Reina del Pacifico Absolved

Dec 3rd, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Organized Crime
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I'm sitting in a conference right now but holy hell. All charges? Really? And Tigre Espinosa turned snitch?

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  1. and yet Calderon complains and say that wikileaks is pure bs, lol!!

  2. She aint off the hook yet, the u.s will now request for her extradition.

  3. i good reason for Vincent to be happy, a little bird told me he is in love with the Queen of the Pacific.

    YEY-MONEY Reply:

    Bullshiet!! he is in love with miss guevos..

    Vincent Hanna Reply:


    I only have eyes for you Sandra,

  4. I am, I really am, man if she is sent here, FOR SURE will visit her in Jail, I’m in love!!!

  5. carcajada….

  6. Por eso estamos como estamos……


  8. En Guerrero..–1-.JPG

  9. Where are all the tough guys? Barbie, all of em. They all tell in the end. The reason they kill, though, is because they think others are rats. Some one name even one of em that was so hard that he told the law to get fooked and held their own. What a dirty game. Get in line. The biggest rat wins. That is how it works. Where is the justice in the war on drugs? Bunch of murdering sniches. Sickening circle.

    Omar Reply:

    mochomo, gallardo, quintero, palma,

    az billy Reply:

    Most of the recent arrests have resulted in informantmania. The above names may very well be honorable in some way. I don’t know how much truth there is to their silence.

  10. Felix Gallardo splattered all the authorities from Culiacan, all of them but the military, Robespierre Lizarraga, Espinoza moreno, Gonzalez Treviño, Contreras Natera, all of those big dogs went down when Miguel was captured, there where abandoned patrol trucks everywhere all over the city, and the former Muicipal House was packed with arrested feds, municipal and judicial police officers, and the sapos where also there beating the shit out of t…i mean, the officers were being interrogated by the military, but Pancho Labastida make a couple of moves upstairs and he got Contreras Natera out of the can and he integrated him to his team from Cocosin, i worked there for some time, and one day i was trying to look for the exit from the upper floor of Cocosin, i opened the wrong door and Bam! there he was, Contreras Nateras himself in his bad ass office…next day i got transfered, lol!!!

  11. Here i leave you few extracte from los señores del narco the book by anabel hernadez:

    i already have it but i’m still at the middle, if anyone tell me how to do it I will scann it for everyone

    Juan Reply:

    where did u get the book at?

  12. Reina del Pacifico Absolved – Border Reporter – News That Crossed ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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