Nov 30th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News
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The Mexican press is eagerly awaiting news from Wikileaks dissemination of U.S. government dispatches about the drug war. Speaking candidly about his expectations, Javier Moreno, publisher of Spain's El País newspaper, said 2,285 dispatches about Mexico will be included in the Wikileaks file dump, a number that gives me some hope. From the Wikileaks site, their appear to be 2,836 cables to be published. But my expectations are not high; El Imparcial in Hermosillo notes this morning that those 2,285 of the messages (e-mails, presumably), originated in Mexico City, 159 out of Monterrey, 78 from Nogales, 32 from Guadalajara, 27 from Tijuana, 19 from Hermosillo, 19 from Ciudad Juárez, 7 from Matamoros, 5 from Nuevo Laredo and three out of Mérida. State Department messages are notoriously classified; in fact, of all the federal agencies, I consider State to be the most top-heavy when it comes to over-classifying messages. It's why I'll occasionally receive "Law Enforcement Sensitive" memos from DEA, FBI, Border Patrol or ICE, but  almost never from State. Much of the time, State dispatches aren't even obtainable under the Freedom of Information Act. The irony here of course is that while criminal organizations targeted by law enforcement may gain access to information from those LE Sensitive documents, a State Dept. leak may spark an international incident or an outrage by some slighted foreign diplomat and that appears to be a deeper concern for the U.S. government. Then, too, there is the question of quality of information. Some time ago, an old friend used to pass me the State Department's Morning Report. It's one of the most frightening concepts I've ever read. Basically, foreign attachés working in different countries re-write a consortium of newspaper articles into English. I'm talking: "Balacera en Monterrey Deja 3 Muertos" becomes "3 Dead after a Shootout in Monterrey." It was disconcerting to read specifically because it was such a basic, out-dated system with which to gather information. The Morning Report might have made sense in the days pre-Internet, but it's been irrelevant for at least five years. And guess what? Those are classified. Then, too, there is the matter of what's being written. Any agent, case worker or diplomat I've ever met who has something good to share simply doesn't write it down. They know as well as I do that putting details in writing creates a paper trail accessible – some day – by FOIA. I could be wrong, of course. The Wikileaks file dump could have a 1997 memo written by the U.S. Consul General in Hermosillo detailing Amado Carrillo's faked death and details about his becoming a snitch for the Feds. One could hope.

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  1. What kinda info will we get on these wiki leaks?

  2. se trenzaron en caborca


    Mario Reply:

    Pueda estar relacionado con la detencion de “el caras”, bajo el chapo..

    El Ejército informó sobre la detención de Ernesto Bernal Elías, alias “El Caras”, uno de los principales operadores en el tráfico de droga entre la frontera de Sonora y Arizona, quien confesó secuestros y asesinatos de miembros rivales de la alianza “Beltrán Leyva-Zetas” que operan en la zona.

    A través de un comunicado, la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional revela que el viernes 26 de noviembre en Agua Prieta, Sonora, se llevó a cabo la detención del presunto narcotraficante, a quien le aseguraron un fusil AK-47, una pistola calibre .38 y cartuchos, así como radios y teléfonos celulares.

    “Dicho narcotraficante señaló ser integrante de la organización ‘Guzmán Loera’, encargado de controlar diversas rutas del trasiego de Caborca, Nogales y Agua Prieta, Sonora, hacia Tucson y Phoenix, Arizona, Estados Unidos”, informa la Sedena.


  3. quien sera, quien sera?…COLIMA, COL., 29 de noviembre 2010.- Bajo un gran despliegue de militares y marinos, esta tarde bajaron tres helicópteros de la Armada de México y de la Secrería de Marina cerca de las instalaciones de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, (PGJE) cuyos tripulantes se llevaron al parecer a varias personas. Al no haber información oficial, se manejan varias hipótesis, pero nada oficial.

    Entre el personal de la PGJE priva el desconcierto, pues nadie sabe del porqué llegaron a esas instalaciones varios helicópteros. “Esto no es usual, nunca se ha hecho”, se preguntaban los funcionarios de la PGJE. Alumnos del Conalep, que presenciaron los hechos se mostraron temerosos porque creían que había balazos. Muchos empezaron a solicitar permiso para irse a su casa.

    Extraoficialmente se ha manejado la versión que ayer por la tarde fue capturado un peligroso narcotraficante buscado por México y Estados Unidos, quien al parecer viajaba en un convoy de como 10 unidades último modelo (tal y como se lo dimos a conocer ayer en este portal), por lo que se presume que fue por dicho individuo por el que vinieron los marinos y que al parecer, llevaron directo a la ciudad de México.

    Al no haber datos oficiales, los colimenses manejan varias versiones, por lo que mejor esperaremos la información oficial por parte de la Procuraduría General de Justicia y evitar los falsos rumores que ya son muy comunes en esta entidad. También se maneja la versión de que serán las autoridades federales las que den a conocer este hecho más tarde.

    talegon Reply:

    por ay lei ke anda el rumor de ke era el chapito pero ke no kieren decir nada porke lo van a soltar

    Mario Reply:

    Pa mi va ser uno de La Familia.

  4. que bonita camisa trae el M1


  5. si no? que chulada, jajajajaja pinche floripondio, se lo esta acabando la lavadita de coco.

    Mario Reply:

    Que talla eres wey , pa comprarte una pa navidad..haha..

    ilegal Reply:

    que pues guey, esas camisas nomas los sanguinarios las traen, yo soy gente de paz, lol!

    Mario Reply:

    Para que te encuentres en Preparacion! ..ajua

    ilegal Reply:

    nombre, luego se me va a ensuciar con los carros bien enpolvados, lol!

  6. Hey Michel, how do you feel about the founder of wikileaks as a journalist? Do you support him releasing those document? I just heard that Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest.. Fair?

    Michel Reply:

    I don’t consider him a journalist so much as an activist of information. He’s not making any assessment of the data he releases, which I think is a core idea in journalism.
    Interpol is going after him based off those sex charges, right?
    They could be operating under other motives, of course, but frankly, if you’re going to play the game, it’d be good to remember the lesson of Caesar’s wife and remain above suspicion.
    If they nab him on the sex charges claims and they can prove it indispetuniably, well, it doesn’t discredit his work, but it does taint the man himself.

    Mario Reply:

    Good point, I had no idea about those sex charges till i looked it up. The president of Ecuador said he would gladly offer him asylum.

    az billy Reply:

    Isn’t being a good jornalist about believing in freedom of information? I think that what this is all about. I am really sceptical about the timing of all this. Seems like the guys lawyer is really fighting for, though.

    buddabelly Reply:

    Assange has a “Dead Man” file already dispersed through out the world with the supposedly really incriminating shit just waiting for the encryption key to be released….The release will happen if anything happens to him or wikileaks itself…..which is probably why the site is still up and even though the British claim to have him located and under surveillance, nothing has happened on either that arrest warrant on the SA or the one that Holder is working up….

    Btw Michel, I really miss you here and the fronteras website is mucho blah compared to here…..

    I only wish my Spanish was better for these comment threads because using a translator like google or babelfish is absolutely worthless, though comical, on the idiomatic spanish found here in the comments…..

    you’re still on my Kos blogroll and I pimp your site regularly….Had to change my sig line though to honor Don Alejo Garza though after reading his story on borderland beat…..

    That was a man who died with honor may he rest in peace……..
    may more follow in his footsteps and die on their feet rather than live on their knees…..

    Tantos Reply:

    “Dead Man file?” Interesting thought. That may keep the American and British governments from killing him, but based on recent history, I doubt the Russians will care about the fallout. They’ve assassinated at least one Russian journalist in London.

    James Reply:

    It seems to me that what this DEAD MAN file does is ensure that he is a dead man. I would be much more afraid of the lawless guys that want this information out there . . .he has given them the way to trigger it’s release . . .kill him. Quick and simple.

    BTW he’s not a journalist in any sense of the word. Nor a whistleblower (look up the word). I certianly won’t mourn his quick and painful demise. He was not a man of honor.

  7. ke detuvieron al azul en colima… kien confirma??

    ilegal Reply:

    no se sabe, estos pendejos de la marina se estan haciendo los del rogar igual que los de wikileaks, puro bla bla y nada de aca.

  8. Que hubo un agarre en nogales tambien?. Al parecer esta relacionado con lo de Caborca.

  9. ven que rapido se olvida las cosas .. . . . . es obvio por razones obvios y por la locacion jajaja k agarraron al enano . . .fue la marina ya que el ejercito es de el (de su patrocinador) . . la marina no va parejo tampoco pero si no hay comunicacion miren lo que paso …pero vilvemos a lo meeeesmo si nodicen kien es al siguente dia otro y otro pasann y ya se olvida la noticia se arregla el malentendido y tutti contenti . . .al azul que v lo van a agarrar el senor es un viejonon el jefe de jefes no chihuahuaderas.

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