Grandma Fights Back

Sep 10th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News
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I love this story from La Polaka. A 60-year-old woman repelled an attack by two kidnappers in Chihuahua yesterday morning. The unidentified woman, who lives with her 69-year-old husband, pulled a gun on the two armed and masked thugs when they broke into her house, shooting and killing one and wounding the second. The dead man had latex gloves and yellow ties in his pockets, suggesting this was a kidnapping attempt. Police found the second man nearby, carrying a nine millimeter pistol. Police also confiscated the victim's handguns, a 32-mm and a revolver. Here's hoping they give those back.

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  1. Refuse to be a Victim

  2. great story

    The Rabbit Reply:

    You haave to love it!!!! That;s good shit!

  3. That is awesome. I wish mexicans had the right to bear arms like we do, more stuff like this would happen and thugs would probably think twice about home invasions. I wonder if the women will get in trouble for having a weapon?

    Michel Marizco Reply:

    Sweet Jesus, I hadn’t thought of that. Can you guys help me get her name? I want to keep an eye on this story.

    pioneer Reply:

    That was the FIRST thing on my mind…and where did she get the ammo? And, like so many home invasions US side…why this house? Why her and husband? Just WHO is she the Nana to? Come on now, Michael….?

    mikell Reply:

    Micheal – I think Mexico law allows one firearm (don’t know what restriction is on caliber) per household? Of course, restricted to Mexican citizens not Gringo tourists.

  4. the newpapers won’t release her name for security reasons. Anyways Patty Fashion said granny won’t touch the jail because it was a case of self defense, let’s hope the people of Juarez take this as an example and start doing the same thing “La Abuela Justiciera” did.

  5. ahora resulta que lo que dijo la barbie en sus declaraciones no son validas

    vinotinto Reply:

    seguro que frente al juez se quedará callado y mas vale que la procuradoría presente sus evidencias que juntaron en la investigación “que llevó mucho tiempo”

    ilegal Reply:

    like 2 hours, lol!!

  6. Cool ! Hope she doesn’t have anymore visitors. As for who she might be related to, who cares ! Any home invasion is wrong.

  7. I hope her family has enough sense to get those old folks out of there. If not, they will be dead by the end of the week. The punks were there for a reason and they will come back (except one). Sadly, It is a feel good story for only a few days. Kinda like the Marinero involved in the ABL take down.

  8. Great Annie Oakley story.

  9. Grandma IS in trouble with the law because it is illegal to possess weapons and ammo as a citizen of Mexico. She and relatives are in more grave danger from whoever targeted their home. As Gallo says, the punks were there for a reason, and that reason has not been satisfied…in fact, it has been amplified.

    pioneer Reply:

    what I said…

    ilegal Reply:

    nope, granny is not in trouble with the law, in Mexico, people are allowed to own fire arms and ammo, as long as they are not 9mm and up, she had a .22 at the moment the two crooks tried to rob her and probably kidnap her.

  10. First of all, good for her as she protected her home. But I gotta call BS on a 34mm handgun…

  11. Ooops, I mean 32mm

  12. 32 mm would be a cannon. It was a 32, or .32 caliber not 32 mm. 32 is a legal gun in mexico, although not sure under what circumstances but definatley a legal gun.

  13. I want all Mexican citizens to own guns and smoke all the mierda in the streets. Im still hoping a bad guy comes into my property here in Texas (at night of course), because we can smoke them at night and never have to ask a question! Que Maravilla!

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