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Jun 9th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration, Politics
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Monday's border shooting has become a question of mere yards, but those yards change everything and the FBI appears to be changing its initial assessment of what exactly happened when the Border Patrol agent shot and killed the teenage boy. El Universal reports that the mother of the 14-year-old boy slain at the U.S.'s border with Ciudád Juárez  claims the agent walked into Mexico and shot the boy at close-range. First question is, how would she know? Tearful interviews make great drama but unless she witnessed the shooting herself, she's a poor source. Maybe she did, that's not clear in the story or any others that I've read so far. This leads me to a few other questions this morning on the logistics of the area and I'm hoping a few of you readers can explain some of the geography of the shooting scene. Yesterday, the FBI reported the agent was kneeling by a suspect when the first rocks came flying, the first from behind. The Chihuahua Attorney General's Office claims a .40-caliber spent casing was found by the boy in Mexico, suggesting a near-execution on Mexican soil. Then it's suggested that Mexican cops walked over to the U.S. side, picked something up and returned to the boy's body in Mexico so obviously, someone is lying and let's be honest, cops from both countries are capable of telling incredible lies. What is the boundary under Puente Negro? is it chainlink fence or it merely a canal that can be walked across? Throughout much of the border, Homeland has erected remote video surveillance cameras, are there any cameras mounted under the bridge? Is the FBI changing its version of events? The FBI maintains the agent was defending himself and shooting at suspected migrant smugglers throwing rocks at him. Yesterday, the FBI was reporting the rock-throwers had surrounded the agent. Today, the FBI is saying the assailants had retreated to Mexico and thrown the rocks from across the line. FBI Yesterday:
"The subjects surrounded the agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking one subject who later died."
FBI Today:
Other suspects ran back into Mexico and began throwing rocks, the FBI said.
So which is it? The context of both scenarios are completely different. The first implies an immediate threat the agent needed to counter. The second implies the agent was at risk but not immediate and I do believe U.S. Border Patrol policy prevents agents from firing their weapons at targets across the border. If I'm wrong on that policy, feel free to correct me. This killing isn't even 48 hours old yet but ambos gobiernos should be able to give the most rudimentary information: was the agent in Mexico? Were the rock-throwers in Mexico? Until either question is answered, we still don't know what happened. The lack of real information isn't slowing down the rhetoric from the usual suspects, of course. The Mexicans were quick to condemn what they deemed an "over-reaction" by the agent and Amnesty International has hopped aboard that train. I'm guessing neither entity will have much to say if it is determined the boy was indeed trying to hurt the agent. I'll remain open to facts before blaming either side.

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  1. First!!!!
    I heard Fenix was out there throwin rocks at BP agents from underneath the bridge which he used to set up the 14 year old in order to post some stupid chit on about why we should all hate Mexicans..Oh..A hitch hiker told me..And a compa comfirmed it..

    Fudgek is it July yet???

  2. Didn’t Polaka report that that agent returned to pick up the spent shell casings…what about that question Michel?



  5. This whole situation keeps developing, as it turns out now, following the shooting, the Mexican military showed up and pointed their rifles at the BP agents, and the agents fled, I guess if you throw rocks they will shoot you, but if you match them with firepower they’ll run away… cobardes.

    Michel, it is a canal that you can simply walk over to the other side, in fact, there is no water on it presently, just sand, here are a few pics of the scene following the shooting.


    Mario Reply:

    Sickening…pobre compa

  7. Look this is just like the Israeli flotilla incident, people jump to conclusions until they see the video. The cameras do not lie, that is unless Reuters retouches the photos.

  8. It’s the Mexican intifadah … rock throwing youths killed by gun-toting uniformed personnel. Except Mexico ain’t Palestine and the Mexican Army may not be the Wehrmacht, but they aren’t the Palestinian authority either. Ok, I’ve gone too far …

    I remember el puente negro from my days in El Paso/Juarez as being a major crossing spot for people sin papeles crossing to visit family in the Segundo Barrio and Chihuahuita, two neighborhoods literally backed up against the border. The area looks dredged of mud and debris from when I lived there.


    ilegal Reply:

    well, a white person’s testimony (not being racist), very interesting.

  10. Here’s one video posted up on the El Chuco slimes. Told you it would clear everything up.

    ilegal Reply:

    so, Flaco, what’s your personal opinon on the video? kind of tragic, isn’t it?

    El Flaco Reply:

    Its very tragic, the kid was only 15. At 15 you don’t make very good decisions. I just don’t understand why he threw rocks at the agent. He already knew the agent had drawn his weapon.

    Would you have shot if you were the agent? You only have one guy in your control and the other two are throwing rocks at you and getting closer. He pretty much had no choice but to shot.

    preciosa Reply:

    According to the witness it was someone else who threw rocks not the one killed

  11. It’s obvious the video evidence is showing Mexican illegally crossing (what else is new?) into the US & picking up that bullet so they could place it next to the “known drug smuggler’s” (the kid) body, as if to make it appear the honest US Border Patrol agent crossed into Mexico. See? That’s why we need to double up fence security along the Border.

    For most of you, if you click this link, for what you read may hurt your feelings, especially if you believe Mexican’s can do no wrong, which most of you do believe that.

    Michel Marizco Reply:

    Now that is interesting. Fox should have requested more information before running the story because they’re going to look horrible if it turns out to not be true.
    On the other hand, if Hernandez was a migrant smuggler, I wouldn’t be surprised. it still doesn’t go toward answering the questions I want to know the answers to; exactly what the threat level was.

    YeYo Reply:

    FOX news..LoL..I dont need to even click on that shit to know they are full of chit..The most byast news in this country.

    Michel Marizco Reply:

    Byast? Really?

    YeYo Reply:

    YES..BIAS.. As in to the Extreme Right…Sorry my Aderal hadnt kicked

    Michel Marizco Reply:

    Between Fenix’s belligerence, ilegal’s cussing and your horrendous spelling, I may start taking some, too.

    ilegal Reply:

    Faux always looks horrible, i trust morein The Onion than Faux “news”, lol!

    preciosa Reply:

    according to BP does not keep a record of juveniles so where are they getting that information exactly

  12. Mexican cartel soldiers. Graphic pic.

  13. Are you kidding me “Fenix”….Getting InFo from Fox News!!!
    Thats just Pathetic, Calling the Kid a Drug smuggler, or Smuggler of any kind is just False and bigoted Propaganda from Right Wing Media in order to justify the killing of a 14 year old Kid, that by what is said, was just playing around with friends near the bridge…and i “trigger happy” BP Agent, unjustly killed a poor kid. Well, why do you think, that Foxnews is the only one spinning the info on the agents favor, and the rest of the U.S media is criticizing the agent.
    — Get a Clue, Bro!!–

  14. /When you idiots stop bringing rocks to a gunfight, there won’t be anymore problems..

  15. be careful what you wish for, you faggs could end up crying, as always.

  16. and talking about crying, as soon as the animals of the BP saw the guachos armed to the teeth approaching the scene of the crime, they started crying!!!

  17. according to BP does not keep a record of juveniles so where are they getting that information exactly?

  18. The rio grande river is the border there. The natural river bed was turned into the concrete or cement bed you see in the film to prevent soil erosion. Hope this helps.

  19. That’s the dumbest thing ever posted on here. Truly, the only reason the US doesn’t just march in there with a couple bats and a case of Schlitz to regulate Ciudad Juarez is because all these tonks would be jumping illegally into Cd. Juarez from Chihuahua City. The air isn’t better down there…it’s the government (or lack thereof). The US has just, for all intents and purposes, abdicated El Paso and about 25 miles of border area for the Mexicans to do what they want…

  20. For those interested in the science behind deadly encounters (shouldn’t we all be??) This is the website of the Forse science Institute at the University of Minnesota. Read some of their scholarly articles and you will see that uncovering the “real” facts underlying a given deadly encounter is a supremely complicated endeavor. It certianly opened my eyes that often all is not nearly as black and white (or should I say brown and white) as it seems on first blush or as those involved or with an adgenda would make it seem.

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