Murdered ICE Agent was Temporarily Assigned to Mexico

Feb 15th, 2011 | By Michel Marizco | Category: Chismes, General News
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Asi dicen las fuentes. The murdered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, Jaime Zapata, from Laredo, was temporarily assigned to Mexico. Somehow along the way, up that Highway 57 towards Monterrey. Lots of narco-bloqueos on that highway these days. Still, the questions linger. Back in late 2010, the Hermosillo Consulate issued a travel warning for consulate employees. They mandated, nobody travels at night, or past Navojoa, Sonora, without an armored car. Vehicles of State Department employees in Mexico all have State Department plates. Can we assume que viajaban en carro blindado? I think so. It's assumption only, at this point. Got off the phone with an ICE source a little while ago. She says the agents either rolled down their window or opened the door when they arrived at the checkpoint. But it was a fake checkpoint. That's Zeta turf, yes? So who runs the checkpoints? Who manages their existence along Hwy 57? Not common thugs. And if they knew the ICE agents were coming up, who gave the order? Someone knew they were coming and wanted to do this. But why? Lots of questions here; lots of fact, lots of fictions, lots of chismes. Somebody knew they were coming and, at the same time, one of these agents opened the door or lowered the window when they arrived. Popularly, it's said they did so out of inexperience. Pero alguien, somebody, knew they were coming. Last week, ICE was talking about the Mexican agents working with Homeland Security agents in the U.S. I asked one of the SACs about the trust issues. An ICE SAC; he said there were none. That they had been vetted. Yet I can't help thinking someone knew the agents were on that highway. Someone planned this. Esto queda claro.

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  1. ICE agent from Laredo killed in Zeta territory? And yes if he did in fact get killed in San Luis Potosi that is Z turf. Me personallly I thought that those agents were just targeted for riding around in a SUV with tainted windows, you know the Z’s might of thought they were contras.

    Him being from Laredo killed in Z turf might make this story more interesting.

  2. why the hell would the U.S put ICE agents in Mexico??they want to catch ilegal inmigrants?wtf?

    bullet Reply:

    jaja true why they putting ice agents out here in mex in da first place?????????????????????//

    vinotinto Reply:

    good question for Michel, Do you know what ICE does in Mexico?

    MARIO Reply:

    to “cool” things out, porque las cosas estan calientes.

    talegon Reply:


  3. Recall that part of ICE’s job is the Customs aspect; meaning they also look at organized crime from the standpoint of international trade. ICE Director John Morton said last night he was working on the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Unit and the Border Enforcement Security Task Force. They don’t have arrest powers; they do however have investigative powers and they work with their Mexican counterparts in identification, managing databases and using those to cross-check people in both countries. For example, when Don Adán was arrested last week, the U.S. Marshals had been working with their Mexican counterparts through the Embassy to take him down.

    vinotinto Reply:


    El Ventilador Reply:

    This may be truth, but the reality is other. A mi nadie me ha contado , yo he visto agentes del ICE en operativos en Jalisco y Nuevo Leon. Encapuchados y armados dando ordenes a los Federales. El ICE tiene sus objetivos en Mexico definidos y atraves de la PF los captura, por esta buena relación tienen su confianza, muy pocas personas sabían quienes eran los americanos. Esta ejecución se da en territorio azul, cerca de su academia,misteriosamente sus agentes y helicóptero fueron los primeros en la escena, con posibilidades de alterar la escena. Solo Genaro Garcia Luna, el vicepresidente de facto en Mexico sabe que fue lo que en verdad paso……. Caras vemos Capos no sabemos !!!!

  4. This seems very fishy. The consulates all around Mexico (Monterrey, GDL, etc) have issued warnings that they do not recommend driving on certain roads for US citizens and US government employees. Why were these agents driving and not flying?? And with dipo plates? I agree this has set up written all over it.

  5. here are some pictures of the agents s.u.v. it is definetly armored!

  6. It was an armored vehicle

  7. There’s something fishy , the impacts are only on the passenger side of the vehicle, not a single one in the back window or the right side of the vehicle, if it was Zetas or Golfo or whoever attacked them , they would have kept firing at them even if they started to get away. the other agent was shot in the arm and leg.. i smell bullshiet.


  9. He probobly bought some kilos of coke and didnt pay for them”

  10. Sr. Calderon , ya pare de dar las nalgas “

  11. a lo mejor el wey se arreglo con alguien y el muy wey se kiso pasar de lanza y lo tronaron…pero como siempre el wey es victima inocente nomas por ser gabacho

  12. says they were targeted, i would like to know the ICE’s agent from El Paso, cuz i had a run in with them in the mid 2006

    Vincent.Hanna Reply:

    It’s Singh motherfooker.

    drift Reply:

    you keep calling me babu!

  13. Vieron la cara de mamon, rata , y balcon ke tenia el culero este?

    asi es Reply:


  14. No quisiera estar en zapatos del Lazca o del 40!lol…

  15. From a poster in boderland: I could not be more in agreement with this person.

    FYI – Joint LE operations in Mexico are not publicly advertised any more than they are in the U.S. Black Ops? Best put your controller down. NOTE: If you can see the checkpoint, they can see you on the road and it’s too late to flee. And if you’re close enough to identify the type of rifle (FAL, G3, AK, or AR), trust me when I tell you IT IS WAY TOO LATE: DO NOT RUN, as you will be presumed foe, promptly tableado, and dumped (if you’re lucky – look up “pozolero de Tijuana”).
    What is also obvious is that the next president won’t continue the war with the cartels because Mexicans don’t want the violence and MX politicians like, and the hedonistic Americans like their highs. Hell, they legalized it! The next president will do what other presidents did: let the market forces work, keep the country in peace, violence down, let the Americans get high (because unlike Mexicans, they can afford it), and let the Mexicans make some money from it, since the minimum wage there is crap and immigration is harder. And don’t expect Centra Spike or Deltas to save the day this time, as there are more than one Mexican Pablo Escobar today and he is replaceable.
    Miguel De La Madrid, Gortari, Cedillo, Fox, they all looked the other way from the cartel activities because they knew that corruption has become a culture in Mexico and that unless you root out corruption, the drug trade would continue. And good luck rooting out the culure of corruption! For decades MEX allowed the drug traffickers to work and their systems to remain corrupt. “El que no es transa, no avanza.” “Mordidas” became an accepted way of life. (Google El Negro Durazo if you have a minute).
    The bottom line, nobody wants the violence in Mexico to stop more than the Mexicans. And like Stratford said, this case won’t be like E. Camarena’s. Mexico will label this a case of mistaken identity. It pains me to say it, but this tragedy may soon be forgotten and vaguely remembered by Americans as a freak incident, as another memorable point in Mexico’s violent streak, as the 72 migrants executed in San Fernando, as the recent U.S. missionary lady, as the U.S. citizen killed in Falcon Lake, as the dozens of live decapitations. It’s all become standard where my family lives and where I grew up. When the next president in Mexico is elected and the posture of the Mexican government against the violence that Calderon took during his turn changes and violence is reduced, it will be easy to forget. We will focus on our own problems at home, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. People will get back to work in Mexico, politicians will look the other way, entire police forces will be bought by ever-growing cartels (plata o plomo, primo), and American’s will continue to demand, by law, their right to get high.
    But we will complain when more and more border sheriffs, DAs, Feds, and judges are found corrupt, and we will act surprised, as if we couldn’t imagine there could ever be corruption on our side. “Americans are not tempted by drug money.” And we will dismiss border corruption on our side as a rogue few, and we will throw the book at them, and point the finger, and grandstand, and deny the growing cartel presence in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, New York. But Americans will continue to get high and ask for more. And we will label the border as out of control (will? Have!) and will demand something be done. Where’s DHS? Somebody do something! Secure the border! Send the National Guard! Send the Marines! But we will continue to sabotage our own security. And we will label dissenters as un-American. We will deny that Mexico’s struggle is a reflection of our weakness. Most will say: it’s Mexico’s problem. Really? Guess again.

    Hey Tantos this part is especially for pathetic cop worshipers like you.

    But we will complain when more and more border sheriffs, DAs, Feds, and judges are found corrupt, and we will act surprised, as if we couldn’t imagine there could ever be corruption on our side. “Americans are not tempted by drug money.” And we will dismiss border corruption on our side as a rogue few, and we will throw the book at them, and point the finger, and grandstand, and deny the growing cartel presence in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit.

    Tantos Reply:

    I read that part the first time. Boy, you love copy and paste.

    Tantos Reply:

    “We will deny that Mexico’s struggle is a reflection of our weakness.”

    OK, Move, since you love this post so much, explain to me why the American dope fiends are a collective American weakness, but Mexican corruption is “an accepted way of life,” and not weakness?

    Move Reply:

    No reading comprehension either. Is it any wonder you are pro Union, you’d be starving if you didn’t have someone inflating your wage.

    The American weakness the person speaks about is America not being able to stop it. All this country is are a bunch of do nothing fist shakers. Get mad, damand someone else do something and get mad again when they don’t do it. That’s the American weakness, talk tough all day everyday but when it come down to it they won’t do anything.

    Move Reply:

    I did not forget you are stupid Tantos, it has not been that long since you popped up. I know I have to spoon feed you everything.

    Tantos Reply:

    Wanting to believe something, doesn’t necessarily make it true, Puñetas. Everything you read or see is obviously distorted by your warped criminal viewpoint. Let me explain something to you that will help you get a better handle on what basic reading comprehension is. If the author makes point “A” several times, but only mentions point “B” once or twice, then clearly point “A” IS THE POINT!!! Your awesome post was nothing more than the typical rant to legalize outlawed drugs:

    “hedonistic Americans like their highs.”

    “let the Americans get high”

    “American’s will continue to demand, by law, their right to get high”

    “Americans will continue to get high and ask for more”

    And unlike you, English is my first language, so go take some college courses before trying to school me on English reading comprehension. I’ll come to you for help when I need a Spanish or jailhouse translation.

    move Reply:

    “typical rant to legalize outlawed drugs”

    And why should they be illegal? Give one good reason Union hoe. The only reason you have given out so far is that you like to cheerlead otherwise useless men in uniform. Those guys you cheerlead would be nothing, oh wait they would be another hoe like trying to get a union job to pay them more than they could ever manage to get on their own. Professional beggars like you, no wait you don’t beg for it yourself, you let others take a cut of your check to beg for you. Woman are the only beings that should beg for money.

    And while we are on those useless people known as cops, you know the leaches that bleed government funds for their medical, pension, and overtime. While we are on them I bet your hoe ass likes to watch cop shows. For example I’ve seen DEA on spike. Doesn’t it seem like joke that five roided up suckers roll up on some skinny crack head and have the nerve talk all tough while they are doing it? I bet your dumbass would cheering them in amazement on how brave they are. Or how about when NatGeo tries to make the Border Patrol look like heros for capturing workers, woman and children while playing that menacing background music like they just caught Bin Laden.

    “If the author makes point “A” several times, but only mentions point “B” once or twice, then clearly point “A” IS THE POINT!!!”

    Didn’t I just tell you? Yes it’s a part of the point, but the main reason he was saying that was because Americas act like everyone else is dirty except America. Yet how is it when all those tons make it pass that border they are also moved thousands of miles further no problem. Hell it’s more trouble to pass through Mexico than passing them through the good old USA is cake. From LA to NY no problem.

    That’s why when someone here told you about all those BP cops getting caught dirty you flat got mad and refused to believe it. Like feds really would go through that investigation believing those cops were just looking at porn.

    The whole point in a nutshell of that post is Mexico knows it’s fvcked up and America tries to deny it. That’s why when some cops get caught dirty hoes like you would just brush it off as a little blip. And never mind in Afghanistan the person we put in power their is related to the biggest heroin dealers in that country. One of them even got arrested in Iran and the US helped get him out, that’s some homework for you look it up and tell me I’m lying. Union hoe no one cares to stop the drug trade. And all this stupid talk about bringing down the cartels is cop speak as a way for government to give them more money to fund their drug war they know they can’t stop, but they love that tax payer funded gravy train. There spoon fed you enough you Union hoe.

    “And unlike you, English is my first language, so go take some college courses before trying to school me on English reading comprehension. I’ll come to you for help when I need a Spanish or jailhouse translation.”

    College courses? What you went college got your degree couldn’t get a job to use your degree, gave up and got an overpaid union job. So all your College experience amounted to a debt you wish you didn’t have. Me not even high school, but unlike you I never had anyone beg on my behalf so I can support myself. I’m just a man who takes care of himself without the help of anyone, a woman like you would not understand.

    But before I go let me show you this.

    You see him almost crying. You know what happens to cops in prison right. I guess being a rape victim really messed up his life, probably can’t even look his wife in eye no more. I wonder what his son will think about him when he finds out what happened to him.

    Yes I could feel bad for the guy but his pathetic attitude stops me. It’s all my government should done something, they should of helped me. You know acting like a damsel in distress. His government fvcked him over, along with a bunch of other inmates. If you sing up to be a government mutt don’t cry later when they treat you like a government mutt. Next time he should just admit it when he shoots someone in the back.

    chris Reply:

    Here I thought Move was just a shit talkin asshole. But most of what I read that he wrote I agree with. Either I am getting old and very stupid, or he is actually not as stupid as I thought.

  16. “Feds to free three of four men arrested in aftermath of Brian Terry shooting”

  17. so.. does this mean chuntis aren’t allowed to party anymore.. i mean r5 is locked up but feds don’t parade them like they used to.. i wonder what viceroy is plotting. nevermind.. the party is going off in cajeme sonora.. cheers

    Hector Reply:

    Where is r5 locked up?

  18. They legalized position of small quantities of drugs in mexico. Somewhere along the way a truce and negotiation has to occur. What if;
    Sinaloan representatives became marijuana and cocaine suppliers
    La Familia became amphetamine suppliers
    Gulf takes the retail plazas in the Rio Grande south
    Juarez from OJ to Arizona
    Zetas take retail in their interior states
    TJ takes their plaza
    This would leave room for smaller independent group to legitimize other states or plazas
    One would have to supply heroin
    Going legitimate may be the only way for crime, kidnapping and murder to stop. It would take a true truce and cartel bosses would have to commit to stopping crimes against the public but it could be extremely profitable for all. Especially when Americans felt comfortable going to Mexico again and could partake in legal safe drug binges on their vacations.
    And the dumb ass Mexican Government could tax the hell out of it.
    Everybody is happy, huh?

    king kong Reply:

    yeah y tu tienes caca en el cerebro pendejo.

  19. Alguien sabe quienes son los hermanos del Nacho Coronel?
    nomas cuanto tenia? Acabo de conocer un sobrino de el. Pero quiero saber como se llama su padre.
    Es muy importante. No soy policia,pfp,ejercito, nada de eso.

  20. .. anybody have info on this guy, no homo….

  21. When is there ever going to be justice for the two kids that were shot by the border patrol in Juarez , and in Nogales?

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