Update: Raúl Sabori Among 30 Dead, 40 Wounded?

Jul 1st, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News, Organized Crime
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Justice Department officials in Arizona are now saying the tally of the dead in northern Sonora is 21, and possibly included in those, Raúl “El Negro” Sabori Cisneros.

Meanwhile, a source within CISEN, the Mexican intelligence agency, and a cartel familymember I talk to in Tucson are both reporting at least another ten dead in Altar, Sonora. The hospital in Caborca, the closest hospital to the area, is filled with wounded. My guy in Tucson says an additional 40 people were wounded, enough that the wounded in Altar are being taken to houses to recover, there’s simply no room for them in Caborca.

A clarification, and perhaps some of you can help the rest of us with this. My guy here says that the fight isn’t with the Zetas, that El Gilo and Mr. Ice Cream Man, Felix Paleteros, are their own drug syndicate in Tubutama and the Altar/Sasabe/Caborca boys answer to the Sinaloa Federation. Is that the breakdown I need to be looking at?

If the high number of dead is true, it’s curious. Tubutama, Sonora, is a small town nestled in the hills between Nogales and Sasabe, just south of the U.S. Mexico border. If you were looking at a map of Arizona, it’d be south of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

The Sinaloans and the Zetas have engaged in a battle in this area for some time, now. The Zetas are stranded in the hills; the Sinaloans are not allowing resources to enter the area. Last week, in fact, the public safety director, Gerardo González Méndez, and the town treasurer, Sergio Vázquez Díaz, were gunned down outside of Nogales. A law enforcement source in Nogales tells me the two were driving back toward Tubutama with a drum of gasoline (there is no gas station in those hills between Nogales and Sasabe). His belief was that the Sinaloans had killed the two men for helping the Zetas.

I was in Altar and Caborca the past few days on assignment and saw convoys of Mexican Army deuce-and-a-halfs surrounding the highways in to Tubutama. An official at the local garrison in Sasabe recommended I not travel towards Tubutama because of the frenetic violence that has grasped the region. The Sinaloans have a three-truck checkpoint sitting at the Sasabe-Saríc highway crossing.

While all this is going on, of course, there’s the question of the weekend’s Fourth of July festivities in Puerto Peñasco. Now, Peñasco sits a good two hours from Tubutama, and no, nobody’s targeting Americans who don’t deserve it, so there’s no reason to make this about traveling Phoenicians.

What I’m trying to ascertain is whether the twenty murders actually happened in Tubutama last night or whether it’s merely a panicked chisme coming out of Hermosillo.

On a side note, frankly, I find the situation a little pitiful. Cells from two “powerful” cartels are fighting over gasoline.

If the most powerful cartel in the Western Hemisphere can’t roust a group of thugs sitting in a mountain town, the question must be asked, is anyone wielding influence south of the line?

It all falls in line with what some readers have noted: that last week’s killing of the musico, Sergio Vega, was an accident because he was driving the same color Cadillac as El 18. Again, poor intel. The cartel wars are deteriorating to the level of stray dogs fighting over a chicken bone.

**UPDATE – Guess it ain’t no chisme anymore. Gracias, comadre, por el tip. Te la pago con un seis de Tecate bien heladas la proxima vez que nos veamos.

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  1. Hoy mataron al paletero en el basurero de pitiquito, just like the trash he is


  2. Hoy mataron al paletero en el basurero de pitiquito, just like the trash he is and deserved it


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