Welcome home, Barbie

Nov 21st, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Organized Crime
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No les digo, pues? Mexico has begun the process to extradite Edgar La Barbie Valdez Villarreal to the U.S. to stand trial. In September, when I first wrote about this, I spent a few days looking over his indictments in U.S. District Court. Based on that, and then an interview with an attorney familiar with his case, it was determined that Barbie Valdez would not stand trial for murder in Mexico but instead face drug-trafficking charges in the U.S. You can see that story, here. In short, court documents showed that on an August afternoon in 2005, Jesus  Ramos, a truckdriver, was driving south to Atlanta and called Romero Roel Martinez, the Sinaloa Federation’s cocaine distributor for that region. Ramos told him he would meet Martinez and run a load of cash proceeds down to Texas. The next day, Aug. 17, Ramos called to arrange a meeting in the parking lot of a closed warehouse in Atlanta. At 7:30 p.m., he pulled his semi-truck in and met with two men, Joe Lopez and Luis Trevino, who arrived in a white Nissan Maxima. Trevino and Ramos loaded three Navy duffel bags stuffed with $2,533,635 into the cab of Ramos’ truck. Trevino and Lopez drove off and Ramos pulled away. On Aug. 18, the Georgia State Patrol stopped Ramos’ truck on I-85 south of Atlanta and seized the cash. Ramos initially denied knowing anything about the bags of money. On June 11, a U.S. federal judge unsealed an indictment against Edgar La Barbie Valdez Villareal and five other men. According to the Feds: they gathered evidence during a January 2008 wiretap-based trial fingering La Barbie as the source of tons cocaine imported into Atlanta from 2004 to 2006. Evidence at the trial, the Feds say, demonstrated La Barbie’s people were moving about 200 pounds of coke a week during the summer and fall of 2005. All that, they said, came up by semi-truck to Atlanta after crossing through Laredo, Texas. Still more trucks were used to run millions in cash back to Mexico. And then, on  June 18, a week after the U.S. put the heat on La Barbie, Ramos signed the plea agreement in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, admitting to the initial allegations. A copy of his plea agreement shows he agreed to cooperate. Shortly after Barbie's arrest, a lawyer with a heavy investment in Mexico's organized crime syndicates reported Barbie had turned himself in, in exchange for avoiding murder charges in Mexico and doing easier time in the U.S. on this cocaine charge. La Barbie waged war on the Sinaloa Cartel's behalf in Nuevo Laredo since late 2004. He flipped with Arturo Beltrán shortly after Mochomo went down in January 2008. The wars continued, even after Arturo's hit in December 2009. How many deaths was Barbie responsible for in Mexico? Few hundred? Few thousand? No tengo la menor puta idea, but plenty. And he turns himself in. Worse, the governments of both countries are going to let it happen. That's the business.

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  1. Mel Gibz is rowdy just look how he turned that stuff with his ex wife and made it look like he was being extorted..ha ha.

    Compa Drift, I might be out dated but I aint ever heard of any of those movies you mentioned if they where that good somebody would have told me already..Neta Y no miento…

    Scorcese is tight but he is on some other shit Mexico aint his type of movies and I dont think he can capture the true essence of the Drug War..Mel will get Miklo from Blood in Blood out to play Barbie..lol..j/k..Scorcese will try to put DEcrapio in there or some other sissy nikka..ha ha.

  2. El Tun Tun como El Chapo en una Narco Comedia..Estaria con madres!! El Piruris (Juan Camaney) Como El Mayo, Y El Resotes como Jefe Policiaco…Chin gue suuuuu!! MOFOs dont you dare steal my Idea..ja ja ja.

    Tipo Asi..

    2Padre Reply:

    Lastima que mataron a Emilio Franco he could have played Chapo.

  3. I thought that MP and Borrado were killed because Arturo found out that they were consorting with a group affiliated with El Peinado and El Mayo making moves in Guerrero and Morelos?

    ilegal Reply:

    he got popped because he was getting into the kidnapping biz as a side job, el grande was more than pleased to kill him.

  4. Lo que se sabe el las calles de culiche es un pedo y lo que se dice en el internet es otro. Todavia tiene parientes que se mueven no tiene caso mensionarlos en estos lugares. Si el vato no se ponia apellido en sus corridos paraque mencionarlo aqui.

    nephew Reply:

    hahahaha….porke me dio la chihuahuad@ gana…..vergas ahora kieres censorar lo ke digo?….ni lo conocias al puto ese..puto manguera eres.. asi ke por mi ve y ching@ tu reputisima bomba madre!….hahahahahhahah

    Tu Padre Reply:

    Muy bravo por internet. Pueblos Unidos, Obispo, panaltita, casa blanca, Las Higueras de Abuya, El guayavo, Santa refugio, Jacola, Taquichamona y todos los otros pinches ranchos de esa region los conosco y tambien a la gente que rola en ellos. No ocupo estar quemando gente nomas para sentir me muy chingon.

    Censorar? A mi me vale verga si mientas a tu petunia madre aqui….

    Y su nombre completo te lo dejo de tarea
    Miguel Perez A?

    Happy Thanksgiving

    nephew Reply:

    riddler fiddler………

    let me guess…..


    Aguilar, Aviles, Armani o let’s see……………………………..



    es o no es?

    y de nuevo ve y ching@ tu madre!

    cuando tu vas yo vengo……….

    Tu Padre Reply:

    A amár si sabes. Yo pense que eras pajarito nalgon pero veo que nomas eres bocon.

    Por internet muy bueno para echar madres. No me voy a poner a alegar aqui porque no tiene caso nada se arregla con amenasar te o echarte la madre. Sigue tu camino yo en el mio

    nephew Reply:

    ta bueno usted a lo suyo y yo a lo mio………..

    el cardian Reply:

    Aye desde que escucharon al la barbie usar la palabra chihuaha hay muchos manfloricos aqui que lo qieren copiar ya creZcan plebes

  5. Google it Dude. It is all over the web for trade or purchase.

  6. Does anyone have a clue about what happen in Arteaga michoacan over the weekend, a comando fully equipped took the palenque by surprise and stole everything !!! Millions of dollars in bet, watches, guns, everything, the amazing is that they came in 2 blackhawks !!!!


    or google it and you can have the big picture….

    Me puso a pensar un putero quienes ejecutaron ese operativo, serán mercenarios extranjeros ???? Black ops gringos ???? La familia michoacana y sus pueblerinos ????? O como dicen los asistentes narco federales ???

    Sea quien sea ahora si todo su rollo de las películas con posibles directores y hasta actores, ya hay una nueva leyenda en el ambiente, me recordó leve esa rola de los intocables del norte creo que era, el helicóptero negro, remember ??????

    Mario Reply:

    It was the PF, they are the only ones that use Blackhawks, the PF confirmed it was them, the US just gave Mexico 3 more today so i guess they’re putting them to good use.

    ilegal Reply:


    El Ventilador Reply:

    Found the proof, watch it before they took it down again


    Mario Reply:

    Fawk,, definitely not Blackhawk, looks more like the MI-17 from the Fuerza Aerea Mexicana. maybe a joint operation..btw the girl in the last seconds of the video is a hottie.

  7. andale, picaste la llaga, han salido adelante porque se deshacen de sus socios cuando se dan cuenta que estan creciendo.

  8. Drift and Gallo, I did that google on the book “Fred Carrasco, The Heroin Merchant.” It was $339.25 on Amazon. If I would have known that then, I would have gone to every library in Texas and stole every copy. That’s just good business, huh? I searched it a year ago and it was $60 but there were no copies.
    By the way, Fred was very big into dealing the cocaine but in those days the market was in heroin, not cocaine. I could do a summary of the book from recall and what I knew if anyone would be interested. He was as ruthless in his time as any of the cartel leaders today. He killed a lot of people in San Antonio and Laredo but of course not to the extent of today’s insanity.
    Fred’d distribution network reached LA, Chicago and NY. His prices were incredible. For street distribution, you could get an ounce of asian white heroin (20% pure) for $400 and in San Antonio, a gram of the same went for $28. His stuff came in from Mexico but there was a big asian connection involved.
    What is the name of the movie about the African American dealer in New York that shows all the time on TV. Fred was bigger than that guy and most likely the biggest heroin dealer in the US. I could be wrong but I doubt it. By the way, his drugs were sold with a tamper proof image. All quantities were weighed and sealed in a see through plastic cellophane wrapper done with a packaging machine and sealed by heat. He was way ahead of his time and had an incredible since for business.
    His movie would be better because his people were into culture too and the Latina women and the unbelievable classic cars they drove were too cool. San Antonio rocked in those days and was ahead of even LA with the Cholo and Pachucho image. I know I am showing my age but OMG, what a place in time, San Antonio in the 70s. It rocked.

  9. Yey-Money-

    You’ve never heard of The Departed?

    You keep calling me Babu, it’s Singh motherfooker.

    Drift Reply:


    What? Is it your period……….

  10. http://www.milenio.com/node/586159

    el chapito thinks hes rambo.

    Drift Reply:

    Wow, prison scares this guy????? What a bitch in my opinion. The guy lives in caves and fooked up rural towns cruising on atvs, can’t be living the high life with the broads and glam partying privatley ofcourse but he wNts his name to ring out there, what good is it to be one of the top dogs and can’t be afraid of A little cell where we all know he’ll still have a bunch of killers around him to protect him and his hookers going to the pen to put out for him. I personally haven’t been to prison but a week in the local county jail and 3 days in a Juarez jail I’ve been, but damn, stand your ground no matter what is the way I see it, if you want to be a hard ass well there are consequences to man up

    ilegal Reply:

    el pinche tun tun del chapo se pasea por donde quiere, pero navega con bandera de perseguido para que nadie se entere que el pinche gobierno lo protege al igual que el hellman’s.

    asi es Reply:

    Para cabrestos cabresto y medio! mojarra!….. Pero echale coco y veras que al final no importa quien quede, siendo uno solo, ya que varios no se puede, la envidia es mala consejera.

    Mario Reply:

    I am going to find his cabins using Google Earth!!!

    El Ventilador Reply:

    Tu crees que no saben donde esta jajajajajajaja

    se dice que estuvo o esta en Tepic , y que se va a bajar al gober conocido como termiNEYtor….

    Pero bueno a ver si es cierto !!!

    El Ventilador Reply:

    Found it ,well the last know location, in a coment on a note of rio doce about JG someone said :

    “Segun muy millonarios esos hhahaha pobre sicarios se andan muriendo d hambre por los lugares ke andan pa pinche1000 pesos ke les pagan ala 15 dias kon esos me limpio el culo no estan tan millonarios la chaparita y la mayela porke se pasan muriendo d hambre por la sierra de durango y sr kieren aduenar d la sierra de durango pero se la an pelado plomo les emos dad weyes. Haha ban a caer pirke. An matado muncha jente insentes y les siguen bastos si tubieran millonarios no le uyeran al gobierno porke corieron en el carrizo de la petaka tamazula durango noke muy balientes pues la carsel se iso palos hombres y no corras atorale con esos talibanrs ke trais haha elke no los conose ke los compre traidores chapo y mayo siguen bastos bamos contodo por la sierra bams aremangando y no matamos inosentes ATT LOS BELTRAN LEYVA..CARRILLOS..ARELLANOS FELIX..VAMOS A PELIAR EN CULIACAN. LA SIERRA DE DURANGO Y SINALOA CHIHAGUA Y SUS ALREDEDORES NOSOTROS SI PELIAMOS Y SIGUEN BASTOS SECUESTRADORES SUELTEN AL JEFE DIEGO FERNADEZ CHAPO Y MAYO”

    YEY-MONEY Reply:

    He had a house in Sta Maria Del oro and in Santiago Papsquiaro..but they are abandoned now especially Santiago cause that aint his turf no more.Somone had footage of him riding around town in a 4 wheele by himself no guards or nothing just cruising and he stopped at a marisqueria a echarse un daisytail de camaron dicen.

  11. nuevo mensaje de L.F.M (Luz y Fuerza de Mierda) ya no hayan la puerta los cul0nes de la familia de cagada http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7spYqbJsE7g/TO7WvjHck9I/AAAAAAAAEuI/bUi-9nRuhaw/s1600/Comunicado+LFM.jpg

  12. Jefe Diego is out…yawn

  13. Jefe Diego is not out…zzzzzzzz

  14. ” EL UNIVERSAL tuvo contacto con su familia, la que se limitó a señalar: “Todo ya está bien, él está bien y todo ha salido bien”.
    – El Universal

    “Falso, que El Jefe Diego haya sido liberado” – Milenio

    “Dijeron que “está de regreso” y que en los próximos días habrá un pronunciamiento más amplio.”
    – El Universal

    jajajaja welcome to the rumor is news era

  15. The Juarez Press says the Federal Police have arrested “the head of organized crime in Juarez.” It would lead you to think it is JL but it could be a lieutenant since JL is over the entire state. It could also be a Sinaloan jefe which last I read, was going to be Gilbert Ontiveros (El Grenas). Anyone heard anything?

    ilegal Reply:

    it could be el Diego…

    J Reply:

    It was someone named El Farmero, another Las Aztecas cell leader, not really the head of organized crime in Juarez, in my opinion.

  16. el chapito esta arreglado bieeeeeeeeeeeeeen arriba


  17. me imagino que el general Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo piensa que nadie sospecha que el es el llamado general X, lol!

    Mario Reply:

    No fue Rebollo, ese perro esta en la carcel desde hace un chingo y no coincide . El General X es el General Acosta Chaparro, que como dice el reportaje fue preso por casi 7 años…

    the best passage of this report is “No cabe duda de que El Chapo es un hombre perverso, vaya broma que le jugó al destino. El 9 de junio de 1993, el general Jorge Carrillo Olea, coordinador de lucha Contra el Narcotráfico, recibió al prisionero Joaquín Guzmán Loera en la cajuela de una pick up medio destartalada, donde se encontraba amarrado como un cerdo, en un paraje de la carretera que va hacia Cacahoatán, Chiapas”.. like the piggie that he is haha.

    asi es Reply:

    Pues se dira misa pero esto solo viene a confirmar quien manda en el bisnes.. si al final todos son asesinos y cuando les conviene hacen traiciones, eso se ha visto, se ve y se seguira viendo. Ya lo dijo alguien antes en este tema dando ejemplos de traiciones[cuando ha convenido a alguien].

    El dia que muera el Chapo le van a cortar la tatema como a Villa para estudiarle el cerebro.

    Ojala que las cosas volvieran a ser como antes y la violencia bajara y se limitara a quienes andan en el negocio y no afectara a las personas inocentes.

    ilegal Reply:

    como dijo la canaca, “me amarraron como puerco!!!” lol!

    Drift Reply:

    Lmao!!!!!! I remember that video, andaba mas pedo que la chihuahuada el señor QEPD

    asi es Reply:

    Para acabarla de chihuahuar el vato andaba bueno y sano y la vieja que lo atropello andaba hasta las chanclas!.

    ilegal Reply:

    que ironico, pobre hombre.

  18. General Alfonso Duarte Mujica is leaving Tj and will become the next General of the region , si al chapo le pedo duro con los decomisos en Tijuana dice que ahora lo van a debilitar en Sonora y las region de Mexicali.. Leyzaola is out of the top cop job in Tj… i hope all the changes of the new BC government will do well.

    ilegal Reply:

    if Mujica is a man of his word, we are going to hear about historical seizures and brutal gunfights in Mexicali, San Luis Rio Colorado and Altar

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