Wikileaks and the Dark Alliance

Dec 7th, 2010 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Politics
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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is about to find out what a journalist, now dead, found out ten years ago. The system, once pushed, will respond. In Assange's case, he and Wikileaks are finding themselves losing the resources for survival, one by one, more every day. First Amazon dumped Wikileaks, then PayPal, now Visa and Mastercard. Next up, the Justice Department with potential trafficking in stolen property charges, the New York Times reports. I noticed the editors of the Washington Post, perhaps smarting over Wikileaks' not sharing the cable-dump with them, started referring to Assange as pasty-faced in their news stories. It all reminds me of the persecution of a nearly-forgotten journalist in the 1990s, Gary Webb. Working for the San Jose Mercury-News, Webb wrote a series of articles claiming that Nicaraguans working for the CIA-supported Contras were running coke up to Los Angeles. The coke was being pushed on the streets as crack cocaine and the proceeds returning to the Contras. In effect, Webb argued, the CIA knew who was fueling the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s. The series was later published in a book, Dark Alliance. (Minor but crucial point: Webb never argues the CIA was moving the coke, only that they stepped aside as their Contras did so). It's not one of my favorite books, let me be upfront about that now. I felt Webb lacked the proof throughout the book. I've read it a few times now and each time, I walk away unconvinced that he had the solid proof. I can almost feel the desperation that drove him to finish it. That's not to say I disbelieve the idea, clearly he laid out the case for more work to be put forth on the matter. My problem with the book isn't the question, or even the accusation he makes of the CIA. You can sense it's there. But he didn't prove it. But my own dissatisfaction is irrelevant. Dark Alliance should have raised the curiosity of the press, particularly those charged with watchdogging the government, newspapers like the Washington Post, The Los Angeles and New York Times, hell, his own newspaper in San Jose (they retracted the story). Instead the constructs of the machine surrounded Webb. It was embarrassing how the newspapers reacted. Rather than take his story and press the Feds on the matter, the newspapers chose to vilify Webb. They attacked his reporting, his character and his news judgment. Not one of them, and mind you, one of those includes the Washington Post, the newspaper that helped bring down a president, invested the resources, time or the interest in following up on Webb's reporting. Instead, they quoted government officials who condemned his reporting. The newspapers chose not to listen because to do so would have required time and money – and ego. They would have had to acknowledge that they got smoked by a much smaller paper with far less resources than their own companies could muster. It raised uncomfortable truths about an austerity in genuine, critical and original reporting by the country's greatest newspapers. In the end, Webb was disgraced, his career finished. Never mind that even before he wrote his series, the Kerry Committee had already determined there were truths there that bore exploration. Those were ignored. Webb died in 2004, the official cause: suicide, from two gunshot wounds to the head. Secretos, tragedy, quien sabe. Now the machine closes on Assange. Here's Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen charging Assange with recklessness: "but Assange launched them into cyberspace anyway, not caring if American interests were damaged. In fact, that might have been the whole point." Really, Cohen? Did you forget (or even stop to consider) that Assange is Australian and thusly, may not have American interests at heart because he's not American? Madres. Assange may have committed a crime in receiving these classified dispatches. But he's not the problem. Clearly, someone within the U.S. government sees fit to purge government computers of thousands of megabytes of information and ship them to a meta-data website for mass publication. Clearly, someone isn't vetting U.S. government employees or security measures are not being taken to prevent their being lifted. We have a problem. But those are harder questions to have to answer, they are awkward and risk embarrassment and accountability – after the fact, after the information's already been leaked. Apparently, those in the news business now criticizing Assange also feel they are harder questions to ask. It's far easier, and far cheaper, to kill the messenger. And in Assange's case, the messengers are helping to kill.

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  1. No reason for the name spelling changes, it all means the same thing just in a hurry I guess.

    2 = two (sounds like tu)
    2 + Padre = tu padre = Your Daddy!

    T_R_C Reply:


    “The Killing Fields” is an incredible book written by Diana Washington Valdez on this topic. She has been a reporter for the El Paso Times for I think more that 20 years. She goes deep into this topic and makes real all the different players involved with many of the killings. She also goes into theories and proves and disproves many of them. This lady had balls to write this book and publish it and continue to stay in El Paso. She talks a lot on the corruption and cover ups by almost all involved in the investigation and how lawyers were killed by state police for defending scapegoats charged with the crimes but were really innocent (and “the lawyer looked like a recent escaped convict” so they shot them, lol). And in the 90s, when the state and local police were involves, that was the la linea and the Juarez Cartel.
    I visited the same “killing fields” as reported in the video in the above article. I have several photos but before in was road graded like shown in the video ( mine are in about 2005 or 2006). I think the mayor had it graded. A very close friend of mine lives there and is connected. He told me that this location was a hang out after 5:00 pm for municipal cops to hang out in there squad cars and drink beer. They were the culprits in those 8 particular murders.
    These crimes are hideous and can only be committed by monsters. I do believe the Devil himself fears going into Juarez Mexico after dark. When you look into Juarez at night, or venture down the streets if you have the balls, there is a since that pure unadulterated evil has an eye on you “at all times” and everything you are doing. The feeling can consume you and it is real! “Pure Evil” is killing these girls.

  2. I know of two guys that shot themselves. When you mix alcohol and fully automatic weponds you get a deadly mixture.

    First guy had an AK47 he was holding it with one hand and poked the floor with the barrell causing a burst to go off. He took 4 hollow point rounds to the right leg. He is lucky he can still walk.
    Round 1 = entered high in the ankle and came out of his heal
    Round 2 = got him on the calf
    Rounds 3 & 4 = hit him high and low on the thigh.

    Second guy
    Had a fully auto berretta 9mm hand gun.
    He dropped it and it let off all 15 rounds. He wasnt as lucky as the first guy.
    Round 1 = hit him on the thight
    Round 2 = hit him in the gut
    Round 3 hit him in the chest center mass
    Round 4 = got him in the head just under the right eye

    praxadis Reply:

    Fully auto berretta 9mm hand gun! That’s crazy

    Glyph Reply:

    I seem to remember a Beretta (sb-f?) that fired a 3 round burst.

    @2padre: your point is well taken, but this guy supposedly shot himself IN THE HEAD two times. I’m not saying it can’t happen, I just think it’s suspicious to rule it a suicide.

    Tu Padre Reply:

    the one I am talking about was an aftermarket conversion.

    JrMaFia Reply:

    Glock full auto is sick shit…….

    2padre Reply:

    The first time you fire full auto it is like taking viagra you need to call a doctor if the wood doesn’t go away after 4 hours. But after you see the first accident with one you realize how quickly things can go wrong with someone who is not experienced.

    Here is one example of how things can easily go wrong.

  3. hablando del Quitapuercos…

  4. pinchi santo clos, lol!!

    vinotinto Reply:

    Manipulator to the end,
    probably was freed days earlier but had to take the time to:
    get his hair cut neatly or doesn’t his hair grow in captivity,
    give his long beard a nice round shape or does his beard grow symmetrically in captivity,
    took time to memorize Cervantes,
    was kept uninformed about world events yet knew about Marisela Escobedo Ortiz,
    contradictions at every turn, the circus of media manipulation.
    The question is why?

    asi es Reply:

    La cuestion; why, aplica para muchisimas mas cosas que lo que tu la planteas.
    Hay muchas cosas en Mexico, situaciones y sucesos dificiles de comprender, que lo unico que queda por reaccion es poner cara de… Why?? lol!…

    vinotinto Reply:

    pos si

  5. From what i got from the article, nuestra gente (our people) is not another faction of the cartel as the article makes it seem. The guy was just saying that the cops were on their side…

    This would add another piece to the puzzle as to why people in these rehab clinics are linned up and executed in mass.

    J Reply:

    I thought nuestra gente was the local Juarez slang for the Juarez cartel/Vicente Carrilo Fuentes group? Hence, ‘Gente Nueve’ was Sinaloa’s crew. Just a thought.

    I meant the misspelling of the Carrillo’s and Arellanos, or was that just to save time too?

    2padre Reply:

    You probably already know this but sudo nicknames are usualy made up by the media like the “the cosa nostra.” People feel better about themselves if they can label people and things that they either dont understand or they fear. Like Insurgents.

    It is just the way of speaking vaguely. When the guy asked him the question “Who is that guy?” I can’t picture him answering the question “He is a member of our Continuing Criminal Organization headed VCF” he just simply responded he is “Our People”

    As far as the Aretes and Caretes what can I say, if you dont know maybe you should find some other employment.

  6. What is this i am reading about the women who got killed in chihuaha for seeking her daughters killer got killed by Los Zetas. I read they are taking responsibility for this hit and have threatened the woman on numerous occasions

  7. Why Not Just post the link instead of 5000 words no one will read anyway?

  8. Pueda que si viejo… la verdad no quise preguntarle mucho… pero no cabe duda que esta pacifico ahorita…

  9. Interesting thing happened this weekend to me, I have always wondered when customs would be more strict on the border and when I was coming back monday morning from a night of partying, customs agents were standing almost 10th from the border line asking for visas or us passports; when I presented my US passport I was directed to another line where there was no waiting time at all and all the others were at least in a hr wait. Now is this being done in other border crossings? Are customs fed up with the violence being taken on they’re fellow agents? And if this is being done in other statEs where is the order coming from? There was also a story how even when walking over to the states from Juarez had one customs agent working the line and customs responded with that thay work with what they have right now those lines were like 1 1/2 hr to get over but US citizens don’t wait in that line either

    Vincent Hanna Reply:

    You should go to San Ysidro if you want to wait in a line, then get sent to secondary for having a US passport.

    also would like to add this..

    To All My Democrat Friends:

    Please accept with no obligation, implied or explicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible,
    low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2011, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

    To My Republican Friends:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  10. Why on Earth are you visiting Tijuana…I’m assuming for the hookers, but seriously, why the hell are you going down there!?!

    Dude, I’ve been a fan of Revolution Ave. for the past 10+ years, but there is no f’ing way you’ll see my ass back there anytime soon!!!

    I’m not sure if you read Spanish, but take a gander at ZETA Edition 1901:

    It talks about Sinaloa tightening their grip on the TJ border…it also mentions what one clown was planning on doing with grenades found in his possession…he states they were to blow up nightclubs in Zona Norte (Red Light District) were low-level dealers sell their drugs!

    After I read this, I hung it up…possibly for good. I don’t fear being specifically targeted, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be fond of having a grenade roll up on my ankle while I’m having a beer and have a fat-tittied whore on my lap! Ka-fooking-boom!!!

  11. … they are saying that z40 was captured last week.. i couldnt find anymore news on it.. who knows..

  12. Como decia mi nana ,usteded que hablan christiano.

    Chequen este buey que tiene su pagina en youtube. No nomas habla del narco muchos temas de la patria. Se le abia callido la pagina pero parece que ya la esta levantando otra vez.

    Noticias Digital

  13. Feliz Navidad a todos.

  14. The Message:

    “To Chapo and his boys Flaco and Marrufo: you are not fooling anyone, we know you pulled that bullshit with the lady in Chih, and you burned down a wood supply store to frame us and make us look bad. Don’t act like bitches, why don’t you come after us and leave the innocent women and children out of this. ATTE:_____________”.

    This was posted in Juarez in 2 locations. I think someone needs to tell El Chapo that Juarez and the state of Chih isn’t his and will never be. I’m getting a feeling the La Linea’s isn’t playing, it is getting old.

    This was in reference to the murder of Marisela Escobedo, the activist whose daughter was murdered first.

    The Sinaloa Cartel had offerred to assist the Feds with finding the killer, lol. “isn’t that kind of like an addict that steals your money, comes back and denies it, and offers to help you look for it.”

    JrMaFia Reply:

    I tend to think this is La Linea style of killing an activist. These guys extort teachers and burn down schools. Also have los aztecas a bunch of crackheads that kill innocent teenagers and say they are rival gang members.

    T_R_C Reply:

    They both do, for instance with the Sinaloa Cartel, they slaughtered innocent people in the Juarez Valley. And ran them all out of the towns. What it really boils down to is the Feds (with Sinaloa) against state and local police (with Juarez Cartel). My main point is that a lot of the since-less slaughter is done to slander the other and the end result is that in the 2012 elections, the Sinaloa will not have the backing of the Army, media, and Feds and shortly after they will be the smaller cartel that gets pushed around.
    I truly believe that it does not matter how many soldiers and Scisarios come, Juarez will alway recruit more street soldiers and never give in. Juarez will not have peace until Chapo is out of the picture and Vicente and Mayo make a truce.
    Taking over Juarez would kind of be like when the Los Angeles Police Department tried to stop the Watts Riots. No matter what they did, the riot continued and ran it’s course. There is 2 million to recruit from in Juarez. It is their turf and home field advantage is a good thing.
    It is only logical that a gas bomb here, kill a consulate rep there, an activist here, a federal cop or doctor there might be a form of warfare for Sinaloa.
    But if the Juarez Cartel was so horrible, how come until 4 years ago, anyone could go to Juarez and there was rarely any trouble. It was a great place to party and college students flocked there. But when Chapo marched in, it knocked everything off track and anything goes. He is a too greedy and that will be what gets him.
    It wasn’t great but it wasn’t “pure hell” for all that live there Jr. I have many good friends that live there that I haven’t seen in 3 years and I cannot make contact with them. I know some are dead. If Sinaloa had not come, everything would have stayed as it was.
    But as long as the Feds back the other side, the media will tell the story of how bad the horrid Juarez Cartel is and how it would be so good if “El Chapo” would step in and end this bad cartel. He can’t and it wouldn’t.

  15. There’s a rumor coming out of Culiacan that Chapo was captured somewhere in Sinaloa….has anyone heard anything? I heard this from a singer that said he’s already writing the corrido about the capture.

    Pepito Reply:

    me mensajearon a mi cell la portada de un tabloid donde dice que capturaron al chapo, pero no eh leido nada mas

  16. jajaja es el dia de los santos inocentes.. today is april fools day in mexico..dec 28..

  17. Caen mas de la Gente Nueva en Durango.

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