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Ice Cream! (but You’ll Scream First … )

July 3rd, 2010


And Mexico, and I mean the State, is staying the Christ out of it. Thank you, first of all, to juanito, a reader here who helped set me straight on the players. (I’d like to add, as a friend in Nogales pointed out, who in the hell drives a Volkswagen Passat to a gunfight with the Beltrán Leyvas?)

He’s got it right, Felix the Ice Cream Man is with Raúl Sabori, Paéz Soto, Nini Beltrán and Los Jabalí, Jose Vásquez’s boys from Santa Ana. Collectively, they’re the Sinaloa Federation’s syndicate along the Sonora border.

America Wins the Drug War! (and Otras Chingaderas)

December 18th, 2009


That’s what the Feds are saying anyway. Look at these blusterings by top DEA officials celebrating the death of Botas Blancas.

In Arizona, lead DEA cop Beth Kempshall tells the Arizona Republic that the flow of drugs “could decline as Beltrán’s gang struggles to sort out its chain of command and re-establish contacts with Colombian cocaine suppliers.”

Would Mrs. Kempshall have us believe that Arturo Beltrán was the only one with the cellphone number to Diego Espinosa’s frontman within Colombia’s Norte del Valle Cartel?

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

June 11th, 2009


Is Caborca, Sonora, changing hands? If so, the latest would-be owners want everybody out, the narcos, the cops and the mayors from every town in the Pinacate Desert. And the new guys are backed by Macho Prieto himself, Mayo Zambada’s security chief.

What happened here last week was a sheer massacre, the carnage going far beyond what now passes for normal along the Mexican border. (Be warned: Gross).

Narco Non Grata

August 20th, 2007



During last week’s shootout in Cananea, a significant, but very quiet arrest was made.

According to my sources, the brother of Dos Mil, Francisco Hernandez Garcia, was popped by state and federal police in Cananea.

“El Prieto,” Jose Manuel Hernandez Garcia, was arrested in a shootout with a Sinaloan trafficker in the area.

He’s being held in Hermosillo and will be transferred under heavily-armed guard to Mexico City for interrogation.

But what’s interesting is the man’s brother. I wonder if the Mexican Feds aren’t holding Prieto in order to force Dos Mil out into the open.


April 4th, 2006



HERMOSILLO, SONORA – Gov. Eduardo Bours Castelo wants to tear down one of the last vestiges of the most powerful drug lords Mexico ever knew.

Topped with Russian cupolas and covered in graffiti, the narco-castillo of Amado Carrillo Fuentes stands three stories in the air, looming over the swank homes in Hermosillo’s Colonia Pitic neighborhood.

Amado, the Lord of the Skies, dominated the cocaine trade between Colombia and the United States, buying 747 jets in the U.S. and ferrying tons of cocaine up to the border at Ciudad Juarez and El Paso.

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