Immigration Judges Dismissing More Deportation Cases

Dec 1st, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Immigration
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This story first appeared on KJZZ's Fronteras Desk. Visit our website for stories from all across the border.

Immigration judges are letting more illegal migrants stay in the country. Government records show that the Obama Administration is focusing its deportation efforts on those who have been convicted of crimes.

Most people who show up in front of an immigration judge still face deportation, but the Department of Homeland Security, and judges in Arizona, have doubled the number of cases where deportation orders are dropped compared to five years ago.

According to records from the Executive Office for Immigration Review, in the past fiscal year, nearly ten percent of all cases heard in Arizona were dismissed or the illegal migrant was given some sort of reprieve. In 2005, only four percent of cases were turned away.

John Messing, an immigration lawyer in Tucson, says most of those were people whose only crime was crossing the border.

"The Obama Administration is very clearly focusing its efforts on removing criminal aliens as a priority, whereas in previous years, it was just a kind of general mix of people, regardless of their prior record," Messing said.

Records show the same pattern is happening across the country. According to the Syracuse University Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, during the last few months of the 2010 fiscal year, immigration judges were rejecting nearly a third of the cases brought to them by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The institute claims the high numbers represent poor cases introduced by ICE, though it admits it doesn’t have all the necessary data from ICE to arrive at that assertion.

That national rejection rate is up about five percent from the previous year.

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  1. no word on the capo that was captured in colima yet???

  2. well this fooking sucks!!!! my mother was deported for a bullshit mail fraud case that they could of sworn she was all involved in trafficking drugs, while the fooking RAT MOFO’S in the case were all dismissed of the charges which ranged from money laundering, to 1 million dollars being held in a vehicle with the two fooking rats and a city represenative whos coke snorting ass was cuaght on fooking tape talking about shit being done, and when i plead for a humanitarian VISA to get her back so she can go peacefully at home im fooking rejected by some fooking idiot at customs showing him the paperwork to back up my claim, and his fooking superior officer looks up the file on my mother and says NO!! and 1 week later she passes away! may she rest in peace but i seriously get pissed off about alot of the shit some of these fookING RATS get away with, what most of them dont seem to understand is that they get used and law enforcement finds a way to fook them over later on. but most of the RAT fookS in my Mother’s case had theyre charges dropped.

    Vincent Hanna Reply:

    You looking to go back?

    drift Reply:

    You looking to be a panologist?

    Vincent Hanna Reply:


  3. noticias de Colima,34651/

    ilegal Reply:

    vaya mierda, dijeron que era un gran capo buscado tanto en Mexico como en el gabacho.

  4. Sigue el hermoso estado de Hidalgo raza, que bonito se va poner todo Mexico-en la mira esta Zacatecas +?+? ustedes lo saben. Vamonos pa’ L Sur raza; se vino el lindo mes de Diciembpre…


  6. callo “El Ponchis”

  7. Almenos quedaron sonrientes 😉

    ilegal Reply:

    el de la izquierda esta cerrando un ojo bien coqueto y el de en medio se prepara para hacer un comercial de la colgate, creepy!!

  8. La Reynita es inocente. 🙂
    De todos modos La van a mandar al eu.

  9. Richard Cramer worked for me briefly. In the early 1984, he was a Customs Patrol Officer. Unknown to him a group of DOJ-OIG were conducting a big corruption investigation involving Nogales and Douglas, AZ. He got two years but the word is out that he became a “snitch”

    I retired after 35 years working as a federal special agent, supervisor, manager for different federal agencies such as INS, DEA, Legacy US Customs Service. When David Kidwell of the Miamy Herald started writing about corruption. DHS was created in March 2003.The department hired people with highly questionable character. Tthe old top level down to middle level (the corrupted ones) stayed. They were in power. All while the Legacy INS, investigation’s top level officials and won were given some some powerful positions under Bush. Obama came, DHS-ICE became the leaders.

    USCIS is very naive when handling certain cases. Soon a few DHS employees will be arrested for computer Fraud and for tampering with government property to cover up some “lies”

    The DHS-OIG received two letters (leads) and failed to act.

  10. Would your rather have the Arizonans for Better Government leading the efforts against recalling Russell Pearce? Or, would you rather have Citizens for a Better Arizona leading the way? According to the Gay conservative, the citizens for a better government is equivalent to ACORN. They are skirting with violating campaign laws.

    “Today I looked on the New Times’ website and, sure enough, a second recall effort has been started. A group calling itself Citizens for a Better Arizona now has a FaceBook group page on which it has posted its leaders, its intent – and some potentially damning information on the level with another ACORN-like move.”

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