Hundreds Gather to Honor Murdered Border Agent

Jan 21st, 2011 | By Michel Marizco | Category: General News, Organized Crime, Politics
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The U.S. Border Patrol held a memorial service in Tucson on Friday morning, paying homage to one of its elite agents, Brian Terry, who was killed during a gunbattle with bandits in a canyon along the Arizona-Mexico border. He was a man who friends called "Super-Cop." (Click inside for slideshow of images.) This is a story I produced for KJZZ's Fronteras Desk, public radio, Arizona. TUCSON – Hundreds of Border Patrol agents filled part of the baseball stadium in a sea of olive green. A line of riflemen stood at attention as the American flag and the agency's own flag fluttered in the cool morning air. They were here to honor an elite Border Patrol agent murdered last month. Brian Terry was a former Marine and cop who became an agent in his late thirties. Agent Jose Verdugo had known Terry since their days in the Border Patrol Academy. They they ran into each other in a hall recently and Verdugo says he wasn't surprised to see Terry in the uniform of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit. "Brian, your work ethic, your integrity and your sense of honor were infectious and inspirational. Rest in peace, super-cop," he said. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin addressed the agents, telling them the murderers will be captured. "The reason why he was in those canyons west of Nogales and the reasons why our Border Patrol agents go out on the line and stand between harm and the American people is because we are determined to restore the rule of law to the United States Mexico border. And this sector in Tucson is the last place where it must happen," Bersin said. Four Mexican men have been arrested as part of the investigation into the murder. Nobody has been charged.
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  1. The things that happen in the border region are shameful. This guy didn’t need to lose his life. I pray for peace for humanity, but do you think that is possible in todays world? Doesn’t something need to change? It has been a tough month for Arizona. I think everyone has to be sick of this kind sickening, senseless insanity. It is never ending, it seems.

  2. I’m Michel Marizco reporting live from a gun battle in downtown Culiacan where 37 gunmen from the Sinaloan Cartel have holed up in a hotel, I’m headed in to interview the leader, hope I don’t get killed.

  3. I’m Michel Marizco reporting live from another funeral…I’m just fooking with you man!!!

  4. I’m Michel Marizco reporting live from dowtown Culiacan where 37 gunmen from the Sinaloan Cartel have holed up in a hotel. I’m headed in now to interview the leader, hope I don’t get shot.

    rabbit Reply:

    Dude, I don’t want to say the wrong thing, but michel used to post some good topics. A lot of people came to this site to post good stories and info. I still respect you, Michel. However, the old Michel posted better stories.

  5. Mr. Marizco,
    Thank you for a fitting tribute to a valiant patriot. Rest in Peace Agent Terry. God give strength to his loved ones, one and all.

  6. la neta nobody gives a fook about this topic..

    Isabella Reply:

    La neta es que hay que tener un poco más de respeto, no?

    EnPokasPalabras Reply:

    la neta nobody is gonna give a fook when your mother dies also… karma pendejo… have more respect for other peoples lives and losses… What? just cuz he wuz a cop? What a tough guy, talking crap about someone that’s dead already…

  7. Revuelto en Mexicali, le dieron piso a Arturo el tury salazar, y a otros 4.

    2padre Reply:


  8. que esta pasando en agua prieta,cananea y todo sonora con la captura de Marcitos ya esta alguien en su lugar o todavia no estan trabajando??

  9. Mexico has too many problems anymore. Who are the good people and who are the bad ones? All just is sickening.

  10. Anyone missing 621 kilos of coca? en san luis rio colorado.

  11. So, were they Sinaloa operators or Beltran Leyva’s? Someone making a play for the plaza, maybe. And whose work was that, Sinaloa’s probably right?

  12. Why don’t you clowns post this narco nut-hugging bullsh!t under another article on this site! Show some phucken respect!

  13. la neta nobody is gonna give a fook when your mother dies also… karma pendejo… have more respect for other peoples lives and losses… What? just cuz he wuz a cop? What a tough guy, talking crap about someone that’s dead already…

  14. Wow, is what you just did showing some phuckin respect. I don’t want to see anyone senselessly murdered, but the one sided cop mentality is ignorance just as bad as the narcos. So please, let’s keep it civil. You might not like it, but this is how some of us stay up to date in the real world. We even argue and make mistakes. But this is where we do it. So if you don’t like it, I’m sure the fox news website would love to have you. So you have a really nice day. Sorry, guys, I couldn’t help myself on that one.

    In Loving Memory of Common Sense! Reply:


    How many American cops have been accused of chopping off people’s heads!?! You’re right, that mentality is “just as bad as the narcos!”

    I realize you’re some ex-con who’s got the “inside scoop” on some of these blood-sucking leeches, but how respectful is it to post your narco-ball-licking comments on the exact same page illustrating photos of a U.S. Federal Agent’s funeral!?

    Rot in hell along with everyone of these narcos you think so highly of!

    Rabbit Reply:

    Well, shoot, I guess that ranting over failed policy regarding Mexico is kind of out of the question, so I guess that I will just keep it simple. So listen up needle dick. I believe with all my being that it is a shame that this officer was killed, along with all the other poor souls, even the decapitated ones, that have been senselessly murdered during the failed drug war. And, besides that, I don’t beleive they have filed any charges against anyone in this agents death, as of yet. Which, if I look at it reasonably, does not look right. And if what I am hearing is true, they don’t even have the shooter in custody. And if I look at this site, almost no one has even wrote a comment about this officer. In fact, some people even posted comments that they did not give a shit. But I am glad that you feel so passionately about this issue. I wonder if you give a damn about all of the other people that have been murdered, even some people that have been really close to me. So listening to you act like a little girl, wishing that me and people I know rot in hell, I realise that you are not much of a human being at all. Because you are wishing something that a lot of people in the southwest wish on the Customs and Border Protection agents. I feel bad for this agents family, but as for you, you are an idiot. Common sense is something that you lack way more of than me. Have a great evening.

    listen rab. Reply:

    I know people close to the situation with Terry. Please trust me and believe me when I say this- THEY HAVE THE KILLERS. What is taking so long is that they are trying to figure out exactly who pulled the trigger. If they didnt have anything they would have released them on the date that they were required to, due to the statute of limitations. But trust me, they have the people involved, and sooner than later, you will see that come out.

    rabbit Reply:

    Listen, if that is true, then I am sure agent Terry’s family will see justice, I think. This is a tragedy. The border region is full of lawlessness. I usually try to look beyond the tragedy and look at the root of the problem. And I never said they didn’t have people in custody who were not involved. Is said it doesn’t look right. And I also said they probably don’t have the shooter in custody.
    Anyone ever hear of the “felony murder law?” What doesn’t look right is they could screw these guys bad if they could show they were involved.
    I am not ever going to justify the ignorance that led to agent tery’s death. At the same time, ignorance is ignorance. My whole comment, in my belief, was attacking ignorance, not agent Terry. So I hope you did not get the impression that I was bashing a dead man. I know I said the drug war is a shame. Too many pour souls have lost their life over obviose failed policy. I have been affected negatively over failed policy. So I speak out against it. But in no way do I fuel senselssness. The muder of this agent was senseless.
    I hope you have a very nice day.

    rabbit Reply:

    When I said it didn’t look right, I was right. They didn’t have the right people in custody. They only had one of them. Ugly ugly ugly.

  15. From what I read this morning, they only have one of the people in custody in the Terry case, and he isn’t the shooter. The other three got away. There has. Been so many failed stings in Arizona. The guns used to kill agent Terry were possibly sold in an ATF sting. (Congrats ATF). That is pathetic! Aren’t people ready for a change? Aren’t people sick of all this failed policy out there. It is just one failed thing after another.
    Sorry, folks, but the drug laws need to be repealed. This country is a mess. Start taxing the stuff and get this country out of debt. This country slips further and further in debt, while our government supports one failed project after another. Stop trying to police the world. Stop unstabilising columbia, mexico, the middle east. Our politicians suck. I don’t think Obama or Biden or Secr. Clinton are in touch with reality. The whole world thinks they are idiots. Our government has poured so much money into failed projects in these other countries. Wake up, people. This country is heading in a real bad direction.

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