¿Arellanos contra El Mayo de nuevo?

Oct 31st, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News, Organized Crime
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This rumor comes straight out of Culiacán. It seems Ismael El Mayo Zambada knows perfectly well who kidnapped his cousin and two nieces – El Osama and Fernando El Ingeniero Sanchez Arellano. The Mexican Army apparently rescued the ladies already and I'm awaiting confirmation on the chisme. This leads to a few questions. UPDATE: The freshest rumor to come out of Sinaloa is that the kidnap was a $30 million ransom. At what point did someone think kidnapping El Mayo's family for $10 bills each was a good idea? Vamos a ver. Does that explain the drug rehab hit, 13 muertos, in Tijuana last week? The Tijuana city government has been trying to rebrand its image using the likes of Al Gore, The New Yorker and Carlos Slim. Then the kidnappings went down and suddenly the old capo's eyes are settling on an arch-nemesis, the Arellanos. I don't know about you, but I allowed myself to forget that old rivalry. Suddenly, perhaps, it's back, and in full force. The question is, why? Why would the Arellanos move against Mayo's family just as they were beginning to take control of their own city? Y que pedo con El Osama? What's his story?

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  1. Why on Earth would anyone murder Jose Luis Rodriguez!?!

  2. The news here is very similar to the town of Mier

    Vincent Hanna Reply:


  3. since the salary of a sicario is so low this times, people take stuff as a side job only, you know, some extra cash to put a couple of more steaks on the fridge. (when i said a couple of more stakes, i meant to say only TWO, lol!!)

  4. yo dire, es cuando talbez encuentras por la rason que encuentras el contrario descuidado (pistiando y en fiestas). a la mejor, pero sepa la madre, yo miro que todo los dias matan gente.

    ilegal Reply:

    a lo mejor estan pagando los muertos por milla.

  5. “ed hardy wearing” lolol

  6. La Policía Federal dio a conocer hoy por la noche la captura de Sergio Moreno Godínez, mejor conocido como El Amarillo, y quien se consideraba líder de La Familia Michoacana en La Mira y Guacamayas, localidades cercanas a Lázaro Michoacán, lugar en donde fue capturado.

  7. sorry it was a mix up with the paredes i couldnt think it out right

  8. oh what illegal u butt chapped cuz u dont know thats what this site is for to talk about shit like that duh dumbass

    ilegal Reply:

    now say it in English, gangsta wanna be, lol!

  9. super slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… ya they captured el”dorado” finally… about time.. looks like pfp aint giving la g.n. the greenlight anymore..lady gaga’s putting pressure on them from that fiasco with her brother mario……. i wouldn be surprised if marrufo gets turned in next.. or f1… salu2

  10. They left a head in Tijuana today, with a message: ‘This happened to me because I was with Sillas’, Juan Rocha Sillas, who allegedly is behind the kidnapping of Mayo’s people, and the narco banners hung in Culican. Is this Inge cleaning house or Mayo exacting revenge, thru his people, El Aquiles?

    Mario Reply:

    ..And today they hung two dead ones with a message against Aquiles ” aqui esta tu gente Aquiles mis huevos” haha.

    ilegal Reply:

    la guerra de los colgados, en Culiacan tambien ya empezaron.

    J Reply:

    That is either El Tigre, and Aquiles still going at it, or Sillas hitting back at Aquiles, who is doing this on behalf on Mayo. From what I can tell, Inge and CAF have left Sillas on his own, and are staying out of this.

  11. esta vivo, pero como la gaga lo trae cortinez, quiere correr la voz de que ya se lo metieron.

  12. This site sucks

  13. alguien sabe como sigue la situacion en la region de tubutama/sasabe?..

    talegon Reply:

    la gente del gilo se anda muriendo de ambre y se supone ke le dieron hasta diciembre al gilo pa ke se vaya de cerro prieto….. si no se hace otra matazon

  14. true sicarios dont do it as side jobs cmon it is there job and many sicarios get paid good real good and live good in mexico

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  16. chihuahuas A tu putisima MAdre

  17. That’s Halarious!!!! Everybody is an expert HERE!!!! the funny thing is none of these peendejettes know nothing, nor live, or tour around Tijuana. All of these babosos are either desert boys, Arizona or Texas. No pongas tu opinion si no sabes como corre el Agua en Tijuas.
    Adios hijos de su bomba, perra, gedionda, putttissima Madre.

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