Aww, You Cared

Oct 14th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News
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Some of you did, anyway. El resto pueden quemarse en el infierno. Culeros. How's everyone been? I'm back, though sporadically. More later, I'm headed for the bar, but I wanted to say hi.

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  1. ya era tiempo pinchi BORRACHO!!!

  2. ya me tenias preocupado amár……….ya deja el chupe!

  3. I have two rules;

    1). Don’t Get Off The Boat!

    2). Don’t Leave The Bar!

    As you can see they’re basically the same rule, but one implies safety and the other danger.

    I had a good friend who worked at Sr. Coppolla’s excellent and beautiful vineyard/winery and actually got to sit on The Boat (which is parked out in the back-forty) and sat in Chief Phillips seat and slammed beers and drank fine wine right out of the bottle and contemplated it all under a fantastic California night sky.

    I got out of The Boat, and I left The Bar.

    Rules are meant to be broken……

    Welcome Home, we missed you and hope all is well…….

  4. Holy cow! THE boat is at the winery. Were they playing “Satisfaction” while you were on it?? How’s Lance’s puppy these days?

    Oh and hi, B.P. What’s up?

  5. I was going to do the Godfather line by line from memory.

  6. been lighting candles at the mission….glad you are back

  7. Welcome back, been a little lonely round here without you.

  8. . . . . musta been out gettin laid. . . . .hope it was good . . . .

  9. i thought you were having a nice pozole 😀

    damn drunk.. 😛

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