border with Mexico. The bill is sponsored by Texas Senator Hutchinson and Arizona Senator Kyl. Who (big surprise?) receive big campaign contributions from the companies involved. And, (another surprise?) the major companies that build them are based in those 2 states.

    After all, “controlling” the border is such a lucrative (and shady) business…

    Which makes it unlikely that you’ll ever hear “no-bid-contract” Boeing and Raytheon calling for immigration reform.

    guevavi Reply:


    I applaud your great fortune and luck, and I hope it holds. Leaving your doors unlocked will make no difference to the determined criminal alien, and I hope he does not visit you. I hope you see less and less illegal entrants. And I hope you have continued safe explorations in Mexico. So many others have been so less fortunate. And you do a grave disservice, as a border dweller, by ignoring the reality of those warning signs in Arizona, which have been posted to forewarn the American Public of the REAL DANGER in those specific areas. You do a grave disservice by ignoring the actual dangers that exist by armed illegal entrants just west of you in the Peck Canyon/Ramanote Canyon areas. You do a grave disservice to people you call friends, by giving them tame tours of the border areas (come on!! Ruby Road to Arivaca CAN be traversed without incident, on a nice day drive!!) and spewing your politically correct misinformation. Since you are so brave, the border is so safe, and the illegal entrants so tame, why don’t you go for a hike west of the gas line at Peck Canyon, alone, unarmed, for a few hours. Or any other place that you MUST know NOT to go, because of the REAL border danger. I guess I went on the attack here, but your misinformation has to be challenged. You still live there, and you do not tell the whole truth. There is a difference between fear and reality. Most Arizonans recognize the threat and prepare for it. Don’t confuse recognition of reality for fear. And don’t pass carefully filtered experience as reality. You can’t bullshit an old bullshitter.

    preciosa Reply:

    At last someone with real knowledge of what is really going on.

    Tantos Reply:

    Go live in Portal and you’ll have a different experience, Jack. Tubac is a completely different story. Ranchers working for a living apparently don’t get the same law enforcement commitment as rich, old, retired, white folks in artsy retirement communities.

  12. The idiots had better hope they don’t get a green light put on them by one of the cartels. They can say what they want, they are not ready for that kind of violence and they are practically asking for it.

  13. mindful…….bearing in mind : aware

  14. Hmm, let’s talk about being thoughtful instead. I have had the pleasure of knowing a lot of Mexican people. Most of those people were hard workers fighting for a better life for themselves, and their famileis. Without getting into a drawn out discussion on the problems in Mexico and and what has created those problems. I will keep my comment specifically to what is going on in this country regarding immigration.

    The mexican people that I have had the pleasure of knowing, some of which work on my farm, are really awesome and great people. I have shared holidays with them and my family feels part of their family. It’s real hard to imagine them having to be in fear of the “let me see your papers” mentality. Thank god that where I liive they are not considering something so unconstitutional. Most of them don’t have their papers. Some have resident cards, but most have expired.

    I call the anti immigration people the “minute men mentality.” All of you scream for tough border protection in the name of national security. All of you call everyone else “criminals.” At the same time, you feel that certain laws of this country don’t apply to you. Look at former minute man member Chris Symcox. Here is a guy that that preaches border security, at the same time call people to revolt and bring arms to break the law. And then, if that isn’t bad enough, he beats his wife and avoids service of an protective order, while he threatens the police involved. Hmmm, what is wrong with thaat picture?

    Now, you want to say be “mindful that criminal elements” comment here. I work hard everyday, and a lot of people rely on me to be responsible. It’s so funny that people like you have the nerve to pass judgement on any one. Who in the fook do you think you are? Your lives must be so insignificant to be so busy weeding out your neihbors back yard, when your own yard needs weeding. Every thing is proper until it happens to you. Then you all scream injustice. fooken hypocrites.

    From the grandson of an immigrant, you are number one. Guess what finger I’m holding out for you.

  15. I truly feel sorry for you .Its obvious you are passionate about this immigration issue.
    Perhaps a family member was deported? Either way there is a criminal element to human
    smuggling. Why do you feel that the phrase “criminal element” refers to you specifically?
    It seems a bit paranoid. And lashing out against an opposing view such as that is simply juvenile at best.
    Or maybe all your conversations devolve into a seemingly violent rant when opposed – like that Vandersloot

    vinotinto Reply:

    vinotinto Reply:

  16. Wow, that was a stab in the dark.

  17. Please, spend more time cleaning up around your trailer. This way you can stay out of my yard.

    johnny Reply:

    hey got ur back on all u said rabbit very true everything u said so very true

    Rabbit Reply:

    For sure Bro. Hectic over here. Keep your head up.

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