X Marks the Spot

Jul 9th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News, Politics
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Here's a story I did on the situation in Tubutama for the Nogales International. By now, the entire border world, from Nogales, Sonora, cops to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to the radio stations to me, now know that a convoy of some 30 vehicles pulled into Nogales late Wednesday night. Everybody seems to know this except the Calderón and Padrés Administrations, apparently. According to a source at the FBI, nobody's sure whether the convoy is there to back the Sinaloans who got stomped trying to take out Gilo in the hills or whether these are Gilo's reinforcements. I anticipate they are reinforcing the Sinaloa Cartel and I'll tell you why. The Mexican government and the Sonoran State Police have chosen to stay out of the fight in the hills; yet we know for a fact that Gilo, Hector Beltrán Leyva's man, has clashed with the Army. According to a Border Patrol intel report, the Army clashed with Gilo on June 12 – and I think we can safely presume they lost that battle since Gilo is still there a month later. It has been said in the past, by people smarter than I, that Calderón is focusing his efforts on Sinaloa's rivals, including Beltrán Leyva, Barbie, and the Zetas. Depending on whom you choose to believe, the Mexican government is doing so either to A) finish off the smaller cartels to bring peace to the country or B) because they are in the pay of the Sinaloa Federation. What's going on in Nogales right now is a great example of this. The Army and the state police have left the convoy alone and they've been there some 36 hours now. This suggests the Calderón Administration is letting the Sinaloans finish the job for them. Or try to, anyway. From what people are saying, the convoy has been driving around Nogales all morning. In the July 1 battle, the Sinaloans were backed up by the locals, Sinaloa loyals including Felix the Ice Cream Man, Raúl Sabori and Nini Beltrán but it's been said on this website that the outsiders took the lead on that attack and that's why they failed so badly. Here's what one Nogales resident said: "Good to know the locals can hold their own against those pushy outsiders!" To be fair, the road up to Tubutama can be tricky to find ...(here's a hint, Tubutama is to the west). Someone buy them boys a map.

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  1. Lmfao!!!!!

    Con-air! I don’t know any quotes from that one! But turn on the radio and put on sweet home alabama!!!!!!

    Cyrus the Virus Reply:

    it’s about friggin time you got one, you’ve been slacking lately.

  2. Great Effen Pictures. Chaps people definitely lost that one.

  3. Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla is mierda and basura from south of the border.

    Comprendes ??

    ilegal Reply:

    and yet, you gringos just loooove the Mexican candy, fraking coke heads, lol!!

  4. hurt the guy , rabbit none of these people even know the guy hit me up

    ilegal Reply:

    do you?

    Rabbit Reply:

    Well, some of us do know the crew. Being from the sonora area, its hard to ignore the biggest guys on the block

    johnny Reply:

    i know that i talking personally know the guy i mean cmon i know many of the major players in sonora etc. i mean to know them not just know who they are….. but anyways thats all i will say

  5. The Antrax are a bunch of kids that like to play sicario on Facebook and Myspace. They are the Torres’s and Zambada’s kids friends that freeload off them and pose with guns. They are nothing.

    JrMaFia Reply:

    im just going by whatt i hear im not hands on in the field…………..

  6. Great link dude

  7. You should ride a mo-ped, or better yet how bout a huffy? That way you can send all the money you save on gas too! Racist chicanos are the worst kinda trash, how can you sell out your own people? A me no se parece vato, se parece Pendejo.

  8. you may be a central american, you talk like if mexicans are the only ones coming to this country ilegally,..yeah, your are a salvadorian cerote or a guatemalan sewer dweler, or may be a mexican stole your girlfriend and you’re hurt in the arse.

    felipe heras Reply:

    fook cerotes

  9. You idiot, that’s what I just said. I said if his miranda warnings were Not read, there goes the evidence. I have told more cops to get bent when they have tried to marandise me. I know what I am talking about.

    Rabbit Reply:

    Is that right, I just beat a case near the border, guess how? Ilegal search and seisure! Idiot.

    Valentina Reply:

    Were comments removed or did you call ME an idiot?

    Frank Reply:

    Yes you were called an idiot.

    Valentina Reply:

    And for the record, of course they read ZN his Miranda rights, by law they have to read them to everyone, especially someone they believe is very important.

    I don’t know what “get bent” means, all I know is that after the Supreme Court’s opinion in Berghuis v. Thompkins, you have to verbally invoke your rights. In other words, you can’t stay quiet, you have to speak up.

    If I knew anything about being arrested from my own personal experience, I probably wouldn’t even think about applying to law school.

    Justice Reply:

    That sad little marsupial lashes out blindly when anyone challenges his
    standing among the criminal elements.

    Rabbit Reply:

    The reason I sit here and lash out is because people get on here and mislead people. People start giving people the impression that they have no rights. And they

    Rabbit Reply:

    The reason I sit here and lash out is because people get on here and mislead people. People start giving people the impression that they have no rights. A persons 4th ammendment rights dommestically are king. When I said get bent, I meant I invoked my right to remain silent. You are getting hypertechnical. When your miranda rights are read to you, you had better shut up and consult with your attorney. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I hope you do well. But get some field experience. It does help.

    Valentina Reply:

    I work for a defense attorney. And in every federal case that we’ve worked on we get the Government’s Response to the Standing Discovery Order (usually there are multiple responses), within their response there is an FBI form titled Advice of Rights, which states the Miranda rights in English and Spanish, they also record the exact time you invoke your rights and you have to sign it.

    The FBI and DEA, for the most part, are extremely ethical about procedures and they never mess up a case based on neglecting to read your rights. Whether you understand your rights or not, the burden is on you to smarten up. The same goes for their investigation, they do their job and they do it well, which is why most federal cases don’t go to trial. (For federal agents who frequent the BR: Welcome).

    The law enforcement agencies that mess up something as simple as Miranda rights are the state and local law enforcement agencies, rookie cops, that type of thing. And let’s put it this way, it’s very simple to dismantle a state case. Very simple. Cops are easy to rattle and they are not as sharp, they don’t see the big picture.

    As for the field experience, I’ll leave that up to you, since you seem to be an expert of sorts. Some advice for you, it’s not wise to expose the chip you have on your shoulder and the lashing out does nothing for you.

    Rabbit Reply:

    If you read my first comment, I said that If his miranda rights were not read, they could not use statements against him. Then I said that things get thrown out of court all the time on ilegal searches. That’s true. I don’t bash you. I like how you are full of passion.

    Last of all. I have been around for a long time. Been taught some real tough lessons about our laws and system. Case law is very conveluted. Judges mis-interprit the law all the time. This why people should hire good defense counsel. If you ever learn how to move around the court system expertly, good for you. Hope you do well.

    Valentina Reply:

    Too much passion sometimes, you called me an idiot, so I retaliated with words. Sorry about that.

    Rabbit Reply:

    If you read my comments at first, they were not bashing you. It was the other comment that someone else left. It then turned into a battle with you over rights. Not the intent. Just speaking from experience.

  10. redel castro jr also known as pocho antrax was one of the sicarios for el mayito gordo.

  11. I can see that reading was not fundamental in your educational system. I get it.
    Again, IF YOU DO SOME RESEARCH ON THE NET, you will find that ny statement is correct. My uncle was a lawyer in Arizona for many years. He fought very hard for the underdog and he is still well respected in the legal community. I know the Miranda and I know its limitations. It is sheer ignorance that allows you to assume that your environment is the same for all.
    Also, in order to fight the injustice, lawyers are needed. That means money. Anyone out there that will do it pro bono?

    Rabbit Reply:

    You are right. Not too many good lawyers that work for nothing. Or you can represent yorself. “Any man that represents himself has a fool for a client.”

  12. I admit it, that was dumb as fook. Would blame it on the alcahol, but I don’t drink

  13. […] south of Arizona, and another fight at the airport. Gilo had some 300 men stocked in those towns. Two weeks ago, the Sinaloans tried to move on him but were defeated in an ambush that left some 20-30 gunmen […]

  14. de que hablas mierdaa si has de ser mexicana no hay nada peor que afrentarse de sus raices como tu lo haves imbecil jajaja aa chihuahuar tu madre la gente como tu es ala que deverian de sacar por farsantes llegan aa estados unidos muriendose de hambre yy despues se creen ya unos gabachos yy vienen aa mexico aa visitar aa sus familiares nomas pa presumir la troca que la sacaron aa credito de por vida pagando como un dollar aa la semana el quevive en mexico se la tyene que rifar yy arriesgar yy trabajar duro yy macizo pa ganarse el pan de cada dia mira yo sin el maldito sueño americano boy y me paro en los estados unidos cuando quiero ee yyy tu oo tus padres de seguro tuvieron que cruzar el desierto como unos malditos animales

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